11 Awesome 4 Door Side-By-Sides

Side-by-sides can be for recreation or work. They handle off-road conditions superbly and aren't limited to any single terrain. Four-door side-by-sides accommodate more passengers for hunting or camping expeditions. We've researched and found eleven awesome 4-door side-by-sides.

Look no further for 4-door side-by-sides that are safer than motorcycles. The most popular side-by-sides on the market are:

  1. Yamaha Wolverine X4
  2. Honda Pioneer 1000-5
  3. Kawasaki Teryx4
  4. Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000
  5. Arctic Cat Wildcat 4X
  6. Kawasaki FXT PRO Mule
  7. Ca-Am Defender MAX
  8. Polaris General XP4 1000 Deluxe Ride Command
  9. Can-Am Maverick Sport Max
  10. Polaris RZR Pro4 
  11. Yamaha Viking VI EPS

These models of 4-door side-by-sides are family and budget-friendly. Read on as we give you the details and strengths of each named model.

4x4 Side-by-Side off-road vehicle, UTV ATV with a beautiful mountain range, 11 Awesome 4 Door Side-By-Sides

11 Incredible 4-door Side-By-Sides

Also known as UTVs, 4-door side-by-sides are designed with the comfort and safety of the passengers in mind. It makes them a safe recreational toy for you and your buddies or family.

ultimate do-it-all vehicle Honda Pioneer 700-4 at the Labranda Club Hote

1. Yamaha Wolverine X4

This 4-door side-by-side boasts comfort and the latest technology. The Yamaha Wolverine X4 accommodates four passengers with a re-adjustable driver seat and steering wheel.

You will find a key under the hood that sets the vehicle's speed. The steel skid plates underneath protect the bottom of the vehicle from any damage on rough terrain. 

The vehicle has a powerful 850 twin-engine that works very quietly. The self-leveling shocks located at the rear ensure a comfortable ride for all the passengers.

2. Honda Pioneer 1000-5

The Honda Pioneer 1000-5 is a five-seater with three seats in the front and two in the back. It doesn't have a full-body, but the shields by the side will give some protection.

However, you can set the vehicle to two or four-wheel drive. It has a powerful twin-engine with improved acceleration. The Honda Pioneer 1000-5 has a towing capacity of 2,500 pounds.

This powerful side-by-side is ideal for those who own ranches. The back seats can be folded completely to create more cargo room on the bed.

3. Kawasaki Teryx4

Kawasaki Teryx Side by Side West Virginia

The Kawasaki Teryx4 comes with the standard fox shocks with high clearance arms. The limited-edition comes with two sets of LED lights.

Additionally, the Kawasaki 4-door has a lot of leg space in the back and enough head clearance. It has about 70 to 80 horsepower with powerful torque. The vehicle has ample storage for all your picnic or day venture supplies.

4. Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000

Green Polaris Ranger Crew parked on a beach. Nobody in the vehicle

You are looking at a utility vehicle with 29-inch tires and 14-inch rims. The vehicle has air conditioning and cameras (front and rear) with four hard doors. 

It can plow and still carry passengers in its well-contoured seats. The Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 Northstar edition has easy-to-use features and lots of storage space in the cabin.

5. Arctic Cat Wildcat 4X

It is the oldest of the 4-door side-by-side in this list. It has excellent suspension with a liquid cool fuel-injected twin engine.

The Arctic Cat Wildcat 4X has the radiator well protected in the back. The utility vehicle has lots of storage and sharp LED lights. The front and rear doors open easily with grab rails for the passengers in the back.

6. Kawasaki FXT PRO Mule

If you want to share time with family or friends and still get the chores done, the Kawasaki FXT PRO Mule is the vehicle to own.

It has actual doors, a front windshield, and six seats for passengers. A sun top, cast-aluminum wheels, and an extended bed make the Kawasaki Mule a work and recreational vehicle.

7. Can-Am Defender MAX 

The Can-Am Defender has the most torque for its size. It has 30" tires that give it stability on rough terrain. Additionally, it has six seats with enough legroom.

The Can-Am Defender MAX has a no-tool removable front grill, more seating area, large cargo bins and boxes, and a functional gauge with a drive mode selector.

8. Polaris General XP4 1000 Deluxe Ride Command

A 13.5" ground clearance gives the Polaris General a floating feeling. It has a 7" wide touch screen with configurable vehicle diagnostics.

It has the best traction because of the 14" aluminum wheels and 27" tires. The Polaris General XP4 1000 Deluxe is a versatile vehicle. 

9. Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX

This vehicle comes across as a recreational vehicle. Extreme sports lovers have a gem with this vehicle. It has DPS and is powered by a 976cc V-twin liquid cool engine.

The Can-Am Maverick Sport has splendid suspension. Multiple drive modes and a DPS power engine are standard in this model. It is durable with lots of extra features.

10. Polaris RZR Pro4 

The Polaris RZR Pro4 rivals the Can-Am Maverick Sport in outdoor recreational activities. It accelerates fast within the 20 to 50 mph speed limit.

The 22" suspension gives the Polaris RZR advantage on rough and bumpy terrains. Tight terrains are not a problem for the 125" wheelbase.

11. Yamaha Viking VI EPS

If you are looking for where to place your game and gear, the Yamaha Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition is your vehicle. It is all metal, and you can weld anything to it. 

Moreover, it has six individual seats for each passenger. A sun top, rear-view mirror, and under-seat storage are just a few of the features you'll find in the Yamaha Viking.

What Is A UTV?

A UTV is a utility task vehicle for work and doubles up for recreation. These vehicles can accommodate two, four, or five people. They are also known as side-by-sides. 

Utv logo design of a 4 door side by side

You can use a UTV to transport people and materials, tow cars or trucks, or plow the farm or ranch. A UTV can be used for play as well. Off-road trips, picnics, hunting, and fishing trips are several things you can do in a UTV with family and friends.


ATVs or All-Terrain-Vehicles are for single riders. Quads, as they are sometimes called, fit in small tiny areas. They give you maximum control and are cheaper than UTVs.

Utility Terrain Vehicles are larger and have more functions than ATVs. They also allow you to have passengers. The more complicated the UTV is, the more expensive it is too!

Both ATVs and UTVs need safety gear that you must put in the budget when making your choice. No matter your preference, you will have a blast with either of these off-road vehicles.

Are 4-Door Side-By-Sides Fast?

Yes, they are! These off-terrain vehicles have a speed of 70 to 80 mph. On rough, uneven roads, this is considered very high speed. They give an adrenaline rush yet are safe for passengers. Always wear helmets and safety belts when riding a UTV.

Spanish driver Jordi Pons and his codriver Susana Guerrero in a Can Am Maverick X3 race in the XXXV Baja Spain

Do You Need A License To Drive A UTV?

Anyone driving a UTV is, in most cases, of age and will have a driving license. You will not need a different license to operate a UTV.

However, children between 12 to 15 can operate small UTVs and ATVs with a safety certificate and parental guidance. Also, to operate a full-size UTV, children should be at least 16 years and have a safety certificate.

16-year-olds are allowed to drive full-size UTVs for agricultural purposes only. Ensure that you know what is required to operate a UTV in your state.

Safety Precautions For Operating A Side By Side

Safety must be a priority whenever you are operating any vehicles. It is not different when handling UTVs. It might seem obvious, but the following safety precautions should be at your fingertips.

  1. Always wear safety gear when riding or operating an open side by side.
  2. Wear safety belts.
  3. Always do a pre-ride check to comprehend your UTV
  4. Don't drink while operating any vehicle.
  5. Ensure that the passengers are safe during the ride.
  6. Always stay on the chosen trail.
  7. Load and unload correctly to avoid the vehicle tumbling over.

Are 4-door Side By Sides Safe?

When you follow all safety precautions, side-by-sides are safe vehicles. They are easy to operate and are very handy on a farm and for recreational activities.

Pay attention to your surroundings and ensure your reflexes are sharp. In most cases, inexperienced and risky drivers are often the cause of accidents rather than the UTVs.

How Much Does A 4-door Side-By-Sides Cost?

Four-door side-by-sides have become very popular, and prices have gone up too. The average cost of a side-by-side will range between $10,000 to $16,000. However, the average cost may vary depending on the year of production of the UTV.

Though, a new 4-door side-by-side may cost well over $20,000. Look up the particular model your heart is set on to get the exact price tag.

Can You Trade In A UTV?

Yes, you can. Manufacturers and dealers have made it easy to trade in older models of UTVs for newer and more sophisticated ones. Go online to find out how much your vehicle costs and whether it's possible to trade in for another vehicle of your choice.

Is It Easy To Maintain A UTV?

Yes, it is! Here is a video on how to maintain a UTV.

Other Uses Of UTVs And ATVs

UTVs and ATVs are useful around your home and obviously, they are meant for farm work. But here are other interesting ways to utilize a UTV or an ATV.

You can use it to:

  • Mow the lawn- attach the lawnmower and mow a large lawn in no time.
  • Fertilize- instead of doing all the work by hand, use the UTV or ATV.
  • Cleaning and raking- large yards can take forever to clear. However, with an ATV or a UTV, you can clear your yard faster.
  • Property maintenance- With a UTV or an ATV, you can clean, repair, and move equipment from place to place quicker.

Final Thoughts

4x4 Side-by-Side off-road vehicle, UTV ATV with a beautiful mountain range

Side-by-sides are evolving with consumer demand. New models with the latest features are hotcakes. 4-door side-by-sides are also family-friendly.

Although UTVs are expensive, you also get more than a utility vehicle. You get a recreational off-road vehicle for adventurous and fun-filled activities with family or friends!

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