7 Great 12v Ceiling Fans for RV’s (And What You Need to Know Before You Buy One)

A ceiling fan can be a great addition to your motorhome, travel trailer or 5th wheel. RV ceiling fans operate on a 12 volts current, which means you can run yours on battery power alone. No need to hook up to shore power or run the generator.

7 Great 12v Ceiling Fans for RV's (And What You Need to Know Before You Buy One)In many cases, that constant stream of air provided by a ventilator can cool off your RV just to the right temperature, without ever having to turn on the air conditioner. In fact, many people prefer the natural constant blow of air over the intermittent cold air from the a/c vents.

With that in mind, we brought together a list of pretty awesome 12v ceiling fans for RV’s. If this is your first time shopping for one, you may want to scroll down to see our Q&A section too.

Global Electric 36-inch Ceiling Fan with Wall Control

Designated specifically for motorhomes and campers, this model has it all. Four strong blades with a gorgeous light-oak oil-rubbed bronze finish providing a classic look that matches your RV decor.

They also do the job, of course, and do it well.¬†A powerful brushless motor makes the most of your 12v current to generate different speeds and circulation levels. There’s no remote control but there is a wall control box, so you can operate the fan easily and efficiently by reaching out to the wall next to your bed.

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Global Electric 42-inch Ceiling Fan for RV With Black Blades

If you’re looking for a larger version in a different design, you may like this model. It uses a non-brush motor to make the most of the 12v current while limiting electricity usage to 1 AMP. According to Global Electric, the manufacturer, the movement of the blades won’t interfere with your TV reception hen in operation.

Its size makes it perfect for a larger bedroom in a spacious 5th wheel or motorhome. The design is interesting with black blades. These are not easy to find, so if you think that black will enhance your RV decor, you may want to consider this model.

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EZFan 36″ 12V Ceiling Fan in Satin Nickel and White

Made by Trusty Motors inc. you can actually order this model in a variety of sizes. Made with RV’s in mind, this unit operates on a low amperage draw at just 1.2 amps, while utilizing the 12 volt DC battery. Which means it’s energy-efficient.

It’s also effective and reviewers say it circulates air very well, at two speeds. And you can control this one from your bed using the remote control – no need to get up in the middle of the night to switch it on or off.

The design is very clean yet not very eye-catching. With white blades and a nickel body, it may not contribute much in the line of decor, but it will blend in nicely with your white ceiling.

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LaSalle Bristol 42″ Ceiling Fan in White and Nickel

With long large blades, this model by LaSalle Bristol offers great value-for-money where it comes to purchasing an RV ceiling fan. If you buy it on Amazon (link below), you can actually shop around and compare several sellers.

Utilizing a regular brush motor, it does operate on 12 voltage, making it suitable for your RV. It comes with a hard-wired controller – no remote control – so you need to hardwire it into your RV wall.

At six lbs, it’s actually relatively light compared to other ceiling fans in this size. Which is good if you’re worried about hanging a large fan from your RV ceiling (and right over your bed too!)

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KSOL Power 42″ Ceiling Fan in Brass with Oak Blades

This model by KSol Power offers three different speeds – and levels of air circulation – all operated from the comfort of your bed using an infra-red remote control. The manufacturer actually specified amperage by speed – very useful when you’re boondocking and living off your battery. While always operating on 12 volts, this unit draws –

  • 0.5 amper at low speed
  • 0.75 amp at medium speed
  • 1.2 amp at high speed

The design is gorgeous with light-oak blades in a brass base. Could be a great match for your RV decor in the living area or bedroom.

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Way Interglobal¬†42″ Ceiling Fan in Cherry/Oak Blades and Brushed Nickel

Available from Etrailer, this is another great option with four blades you can use with your 12V battery power. It has a 4-Speed reversible motor, allowing you to control the generated airflow. As with most RV 12V ceiling fans, no remote control here – just a wall switch.

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Basic 28″ RV ceiling fan

Looking for a compact, lightweight and affordable solution? This made-in-China ceiling fan has three 28″ blades and yet it’s surprisingly effective. People use it in Gazebos, hunting cabins, and sailboats, as well as RV’s. All you need is a 12V connection – possibly even a solar powered one.

This is a very basic model, no remote controls or even switches, just plug it in or out as needed.

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What you need to know before buying an RV ceiling fan

Shopping for an RV ceiling fan can be daunting. Lots of terms thrown around and it’s hard to see what is what. We’ve put together a quick Q&A you can check.

Does an RV ceiling fan has to be 12v?

Actually, it’s entirely possible to install larger and stronger ceiling fans in an RV. You simply need to hook them up to the right electric system and yes – they will take more electric power to run.

If this isn’t an issue for you, and you’re going to operate on shore power or rely on your generator, then a solid ceiling fan which runs on 110v AC can definitely be an option. Like this option by Etrailer for example.

Most RV’ers look for 12v options because they allow you to run the fan when you have no shore power and no genny running. The 12V option can be a lifesaver when you’re boondocking in a national park or another off-grid campground that limits the use of generators overnight.

What’s a non-brush or brushless ceiling fan?

Don’t look for brushes on the blades. You won’t find any.

The term brushless or non-brush refers to the type of motor used to operate the fan. Traditional motors have brushes in them. Brushless motors use a different mechanism. If you’re technically inclined and want to know more, check out this video –

If you just want to know the bottom line, it is that brushless motors are more versatile and responsive. They can be more effective and use up less electricity.

What’s a hugger ceiling fan (and do you need one for your RV?)

This has to do with where in the room the fan blades rotate. When you install a ceiling fan in a regular home with a high ceiling, there is usually a down-rod that places the blades well below the ceiling. This allows for better air circulation and with a high ceiling that’s at least 9′ high, it works out very well.

The average ceiling height in a travel trailer or motorhome is much lower – usually around 7 feet at most (you can see some specs in our guide: Which RV is best for tall people). Which means you could end up placing those rotating blades at 5-6 ft high. Not very safe.

The solution? Hugger fans. These fans, also known as flush-mount ceiling fans, literally “hug” the ceiling. Yes, it makes RV fans less effective but hey, you get to avoid head injury!

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you recently installed a ceiling fan in your RV, we’d love to hear your recommendations in a comment below!




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