13 Pickup Truck Jigsaw Puzzles for Fans of the Genre

Pickup trucks are America's favorite vehicles, with sites like Kelly's Blue Book showing them to be the top-selling vehicles across the nation. For many people, the pickup truck is a real passion - which they like to celebrate across the board.

13 Pickup Truck Jigsaw Puzzles For Fans of the Genre

What a better way to do that than by incorporating them as a theme in games and puzzles? Specifically, jigsaw puzzles, which make the topic of our post today. Jigsaw puzzles offer families and friends a great way to pass a quiet evening (or more than one!) together. We've talked about RV-themed jigsaw puzzles before and now it's time to look at the ones that have pickup trucks as their main theme!

1. Pickup Truck by Eurographics

If you’re into hard puzzles that are challenging and fun to play around with, then look no further than these brightly colored jigsaw pieces. They are simply a marvel to look at once you’ve finished putting them together. A neat idea is to have them framed and set up in your living room. Fans of the pickup truck should not let this great opportunity pass by.

The box comes with 1000 pieces, taking the player through an evolutionary journey of pickup trucks, since the first model to the hottest selling pickup trucks of today.

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2. Ford F Series Evolution by EuroGraphics

By now you’ve probably become familiar with EuroGraphics and their innovative jigsaw puzzles. The 1000 puzzle pieces are a challenge to put together.

The finished puzzle will reveal a chic looking chart that showcases 26 different vehicles charting a journey of over 50 years. If you love Ford pickup trucks and want to learn more about the company’s growth, then this (difficult) jigsaw puzzle should be your priority.

Once again, you can have the finished puzzle framed and then put up as a decorative piece in your room. The product makes the perfect gift for your friends and family.

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 3. Grandpa's Old Truck Puzzle By EuroGraphics

This 1,000-piece puzzle will keep you entertained for hours. The puzzle features an old red Ford pickup truck with a grandpa and his grandson kneeling in front of it. The sprawling farm scene in the background looks charming.

This Grandpa's Old Truck puzzle will have you feeling nostalgic and thinking of the good times you've spent with your grandpa. Upon completion, the puzzle measures 19.25 inches x 26.5 inches. You can even frame this quaint scene. 

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4. Green Monster Truck by 3dRose

Monster trucks are the coolest and possibly the most popular pickup trucks ever. If not in terms of actually owning one, then as the topic of many a fantasy!

The idea itself was conceived way back in the early 1980s when Dennis Anderson decided to create something different.

His idea of oversized trucks became super popular in the US, and of course, the world over. So if you’re the kind of person that loves monster trucks and want a challenging jigsaw puzzle, this product is for you.

Each piece is highly durable with chic looking glossy finish. Once you’re done assembling each piece, you can have it framed and set up as a decorative item. We like the color palette which is a mesh of blue, green, and yellow gradients.

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5. 3D Wooden Puzzle Pickup Truck by Ponte Collection

Take your love for jigsaw puzzles up a notch by putting together a 3D pickup truck. Each piece is safe 100% safe to use by little children. The wood itself is natural and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions.

This is slightly different than jigsaw puzzles, a) because there are fewer pieces and b) it’s all 3D. But the toy certainly makes for an excellent experiment.

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6. 3D Wooden Pickup Truck by The Wood Trick Store

This is another product with the same idea. The 3D pickup truck puzzle features intricate details that many other similar products don't have such as a V6 engine, suspensions, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit. It's suitable for kids and adults alike. 

The wooden puzzle kit includes 278 pieces and comes with detailed instructions for assembly. No special tools are required for assembly. The estimated time to complete the puzzle is 3 hours. 

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7. Morning Stop Pickup Truck by SunsOut

A colorful illustration with fully realized models makes this jigsaw puzzle a treat to put together. The roosters in the background make for a nice addition to the picture. Vivid details stunningly capture the vintage appeal of the pickup truck, parked right in front of the general store. The jigsaw puzzle itself has 300 pieces, requiring lots of strategy and patience.

The finished picture will definitely make it worth your while. All the parts and materials used to make this product are based on environmentally friendly materials and soy-based ink – so no toxic chemicals. This makes it perfect for little kids.

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8. 1954 Ford 1000 Puzzle Piece by EuroGraphics

The Ford F100 is a timeless relic of the past that combined brute force with aesthetics for a truly functional pickup truck. There are 1000 puzzle pieces to sort through, making this one a challenge for everyone. We recommend solving this jigsaw puzzle with your friends and family.

Each jigsaw puzzle piece is fairly durable, designed to withstand lots of wear and tear. If you love old pickup trucks or the countryside in general, then this 1000-piece puzzle should be high on your list.

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9. Old Pickup Truck by 3dRose

Pickup trucks became popular because they provided high torque to pull heavy cargo, albeit, at low speeds. Then the pickup truck market started evolving. Soon they were more than just vehicles that got you from point A to point B.

Those giant motor homes had a humble start – as rusty old trucks with barely any cool features to look at.

This jigsaw puzzle should take you a path down the memory lane. It has over 70 pieces of pure nostalgia that will pull you into the early days of automobiles.

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10. Semi truck by 3dRose

Ok, moving on from actual pickup trucks here to their larger cousins.

Semi trucks are behemoths that keep the country running. They can pack up to 80,000 pounds and reach breakneck speeds that can tear any unfortunate car into smithereens. But they have a lighter side to them too since they’re beautiful to look at, especially when you give them a bright red metallic coat of paint that glistens under the sun.

This jigsaw puzzle will bring your love for monster semi trucks into your house. There are 70 pieces to play around with. The finished portrait will span around 10 inches by 10 inches, so make sure you have enough room to play with.

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11. Blue Semi Truck by WACYDSD

This jigsaw puzzle is going to take hours to solve. It has 1000 pieces that will take a while before you’re able to get the finished picture.

The final puzzle size is a resounding 75 cm by 50 cm, which is definitely more than a handful. We were really impressed with the overall quality of each puzzle, showing that a lot of hard work went into creating it.

The material used for the jigsaw puzzle is natural wood, nothing toxic at all. This product will go perfectly with little children and adults alike.

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12. Jigsaw Puzzle Truck by Layhome

The artist wanted to go with something more homely with this picture. A bright yellow colored truck drives around a cozy neighborhood with uppity surroundings. There is a lot of greenery everywhere, including flowers, trees, shrubberies, and more. The sky is clear and the road is empty.

Nothing’s stopping this truck from making a few deliveries today!

The product itself is safe and environmentally friendly. The paint has zero lead, making it compatible for children. Each puzzle piece has been chamfered to prevent injuries due to rough handling, perfect for 3-year olds.

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13. Ford Pickup Trucks by White Mountain

Ford pickup trucks quickly became America’s favorite vehicle, they’re durable, cool to look at, and can haul an impressive amount of weight at massive speeds.

It features almost all ford trucks from the early 1960s to the modern era. There are 1000 pieces to put together, making it more than challenging to assemble the jigsaw puzzle.

This puzzle artwork is a great excuse for friends and family to spend more time together solving a challenge. It will definitely improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and enhance a child’s problem-solving skills. If you really love Ford pickup trucks, then you won’t go wrong with this product.

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In Closing

We hope you enjoyed this collection of puzzles! Each of these would make a great gift to a fan of pickup trucks - just make sure you match the puzzle to the right age group.

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