5 Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets That Film Fans Should Check Out

5 Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets That Film Fans Should Check OutWhen it comes to riding motorcycles, safety is a top priority. So, why not keep your head safe in style? If you're a Star Wars fan or love the sleek Star Wars helmet styles out there, one of these helmets is a must. There are a few different styles of helmets available, fitting your needs and fashion tastes. Whether you ride off-road or on the street, you'll be able to find a Star Wars helmet fit to your style of riding. Look the part of a super fan.
You can find Star Wars helmet styles to look like a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, an X-Wing Pilot, or even Boba Fett. Without further ado, let's discuss these helmets in more detail. We have also included a list of some of the coolest Star Wars motorcycle helmets in the galaxy.

Ultimate Fan Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

Now, without further ado, check out the following ultimate Star Wars motorcycle helmets! You'll be transported to a galaxy far, far away when you slip one of these on.

1. Star Wars CS-R3 Stormtrooper Helmet

Stormtroopers remind everyone of the looming darkness of the dark side of the force. With the incredible detail on this helmet, you'll fully take on the look of a Star Wars Stormtrooper. Once you put it on, you're not going to want to take it off. The shell is constructed from an advanced polycarbonate composite, making it lightweight and giving you superior comfort, a bonus for long rides.
The subtle oval shape of the helmet provides the perfect form for riding: maximum comfort, maximum safety, maximum style. The ventilation system pushes heat and humidity out. You can easily replace the sun shield if you want; customize this part for your ideal look.

CS-R3 Helmet Specs


2. Star Wars RPHA 90 Darth Vader Helmet

May the force be with you. The Dark Side is on full display with this unique Darth Vader Star Wars helmet. If you're a real fan, we're sure you can hear the distinct breath of Darth Vader as you're reading this. Its material is shock-resistant, made from a fabric that is a carbon and carbon-glass hybrid.
This helmet has been approved by the DOT and meets the FMVSS 218 standards. Interior fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, and the inner padding and lining are also removable and washable. The shield is anti-fog. The chin strap features a one-button push to raise the chin shield.

RPHA 90 Helmet Specs

3. Star Wars CS-MX 2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet

Show your love for Star Wars with this Rebel X-Wing helmet. It's DOT certified, meeting all the necessary standards. The Nylex helmet interior is fully removable and washable and provides ultimate comfort and breathability. The exterior of the helmet is constructed from an advanced polycarbonate composite, making it lightweight yet durable.
The large eye port provides maximum visibility and easily fits in any glasses or goggles. The advanced ventilation system gives you the utmost breathability. Get ready to fly with this X-Wing helmet.

CS-MX 2 Helmet Specs

4. Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot IS-5 Helmet

Join in with the Rebellion when you put this helmet on. This open-face helmet style is lightweight and offers a wide field of vision. However, this style of a helmet doesn't provide advanced facial protection like some of the others. For this reason, we suggest not wearing this style of helmet very frequently.
The amber sun shield gives the helmet the final touch to make you feel submerged into the Star Wars galaxy. The helmet is DOT certified and has fully removable cheek pads and liner. The shell of the helmet is constructed from an advanced polycarbonate composite.

IS-5 Helmet Specs

5. Star Wars Boba Fett RPHA 11 Pro Helmet

This helmet has been inspired by Boba Fett, a beloved bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy. The color scheme and design of the helmet match the enviable Mandalorian armor that he wears. The sleek design of this helmet looks incredible. Boba Fett has garnered quite the cult-like following.
The helmet is DOT certified, meeting all the necessary FMVSS 218 standards set forth. The EPS liner in the helmet offers impact absorption and has MIPS, a multi-directional impact protection system. With numerous intake and exhaust vents, you'll get maximum breathability.

RPHA 11 Pro Helmet Specs

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