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5 Travel Trailers With A Built-in Generator

Camping is more enjoyable when you upgrade to a dependable travel trailer. You get to escape the city to experience nature's beauty without leaving the comforts of home behind. A travel trailer with a built-in generator makes camping even more pleasant. You don't have to fuss with an external generator, so you can focus on relaxing. Lucky for you, we looked into some of the best travel trailers with built-in generators to make your search easier. 

Many travel trailers do not come with built-in generators. However, there are still travel trailers with built-in generators on the market. Here are a few of the best:

  1. Northwood Wolf Creek 850 Camper
  2. Nash Travel Trailers By Northwood  
  3. Northwood Arctic Fox 22G Camper
  4. Forest River XLR Boost Camper 
  5. Forest River XLR Hyperlite Camper 

A built-in generator makes a world of difference in any camper. Keep reading to learn more about the generators in each of these campers.

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Why Would You Want A Built-In Generator? 

Shopping for a new camper or travel trailer sometimes feels like a daunting task. With so many specs and features, it is easy to get overwhelmed. A built-in generator sounds wonderful, but do you really need it? Or, is it better to buy a portable generator? For more information, read "Types of RV Generators and Which One is Right For You.

Built-In Generator Pros

Let's take a look at why a built-in generator is better than using a separate portable generator. 

Built-In Generators Have Higher Watt Outputs 

Their extra power allows you to camp in places without an electric hookup. With a built-in generator, you can finally drive to those remote locations and have plenty of watts for all of your power needs.

During the hot summer months, we know you want to run your air conditioner at full blast. While most portable generators can't produce a large enough output to power an A/C unit for very long, built-in generators can handle it. In addition, built-in generators are strong enough to charge batteries in case of emergencies. 

Set Up Is Much Easier

Most built-in generators work with the press of one button. There are no external connections to be made and no separate plugs to deal with. Portable generators are more of a hassle. Camping should be about relaxing, not dealing with a complicated piece of equipment. 

Built-In Generators Run In The Rain

Unlike portable generators, built-in generators still function in bad weather. When the whole family is cooped up inside the travel trailer during a thunderstorm, having the extra power is a lifesaver. 

No Risk Of Theft

All generators are valuable pieces of equipment. Since a portable generator is usually sitting outside of your trailer, there is a much higher chance someone will steal it. This is not a problem with built-in generators.  

Built-In Generator Cons

Now, let's look at a few reasons why you may want a portable generator instead.

Built-In Generators Are More Expensive 

A built-in generator typically increases the price of an RV. This price is usually more than the cost of buying a generator-free trailer plus a portable generator separately. Also, maintenance and service fees are much higher with built-in generators. If a portable generator breaks, it is possible to fix it on your own. But, a built-in generator malfunction should be looked at by a professional. 

If you already have a portable generator and are curious, check out RV Generator Maintenance Guide for Beginners. 

Built-In Generators Are For RV Use Only

Just as the name suggests, a built-in generator is a permanent fixture. You can not take out your built-in generator and bring it on an adventure away from the trailer. However, with a portable generator, you can have power wherever you carry it. 

Built-In Generators Are Heavy

Compared to many portable generators, built-in generators are much heavier. Weight is a crucial factor for travel trailers. The added weight from a built-in generator can increase towing fuel costs. 

The Best Travel Trailers With Built-In Generators 

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Here are some of the most popular travel trailers with built-in generators. 

1. Northwood Wolf Creek 850 Camper

The Wolf Creek 850 from Northwood is an excellent camper. This four-person RV is perfect for any family camping excursion. There are a variety of additional features. You can design a unique travel trailer to suit all of your needs. 

The optional built-in generator is the 2.5 Onan LP Generator. This propane-powered generator has a 4-cylinder quiet engine that meets the National Park Service sound level requirements. It also puts out 2500 Watts at 3600 RPM. While on the smaller size, this generator is more than enough for summer camping trips. 

2. Nash Travel Trailers By Northwood  

All of the  Nash Travel Trailers from Northwood accommodate built-in generators for an additional cost. This dependable model comes in eight floorplans. Whether you want a small trailer for a few people or a giant rig that sleeps 10+ people, there is a Nash model for you. Each plan has the option to add a built-in generator. The smaller floorplans come with the 2.5 Onan LP Generator, just like the Wolf Creek 850 from above. 

The larger floorplans come with the 3.6 Onan LP Generator. Just like the other Onan model, the 3.6 is also propane powered. The quiet motor only produces 68 dB at half load with an enclosed muffler. In addition, it puts out a powerful 3600 Watts at 3600 RMP. 

3. Northwood Arctic Fox 22G Camper

Another trusted model from Northwood is the Arctic Fox 22G Camper. This small camper has plenty of additional features to add to the standard design. One of these is a built-in generator. 

Just like the Wolf Creek 850 and the smaller Nash models, the 22G camper also comes with the 2.5 Onan LP Generator. This small but mighty generator is quiet and dependable. You can even add an 11K power-saving A/C unit to your 22G Arctic Fox to maximize the Onan's 2500 Watt output. 

If you are interested in more Arctic Fox Travel Trailers, read this blog post detailing the various floorplans and features. 

4. Forest River XLR Boost Camper 

The Forest River XLR Boost comes in 17 different floorplans with hundreds of optional interior and exterior features available. If you are in the market for a fully customizable RV,  the XLR Boost is perfect. 

There are two built-in generator options available. The first generator is the 4.0 Generator powered by Yamaha. This generator's maximum power output is 4000 Watts at 4000 RPM. Also, the engine speed automatically adjusts to match the power load. This function saves energy and increases fuel efficiency. 

The other generator available in XLR Boost campers is the 5.5 Generator powered by Yamaha. This gas-powered generator produces a 5500 Watt maximum output. In addition, it includes an extra-large muffler for quiet operation. 

5. Forest River XLR Hyperlite Camper 

The XLR Hyperlite Camper from Forest River is another trusted built-in generator travel trailer. With 10 different floorplans to choose from, this travel trailer is a versatile model. It is similar to the heavier XLR model. 

Another great feature is the optional built-in generator. Each floor plan can come with the 5.5 Generator powered by Yamaha. This is the same generator as the second option from the XLR model. It yields a powerful 5500 Watt maximum output. It also maintains a low decibel sound, so you can comfortably enjoy your travel trailer while the generator is running. 

FAQs About Built-In Generators

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about travel trailer built-in generators. 

How Big Of A Generator Do I Need For My Travel Trailer?

Many factors determine the generator size you should put in your travel trailer. You must think about how much power you plan on using, how frequently you use your trailer, and much more. Every trailer and every person has different needs and preferences. So, what works best in one trailer for one person may not work in another trailer for a different person. 

For a complete guide on choosing a generator, read "How To Choose an RV Generator." It will help you narrow down your generator choices. 

Where Do Generators Go In A Travel Trailer?

Built-in generators typically go in an outside bay on the travel trailer. This bay is usually insulated to prevent excess generator noise. However, sometimes, in travel trailers, the generator is simply mounted to the outside. 

Types Of Generator Mounts For A Travel Trailer

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Many people decide to mount a portable generator to their travel trailer instead of buying a built-in generator model. If you want to do this, there are multiple mounts available. 

Hitch Mounts

A hitch generator mount attaches to the towing hitch of the travel trailer. These mounts are very easy to install and remove. Some even fold up when not in use. This prevents wind resistance while driving. 

Click here to see MaxxHaul 70107 hitch mount cargo carrier on Amazon.

Storage Box Mounts 

These mounts are another great option for storing your generator. They are an enclosed box that can sometimes lock. The enclosure is noise isolating and protects your generator from the elements as well as theft. 

Bumper Mounts 

Bumper mounts are very popular for storing generators. The most common bumper mount is a bumper cargo tray. This is a flat tray that sits above your bumper. After you secure your generator to this tray, you are ready for power. 

A-Frame Mounts  

A-frame mounts create a platform above your propane tank at the front of your travel trailer. You install your generator on top of this platform. These are great because they maximize usable space. The area above your propane tank is rarely used for anything. Mounting your generator there leaves the rear bumper free or available for extra storage. 

Click here to see Stromberg Carlson CC-255 trailer tray on Amazon.

Rear Frame Mounts 

These mounts connect to the rear frame of your travel trailer. They are stronger than other types of mounts. If you have a large generator, this is the best mount for you. 

Why Do Travel Trailers Not Have Generators?

Most travel trailers do not have built-in generators. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is, they add a lot of extra weight. Since travel trailers have to be towed, manufacturers want to keep them on the lighter side so a large range of vehicles can pull them. 

In addition, a built-in generator on a travel trailer also means it needs a built-in fuel source. Unlike larger RVs that already come equipped with a fuel tank, most travel trailers do not. Many travel trailer models don't have enough space to accommodate a large generator plus a fuel tank. 

Lastly, installing a built-in generator increases the price of a travel trailer. Travel trailers tend to be one of the most affordable RV options. Manufacturers don't want to add a bunch of special features that increase the price because this makes the travel trailer less likely to sell. 

A Built-In Generator May Be For You! 

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Now that you know all about travel trailers with built-in generators, you get to decide if they are the right choice for you. They provide your travel trailer with an easy-to-operate power supply in all types of weather. Their powerful outputs top most portable generators too. With a built-in generator, you can be assured your A/C will run at full blast even on the hottest summer days.  

However, travel trailers with built-in generators are initially more expensive and cost more to maintain. Also, they add extra weight to your trailer. The added weight can increase your vehicle's fuel costs as you tow it. 

So now, it is time for you to decide if a built-in generator is for you!  

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