11 Of The Best 5th Wheel Toy Haulers For Full-Time Living

When it comes to 5th Wheel Toy Haulers For Full-Time Living, you want the best options. These specialized RVs allow full-time living comfort on the road while hauling your toys and gear.

The call of the open road beckons, but leaving home comforts behind doesn't have to be part of the deal. A 5th-wheel toy hauler provides the perfect solution, enabling non-stop RV living in a spacious, luxury ride.

The many models make finding the best full-time toy hauler tough. But don't worry, we did thorough research. We analyzed floorplans, amenities, and full-time needs. Now, we'll recommend the top 11.

5th Wheel Toy Haulers For Full Time Living

  1. Keystone Montana
  2. Keystone Alpine
  3. Keystone Fuzion
  4. Alliance RV Valor
  5. Heartland Fuel
  6. Forest River Arctic Wolf
  7. Forest River Cedar Creek
  8. Forest River Flagstaff Classic
  9. Heartland Bighorn
  10. Grand Design Reflection
  11. Grand Design Solitude

Living full-time in 5th-wheel toy haulers is still popular. Given their comfort, mobility and roaming freedom, some models stand out. Today, we will cover the 11 top 5th-wheel toy haulers that cater to this adventurous way of life.

woman cooking pancakes in camper van. 11 Of The Best 5th Wheel Toy Haulers For Full-Time Living

1. Keystone Montana

The Keystone Montana series remains the benchmark for luxury full-time RV living with meticulous design and varied floorplans.

The 35-foot 3121RL model provides a spacious rear living layout with three slides, an island kitchen, and a large master suite - ideal for couples or small families.

For more room, the 41-foot 3761FL offers five slides and sleeps up to six with its front living space. The High Country 383TH ensures four-season comfort on the road with ample storage and residential finishes.

Keystone Montana makes the list by providing exceptional home-like amenities for full-time life on the move.

2. Keystone Alpine

The Keystone Alpine series of 5th-wheel toy haulers is a top choice for full-time RV living due to its stylish yet durable design. With premium finishes and storage solutions, the Alpine series is crafted for year-round living on the road.

Popular models like the 3303CK offer a central kitchen, cozy living area with a fireplace, private bedroom and bathroom, and an open floor plan for entertaining.

Other smartly designed floor plans cater to different interests, with the 3011CK featuring a chef's kitchen, the 3102RL maximizing living space, and the 3700FL providing a luxurious front living room with panoramic views.

3. Keystone Fuzion

The Keystone Fuzion series represents durability and luxury, ideal for full-time RVers. Offering floor plans like the 369, 373, and 421, it caters to various needs.

These models feature modern amenities, including kitchen islands, large baths, and big garages for adventure gear. Made with quality materials, the Fuzion is built to last, ensuring a wise investment for frequent travel.

Regular maintenance will keep it in prime condition. The Keystone Fuzion, with its luxury features, solid build, and durability for full-time living, is perfect for those who want a tough, comfortable home on the road.

4. Alliance RV Valor

The Alliance RV Valor 42V13 is a top choice for those who love the open road but want home comforts. It combines luxury, room, and practical features, attracting even the pickiest RVers.

The Valor 42V13 meets all your needs with its large storage, quality furnishings, and new features for comfort and efficient travel. It has plenty of space for couples or families to live, work, and have fun in style.

The inside offers a smooth living experience with a stylish full kitchen, cozy beds, and an entertainment-ready living area. For more info on the Alliance RV Valor 42V13, check out the RVUSA website​​.

5. Heartland Fuel

The Heartland Fuel 352 is a top pick for RV lovers who enjoy comfort and adventure. It has a 13-foot garage to keep your items safe on the go. Inside, you'll find both practical and luxury features, like full and half baths, two doors, and three large slide-outs for more room.

It sleeps nine with a power queen bed, a loft, and a king bed. The kitchen has a three-burner stove, a pantry, and extra counter space. The Fuel 352 has Azdel sidewalls for water resistance and an automatic leveling system for stability and easy setup.

This RV is solar-ready and has a fuel station for trips away from the grid. With 100 gallons of fresh water and lots of storage, the Heartland Fuel 352 is great for long trips and exploring new places​​.

6. Forest River Arctic Wolf

The Forest River Arctic Wolf 261RK fifth wheel takes home comforts outside. It has an outdoor kitchen for enjoying food outside. Inside, it features a fan, a fireplace, and a kitchen at the back with a big pantry. It also comes with solar panels for living off the grid.

Sleep well in a bedroom with a big bed, and start your day in a full bathroom. The living space has seats like a cinema and a TV near the fireplace, perfect for chilling out or watching shows.

This model has a strong metal frame and pet safety features to protect your furry friends. It's also set for tech with a two-zone Bluetooth sound system and connectivity for your devices, making travel easy and fun​​.

7. Forest River Cedar Creek

The Forest River Cedar Creek 345IK offers luxury for full-time RVers. At over 38 feet long with three slideouts, it gives you a lot of room. Inside, it features a big kitchen with a full-size fridge and oven and a living space at the back.

It has a queen and a king bed, comfortably sleeping four. Outside, an 18-foot awning creates a great space to relax. It has large tanks and two propane tanks for long trips away from the city.

The Cedar Creek 345IK is perfect for those who want a luxurious, travel-ready home.

8. Forest River Flagstaff Classic

The Forest River Flagstaff Classic 826MBR is built for full-time living in comfort. It can carry 2,056 pounds and has a large 19-foot awning that pulls back with power, giving you plenty of room.

Inside, you'll find a kitchen at the front with large appliances, a living area in the center with cozy seats, and a master bedroom with a big bed. The bathroom at the back has modern features and lots of space.

With its aluminum and fiberglass build, the Flagstaff Classic 826MBR is tough but stylish, perfect for those who want to travel without giving up home comforts​​.

9. Heartland Bighorn

The Heartland Bighorn 3215RL offers lasting comfort for life on the road. It has a spacious layout with three slideouts, an aluminum frame, and fiberglass walls. Inside, it has large kitchen appliances, a living area, and a master bedroom with a big bed.

This model's 65-gallon freshwater tank and high payload capacity make it great for long trips. It also has an awning and leveling jacks that work with power, adding to its luxury and dependability for full-time RV living.

Learn how to transform your toy hauler's ramp into a versatile patio with our guide: How To Turn A Toy Hauler Ramp Into A Patio [Inc. A Conversion Kit].

10. Grand Design Reflection

The Grand Design Reflection 31MB is great for living on the road. It comes with a mid-size fridge that runs on electricity and gas to keep your food fresh. The living area has a reclining sofa, and the master bedroom offers a queen bed, a sliding door, and lots of storage.

The RV sleeps six people and has bunk beds for extra guests or family members. The central bathroom has a porcelain toilet and a glass door shower. It's set up for solar power and a backup camera. For fun and relaxing times, it has surround sound inside and out.

11. Grand Design Solitude

The Grand Design Solitude is a 5th wheel designed for luxurious full-time living. It comes in various floor plans to suit any preference. These features make the Grand Design Solitude a luxurious home on wheels.

The Grand Design Solitude 310GK floor plan offers many comforts for full-time living. The kitchen features a large 18 cubic-foot refrigerator and an oven-stove combination. The living area includes a retractable TV and a fireplace.

The full bathroom includes a skylight-equipped shower. The bedroom offers a king-sized bed with a pull-out ottoman and an additional TV.

What Is The Number One Selling Fifth Wheel?

The number one selling fifth wheel is the luxurious Keystone Montana. This camper has 13 floorplans that sleep 4 to 8 people. All models have more than one slideout.

Standard features include solid counters, maple cabinets, vinyl floors, a full fridge, a king bed, fiberglass shower, a fireplace, and theater seats. You can upgrade with cottage white cabinets, extra AC, a full queen bed, lithium batteries, and larger solar power.

Does Forest River Own Coachmen?

Adrenaline Travel Trailer by Coachmen RV display

Forest River owns Coachmen. It bought Coachmen and its assets in 2008, making Coachmen a Forest River brand.

People often get confused because Coachmen is not listed on the Forest River RV website. The reason is that Forest River RV and Forest River Inc. are different entities. Coachmen is under Forest River Inc., not the RV division.

Both Coachmen's and Forest River Inc.'s websites confirm that Coachmen is a part of Forest River. Despite the naming confusion, Forest River indeed owns Coachmen.

What Is The Advantage Of A 5th Wheel Vs. A Tow Behind Trailer?

Fifth Wheel RV Recreation Vehicle 5th Slides Out Pulled By Diesel Truck Towing Camper Trailer

Your travel needs and plans will determine whether a 5th wheel or a tow-behind trailer is better for you. 5th-wheels are more spacious and luxurious, great for lengthy trips or living in them full-time.

They connect over the truck's rear axle, which makes them stable and easy to steer. On the other hand, travel trailers are usually smaller and cost less, fitting for lighter towing or short uses.

Your choice, way of life, and tow vehicle matter a lot in this decision.

Who Makes The Most Durable Toy Hauler?

Keystone is a top producer of durable toy haulers, and the Keystone Fuzion model stands out for its long life and solid build.

A Fuzion, known for its high-quality materials, should last for many years with regular maintenance and care. If you want a toy hauler that lasts, the Keystone Fuzion is a great choice.

Explore our list of 11 Great Toy Hauler RVs With Slide Outs for even more space and convenience on your travels.

The Future of Full-Time RV Living

As we finish our review of top 5th-wheel toy haulers for living on the road, the prospects for RV living look promising. Manufacturers are introducing advanced features and home comforts to meet the needs of travelers.

Both the roomy and stable 5th wheels and the sturdy toy haulers make exploring easy without giving up home comforts. If you plan to start living full-time in an RV, think of the less common routes as not just trails but places to reach.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you would like to learn more, check out these other posts.

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