7 Awesome Lightweight 5th Wheel Toy Haulers

Lightweight isn't the first word that comes to mind when most think of toy haulers or fifth wheels. However, there are some great options for fifth-wheel toy haulers that don't require a heavy-duty truck to haul. We've put together some of the best!

Fifth Wheel RV Recreation Vehicle 5th Slides Out Pulled By Diesel Truck Towing Camper Trailer - 7 Awesome Lightweight 5th Wheel Toy Haulers

These are seven of the best lightweight fifth-wheel toy haulers on the market and their unloaded vehicle weights:

  • Dune Sport 24-foot
    • 6,460 pounds
  • KZ Sportster 280TH
    • 8,100 pounds
  • Forest River Sandstorm 286GSLR
    • 9,640 pounds
  • Forest River XLR Nitro 28DK5
    • 10,274 pounds
  • Heartland Gravity 3210
    • 12,388 pounds
  • KZ Venom V-Series V3413TK
    • 12,630 pounds
  • Jayco Seismic 359
    • 12,730 pounds

In this article, we'll see each of these models in more detail, including video walkthroughs. We'll see the lightest fifth-wheel toy hauler, several under 10,000 pounds, and some more luxurious options that still stay on the light side.

 Fifth Wheel RV Recreation Vehicle 5th Slides Out Pulled By Diesel Truck Towing Camper Trailer

Dune Sport 24-foot

Arizona-based Dune Sport is one of the smaller manufacturers that made our list. They keep a small amount of inventory in stock, primarily focusing on custom orders.

They produce both bumper-pull and fifth-wheel toy haulers. Their fifth-wheels range from the 24-foot model all the way up to 48 feet.

The 24-foot model is available in three different floorplans. Whichever you choose, this toy hauler is easily the lightest on our list, with a UVW of 6,460 pounds and 3,940 pounds of cargo capacity.

These floorplans mostly differ in the kitchen/ garage setup. The DWSK5 floorplan gets you the longest garage, at 134.25 inches. This is a good option if you need the extra length for your toys.

Regardless of which floorplan you choose, this toy hauler includes a bedroom with a queen-size bed, a bathroom with a shower, two sofa beds, and a table.

You'll also find a kitchen that includes a dual-basin sink, and a variety of options for the stove, microwave, and refrigerator to fit your needs.

Check out the 24-foot DW5FF in the video from Dune Sport below:

KZ Sportster 280TH

KZ RV has been on the scene for fifty years. They produce a wide variety of RVs for every camper's needs.

The Sportster is available in six floorplans, four of which are fifth wheels. The Sportster 280TH is the lightest.

At just 8,100 pounds UVW, this toy hauler has 3,400 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity.

Like the model we saw from Dune Sport, the Sportster 280TH has a bedroom with a queen-size bed and a bathroom with a shower.

The garage, like the toy hauler itself, is much longer, though. The full length of the garage is 227 inches, with 147 inches before it narrows to accommodate the kitchen.

All of this extra space means you can bring more of your favorite toys on your next adventure. There is even an option for a 30-gallon fuel tank, so you can fuel up your vehicles right from your Sportster.

You can see a walkthrough of the Sportster 280TH in the video from the RV Video Library below:

Forest River Sandstorm 286GSLR

Campers camping in the forest of Arizona

Forest River is one of the biggest names in the RV industry. They produce dozens of awesome RV models, including an impressive array of toy haulers.

Their lightest fifth-wheel toy hauler is the Sandstorm 286GSLR. It weighs in at 9,640 pounds UVW with 4,570 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity.

It has similar features to the others we've seen so far, with a few extra niceties. You'll find a king-size bed in the bedroom and the bathroom can be accessed directly from the bedroom as well.

This is also the first RV on our list to include slide-outs, which help open up the space when parked. The kitchen is also equipped with an oven for more functionality.

See the Sandstorm 286GSLR for yourself in the video below:

Forest River XLR Nitro 28DK5

Another great option from Forest River is the XLR Nitro 28DK5. This toy hauler comes in at a dry weight of 10,724 pounds and has an impressive 5,661-pound cargo capacity.

It features similar slideouts to the Sandstorm, with one in the bedroom and one in the living/ garage space.

The XLR Nitro is designed to offer you all of the comforts of home wherever you roam.

Check out the XLR Nitro 28DK for yourself in the video from the manufacturer below:

Heartland Gravity 3210

Since starting up in 2003, Heartland has become another major brand in the RV game.

Their Gravity model comes in seven different floorplans, with the Gravity 3210 being the lightest. It has a dry weight of 12,388 pounds with 4,029 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity.

It includes a lot of great features for function and fun. As well as its fully-equipped indoor kitchen, it also features an outdoor kitchen with a separate mini-fridge and stove.

It also includes high-tech gadgets, such as the JBL hi-fi sound system with a subwoofer and wireless charging ports.

For more outdoor fun, it includes the 30-gallon fuel tank standard. You'll be able to keep your toys and other vehicles fueled up and ready to go!

You can see the 2022 Gravity 3210 for yourself in the video below from Lazy Acres RVs:

KZ Venom V-Series V3413TK

Another great choice from KZ RV is the Venom V-Series.

Available in four different floor plans, the Venom V-Series V3413TK is the lightest at just 12,630 pounds. This toy hauler offers 3,370 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity.

Unlike the other toy haulers we've seen so far, this has a wall between the garage and the kitchen/ dining area. However, the garage does convert into more sleeping spaces when not in use.

It also includes a 30-gallon fuel tank standard to provide more gas to your toys. It includes three slideouts to offer the most space as well.

The kitchen layout is especially spacious, with plenty of counter space and an easy-to-access pantry. The fridge is 12 cubic feet, so you'll be able to store plenty of food for everyone while traveling.

You can see the 2022 Venom V-Series V2414TK for yourself in the video below from KZ RVs:

Jayco Seismic 359


Jayco is another great manufacturer that has been on the RV seen for 50 years now.

The 2022 Seismic comes in three different floorplans. The Seismic 359 has an unloaded weight of 12,730 pounds with 3,770 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity.

Like the Venom V-Series, the Seismic has a walled-off garage separate from the kitchen and living area. In the Seismic, this garage can be accessed from the kitchen but also a second door to the outside.

The kitchen has an impressive amount of counter space with its wrap-around counter. It also includes an impressive, 10-cubic-foot refrigerator standard.

It is also the only RV on our list to feature one and a half bathrooms. This can be a lifesaver for those traveling with larger groups or families.

The Seismic is also prepped for a washer and dryer, which is a great option for those looking to stay in their RV for the long haul.

Get a detailed and informative walkthrough directly from Jayco in the video below:

Why choose a lightweight fifth-wheel toy hauler?

Fifth wheel trailer that is a toy hauler camping in North Carolina

Fifth-wheel towing is preferred by many because it typically allows more weight to be hauled than standard bumper pull. So why bother going for a lightweight fifth wheel?

Lightweight fifth-wheel toy haulers offer a lot of advantages. One of the main advantages is that you'll have more weight you can spare for your toys!

Whether you use your garage for dune buggies, ATVs, or even watercraft, you'll be able to haul more if your RV isn't eating up all of your towing capacity.

A lightweight toy hauler will also put less strain on your towing vehicle. This will increase your towing vehicle's longevity. Your engine and other components won't have to work as hard, leading to fewer breakdowns and less maintenance.

Going light can also improve your fuel economy. A small boost in fuel efficiency can save you a lot of bucks on long road trips and reduce your carbon footprint.

Opting for a lightweight fifth-wheel toy hauler is also important if your vehicle has a limited towing capacity. Fifth wheels have historically been most common with 3/4 or 1-ton pickups, but lightweight models can be towed by many half-ton trucks!

Can a half-ton truck tow a fifth-wheel toy hauler?

 Fifth Wheel RV Recreation Vehicle 5th Slides Out Pulled By Diesel Truck Towing Camper Trailer

Many of the fifth-wheel toy haulers we've listed can be towed by several half-ton trucks on the market. The key is to know the fifth-wheel towing capacity of your specific truck and the weight of the fifth wheel when fully loaded, toys included.

There are several half-ton trucks on the market, and even those of the same model and year can have very different fifth-wheel towing capacities.

You'll get the most from the F-150, which has a maximum fifth-wheel towing capacity of 14,000 pounds. For comparison, the Silverado 1500 has a maximum fifth-wheel towing capacity of 13,300 pounds.

However, those capacities are only for those trucks with specific engine, cab, and package configurations. The F-150's fifth-wheel capacity can be as low as 5,000 pounds and the Silverado 1500 as low as 7,300 pounds.

If your half-ton truck isn't properly outfitted for fifth-wheel towing, it will struggle to tow even the lightest on our list.

You can learn more about this topic by checking out our article:

Can You Pull a 5th-Wheel with a Half-Ton Truck?

Final Thoughts

If you thought you couldn't go light when choosing a fifth wheel or a toy hauler, now you know better.

While we haven't covered every lightweight fifth-wheel toy hauler on the market, we've seen several of the best and the great features they offer.

We've also learned more about why you might go for a lightweight option and towing these fifth wheels with a half-ton truck.

All that's left to do is hitch up and head out. Safe driving and happy hauling!

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