Acura ILX Hidden Features – How To Find Yours

The Acura ILX is a subcompact luxury sedan with good driver engagement, bu did you know it has hidden features. We've researched to find the hidden features of the Acura ILX, and experts helped us discover them for you.

There are various locations in the Acura ILX where you can find hidden features.

  • Opening the trunk from the outside with a membrane switch under the trunk's lid
  • Locking the trunk access with the key lock hidden under the child's seat latch cover
  • Disabling the trunk switch from inside the glove box
  • Closing the windows all at once if you use the key in the driver's door
  • Setting auto-relock time-out period in the multi-information display
  • Adjusting rear view mirror brightness by zooming in the dial

For Acura ILX owners to keep finding easter eggs in their cars, they should refer to the manuals. Read further to discover the hidden features of the Acura ILX to see customized features.

What Are The Acura ILX Hidden Features And Where To Find Them? 

Acura ILX during Orange County International Auto Show.

The Acura ILX boasts a fresh, sporty look with advanced technology for a better driving experience. Hence, you will find many hidden features that can benefit you on your rides.

The features vary depending on the package equipped for the Acura ILX model you have and differ by the car's year. Each year has some upgrades from the continuous development for the vehicle. Acura offers standard, premium, or technology with A-spec packages.

The hidden features help you do more with your vehicle. When you find them, you can have more safety, security, and convenience when driving.

Acura ILX Hidden Features

Listed below are some hidden features and where you can find and activate them:

  • You can open the trunk outside with a membrane switch under the lid and above the license plate. You don't need to go out and press the trunk release button.
  • Lock the access to and from the trunk with the key lock hidden under the child's seat latch cover. The cover is up on the rear of the driver's seat.
  • Disabling the trunk switch from inside the glove box so you can keep the trunk door closed.
  • The vehicle provides security by allowing you to close the windows all at once if you use the key in the driver's door.
  • Set an auto-relock time-out period in the multi-information display. The car triggers the unlock button but relocks if you do not open the doors for 30 seconds.
  • Adjust the rearview mirror brightness by zooming in the dial for better navigation.
  • You can auto-roll down all windows and sunroof by pressing the unlock key fob for five seconds. However, you cannot roll it back up using the key fob.
  • Leave the mirror switch left at the far-right position, and the rearview mirror automatically goes down. 
  • When driving down a hill, hit the brake and release it so the car automatically downshifts.

Additional Information About The Features

There are many features to find in the navigation system. Enter diagnostics mode to get detailed information about your vehicle and its GPS environment.

To do this, press and hold the MAP/GUIDE, CANCEL, and MENU buttons down for three seconds. The available information is on the locations of GPS satellites, calculated speed, and the names of streets. 

In addition to hidden features, you can customize them to align with your needs. You can change your settings in the multi-information display. However, some features may not be available for other models.

The mentioned features may seem like discoveries for Acura ILX owners but are not hidden. Owners sometimes do not have time to read the entire manual. To learn your vehicle's features in detail, refer to your Acura ILX's manual.   

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Primary Acura ILX Features

Acura ILX on display at the Orange County International Auto Show.

Acura has been upgrading its cars every year with advanced technology for the benefit of the owners. 

Besides the hidden features, you should not disregard these more obvious notable features. The features below are present in the 2022 Acura ILX model. 

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Automated emergency braking
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Electric power steering
  • An enhanced infotainment system
  • Forward-collision warning
  • Front door pockets
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Universal remote transmitter
  • Warm sports seat with power adjustments

Among the features liste, you must pay to activate the blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. The newer model can give you more safety and security for a worry-free drive.

Acura ILX Packages

Acura ILX during Orange County International Auto Show.

The available features depend on the package equipped in the vehicle. Packages have different trim levels with current specifications. Below are the available packages for the 2022 Acura ILX.


The standard package has the following specs for an entry-level luxury sedan. The package includes the following:

  • A five-inch Infotainment screen
  • The AcuraWatch safety system
  • Heated front seats
  • Jewel Eye LED lights 
  • Power Moonroof
  • Smart entry

The price range for the base package is between $27,300 - 33,200.


The premium package includes the features of the standard package with additional 16 functions, such as the following:

  • Two-driver position memory for seats
  • Four-way front passenger power seat support
  • Blindspot information system
  • Integrates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Rearview mirror automatic dimming
  • Rear cross-traffic monitor
  • Premium audio system

The package also has a broader infotainment screen measuring seven inches. The price starts at $29,300


The last and most advanced package is the A-Spec. It has the features of the standard and premium packages. The additional features include the following:

  • LED fog lights
  • GPS-linked vehicle climate control
  • Navigation system with 3D view
  • Side underbody and decklid spoilers
  • An eight-inch infotainment screen.

If you want this package, the estimated price is about $ 30,500. Although pricey, you get all the great features of the previous packages.

All Acura ILX packages are helpful for drivers. Different models have different packages and prices, so the choice is yours. 

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What Features Of Acura ILX Need A Subscription?

Acura ILX during Orange County International Auto Show.

If you want to maximize the features of your vehicle, you have to pay for some additional features. You will spend more if you want to upgrade to a higher package. Regardless of the package, your should subscribe to AcuraLink to avail the connected services.

The AcuraLink allows you to connect your vehicle to your smartphone and other devices. You can use detailed navigation information and access agents who can help you in emergencies or other matters. Hence, the AcuraLink is a feature you should take advantage of.

Models equipped with standard packages offer free three-year support for streaming and cloud-based navigation. After three years, you need to subscribe to traffic data.

The AcuraLink has a Connect package or The Next Generation feature. With this feature, connected devices have two-way data and voice transmission. You can also access the feature remotely with smart devices.

Furthermore, a 24/7 live agent is available for the AcuraLink Premium package. It is your in-vehicle concierge. You can let the agent search for locations and flights and even book them for you. If you want to enroll or upgrade your package, press LINK on the overhead console or call the AcuraLink dealer or their hotline.

In Summary

The Acura ILX has many hidden features that help you experience a new level of driving. The features are under the trunk lid, rearview mirrors, and the multi-information display. They allow you to do different ways of locking and unlocking the doors and windows.

Also, you can get navigation information that shows precise GPS locations. The Acura ILX offers different packages with functions that exceed expectations. Choose the ideal package for your needs and budget, with upgrade options for additional services. 

You can do more with your Acura ILX if you know where the hidden features are.

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