Acura ILX Push Button Start Problems – Why And What To Do?

If your Acura ILX push button start begins to malfunction, you may be wondering the cause of the problem and how it can be fixed. Luckily, we have consulted experts in this field, and here is what they have to say.

Weak or dead battery, corroded battery terminal, dead key fob, dirty fuel filter, broken starter motor, and bad alternator can cause the Acura ILX push button start to malfunction. The following are what you can do to tackle the problem:

  • Jump start the car
  • Clean the battery terminal
  • Check the starter motor
  • Contact an automotive technician

Having trouble starting your car because the push button isn't working can be frustrating. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to solve Acura ILX push button start problems. 

Car driver starting the engine Start, stop engine button. - Acura ILX Push Button Start Problems - Why And What To Do?

Why Is My Acura Ilx Push Button Start Having Problems?

Female finger presses the start stop engine button on a car dashboard

Acura ILX's push-button starter could be malfunctioning due to different reasons. Below are some of the most common push button start problems:

Weak or Dead Battery 

If the engine of your Acura ILX doesn't crank when you hit the push button, or if it cranks very slowly when you click the push button, the most likely cause is a weak or dead battery.

The voltage required to turn over the engine of your Acura ILX and bring it to life comes from the battery, which is responsible for providing that voltage. The ability of the battery to provide what is referred to as "cranking amps," or starting power, decreases as the battery ages. 

When the battery is weak or dead, it will continue to supply voltage, but not enough to kick-start the vehicle. When this occurs, it is almost like you can notice it laboring to turn the engine over.

Corroded Battery Terminals 

Car battery terminal

Your Acura ILX may have trouble starting due to a corroded battery terminal. Due to corrosion on the terminal of your vehicle's battery, you will experience a loss of contact and a reduction in the current flow, which will prevent your engine from starting the right way.

Dead Key Fob Battery

A keyless entry system that uses a push button, such as the one on your Acura ILX, will not start the engine until it detects that the key fob is already inside the vehicle.

If the battery in your key fob is dead, the system probably won't be able to determine when the fob is inside the vehicle, and as a result, it won't start the engine.

Dirty Fuel Filter

Your Acura ILX's gasoline filter does not experience wear and tear like a mechanical component, but it becomes clogged over time due to dirt and other airborne particles.

When this happens, the permeability of the filter decreases, and the fuel pressure also falls. As a result, the engine will no longer operate at its maximum capacity, and in some cases, it may not even start at all.

Broken Starter Motor

The starter is used to turn over the engine of your Acura ILX. A starter motor has an average lifespan of roughly 100,000 to 150,000 miles, reducing its lifespan with increased frequency of engine starts. If you drive your car frequently, the starter motor will wear down, and the engine won't start.

Bad Alternator

The Acura ILX's hesitation to start could result from a malfunctioning alternator. An alternator is a type of electrical generator. A dead alternator in your Acura ILX will prevent the battery from being charged.

Thus, even if you believe that a dead battery is to blame for the engine not starting and you replace the battery, the battery may die soon, and the engine will still refuse to start.

What To Do If My Acura Ilx Push Button Start Have Problems?

The following are some things you can do to tackle push button start problems:

Jump Start The Car

Check if your car battery is dead or weak. If, after examination, a dead battery is to blame for your Acura ILX push button start problem, you can jumpstart it with jumper cables and a good battery from another car or with a battery booster if you have one.

This is done by connecting the red cable to the positive terminal of the dead Acura ILX battery and then moving on to the positive terminal of the donor battery. After that, run the black cable from the donor battery's negative terminal to the unpainted metal in your Acura ILX's engine compartment. 

Clean The Battery Terminal

mechanic cleaning a battery connections ,brush and insert the brush into the car's battery terminals,especially if terminals are corroded, will help ensure the battery lasts longer and performs well

If you want to clean the battery terminals in your Acura ILX, you will need to remove the terminal cables first. This doesn't require specialized knowledge, just some focus, as the order in which you do the steps is critical. 

The black cable should be unplugged from the negative pole first. Plier tools may be needed to loosen a particularly locked pole clamp. After that, you can disconnect the red positive pole cable.

As soon as the battery is disconnected from the circuit, corrosion can be cleaned. Reconnect the terminals after cleaning.

Check The Starter Motor

The starter motor is not functioning properly if you hear a clicking sound when you press the push button to start your Acura ILX engine.

If, after jumpstarting your Acura ILX, the starter motor still does not work with a good battery, there could be a problem with the starter. If the starter fails to function properly, it is necessary to replace it with a brand new one.

Contact A Professional

If your Acura ILX still won't start after you have tried the above solutions, it's time to take it for an inspection at a dealership or a repair shop or call in a professional to come to take a look at it.

The mechanics are fully aware of all that should be done to restore your vehicle to a fully operational state. The mechanic may change the alternator, replace the battery in the key fob, and make any other necessary repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Acura Ilx With Push Button Start Problems?

close up hand of technician during repair key or switch engine start of sedan car

The cost to repair a problem with the push button start on an Acura ILX varies based on the cause. Fixing some faults can be done quickly and for a low cost, while others may need significant time and financial investment.

Should it be determined that the push button needs to be replaced to fix the problem, the cost to repair the starter in an Acura ILX usually ranges between $331 and $236. The price of the parts is expected to be $660, while the labor cost is anywhere between $96 and $129.

How Long Can Acura Ilx Smart Key Battery Last?

The battery in your smart key or remote will eventually need to be replaced like any other battery. The battery life of an automobile key fob is estimated to be between three to four years, depending on its amount of use and quality.

In addition, there are a few indicators that the fob's battery is about to die. Weakened signals are the first warning indicator. Modern key fobs have a range of up to 50 feet and can transmit a signal to your car from that distance. However, as the battery life decreases, so does the device's range and signal strength. 

Another clue that the battery in your key fob needs to be replaced is if you have to repeatedly push buttons before the smart key works.

How Do You Test A Push Button Start?

Utilizing a factory scan tool is the most effective method for testing a push button start and determining the root cause of a problem with the vehicle's inability to start.

This piece of software or an aftermarket scan tool that has similar capabilities will do any of the keyless start system's self-tests that are currently available.

Can You Manually Start A Push Button Start Car?

If your keyless entry system has a start push button, the answer is yes; there is still a way to start the vehicle manually. If you ever find yourself needing to start your car manually, most manufacturers include a traditional key within the key fob.

It's common to find a lever on the back, side, or bottom of the fob that you can pull to release this key. You can also check the front of the fob.

Can You Add Push-button Start To Any Car?

Car driver starting the engine Start, stop engine button.

Yes, it is possible to replace the starter in your automobile with a switch to convert it to a push-button start and install a keyless ignition.

Push-button ignition systems were formerly considered a luxury item but are now standard on almost all newly manufactured vehicles, and older ones can be converted.

To Wrap Up

If you notice that your Acura ILX push button start is malfunctioning, you must jumpstart the car, clean the battery terminal, and check the starter motor. Don't hesitate to call in a professional if you need help.

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