Acura ILX Trunk Keeps Opening—Why And What To Do?

It can be very frustrating trying to close your Acura ILX's trunk only to find it open again moments later. It also endangers your safety, your belongings, and your vehicle. You may be concerned as to why the trunk continues to open and what you can do about it. We gathered information from many sources and came up with the answer for you.

There are several reasons why your Acura ILX trunk keeps opening. One typical cause is leaving the keyless remote inside the vehicle after the engine has been switched off. Simply removing the car's remote solves the problem. However, there are additional reasons why the trunk continues to open.

  • Problems with the trunk release button
  • Problems with latches
  • Misaligned trunk striker
  • Trunk actuator failure

Please continue reading for more information on the problems with your Acura ILX trunk, as we will discuss them in more detail below. 

Acura ILX on display during the 2016 Charlotte International Auto Show, Acura ILX Trunk Keeps Opening—Why And What To Do?

Acura ILX trunk

The Acura ILX has a spacious and comfortable interior with seating for five individuals. The sedan also features a large trunk that can hold up to 12.4 cubic feet of stuff. You may lock and unlock the trunk and access its contents in several ways.

Pressing the trunk release button on the vehicle or the remote transmitter, pulling the trunk opener on the bottom left section of the driver's seat, or reaching the main trunk switch situated near the glove box are all options.

2015 Acura ILX 2,0L Tech at the Orange County International Auto Show

Acura ILX trunk release button

Button for unlocking and locking trunk

You may open the trunk inside the vehicle by pushing the trunk release button on the left underneath the driver seat. It can also be opened by pressing the trunk release button on the trunk lid. If these release buttons fail, the trunk will open at inconvenient moments.

When this occurs, you may deactivate the trunk release buttons by locking them from inside the vehicle. The lock is located just underneath the trunk opener buttons. Push in the built-in key from the keyless remote and spin it counterclockwise. If you need to open the trunk again, just unlock the buttons by twisting the built-in key clockwise.

If the trunk release button on the trunk lid is not working properly, you may also deactivate it. Before locking the trunk opener, turn off the main switch from the glove box. This disables the trunk lid release button and the trunk opening button on the remote.

Contact a qualified technician if deactivating the buttons does not solve the problem.

Bad Trunk Actuator

A trunk lock actuator is a motor that allows the trunk to open and shut. Pushing the release button on the remote or the button located inside the vehicle activates it.

Closing and opening the trunk will be difficult if there are damaged components or electrical concerns. Mechanics do not usually fix actuators since it is more cost-effective to replace them.

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Keyless remote

The keyless remote that comes with your sedan is a useful device for remotely opening and shutting doors and the trunk. If you leave your remote inside your vehicle, the doors will remain unlocked and the trunk will remain open. When this occurs, you will hear a beeping sound, indicating that the remote is still inside the vehicle.

If you hear a beeping sound when your trunk suddenly opens, just take out your keyless remote and shut the doors and trunk. If the trunk continues to open even after you have the remote, look for other probable problems or call your mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

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Latch issues

The trunk latch is another reason why the trunk keeps opening. Although the trunk latch is intended to last the life of your car, it may fail, wear out, or break due to heavy usage, age, or other difficulties.

If the trunk lid does not shut or lock properly, the latch on the top of the trunk lid may be damaged or stuck due to insufficient lubrication.

Check the trunk latch. See if it's stuck. Try spraying it with compressed air to remove any dirt or debris. Then lubricate the gears while opening and closing the latch with the built-in key—this aids in getting the oil to the moving components.

Close the trunk to see whether this fix works. If lubrication is not the issue, carefully inspect the latch for damaged pieces that may be fixed or replaced by your local technician.

Misaligned trunk striker

A trunk striker is the component of your trunk that the latch holds onto to firmly lock your trunk. It is adjustable to accommodate minor misalignment of the trunk panels.

Although it allows for little displacement, a severely misaligned or broken trunk striker may cause issues opening and shutting the trunk.

The striker may be slightly twisted and broken, preventing the trunk from fully closing. This might be due to overcrowding and pressing the trunk shut, or to rear-end collision that caused the dents in the trunk.

Rattling sounds from the trunk, a flashing trunk open indicator light, and the need to push the trunk shut are all indications that your striker needs to be replaced.

You can replace the striker yourself. Check to see whether the latch can securely grip the striker replacement. The bolts that keep the striker in place should then be unscrewed.

Replace it with the new striker and fasten it with the bolts. Tighten the bolts after adjusting the striker to line it with the latch. Finally, use a non-greasy solution to lubricate the latch.

For an inexperienced technician, replacing the striker normally takes an hour or two. If you are unsure what to do, make an appointment with your mechanic to get it done for you.

How much does it cost to replace a trunk lock actuator?

A trunk lock actuator is a motor that allows the trunk to open and shut. It may be activated remotely by a sensor or manually using a key. When this fails, your trunk will either stay open or closed. So it has to be fixed or replaced.

Depending on the model, replacing your trunk actuator will cost between $263 and $278. This covers both components and labor.

However, exact prices may vary depending on your location and the place where you choose to have your actuator replaced.

How much does it cost to fix a broken trunk latch?

Power Liftgate Trunk Close and Lock Buttons

To firmly shut the trunk, a latch is installed. The trunk latch is built to endure the life of your vehicle. However, damage is unavoidable. This may be caused by age and regular usage.

If the latch fails, the trunk will either stay open or shut. When this occurs, the latch must be repaired or replaced.

A damaged trunk latch can cost you between $250 and $400 in parts and labor. This is determined by the model and manufacture of your vehicle. The severity of damage as well would also be considered. If more repairs are needed, the price would certainly go up. 

Why does it say my trunk is open when it's closed?

car back trunk opened and being cleaned with a vacuum cleaner

When the light indicates that your trunk may be open, you should check if the trunk is completely closed. Once the trunk is properly closed, the light will automatically turn off.

The switch might be broken or faulty when it does not turn off. A switch replacement of latch cleanup should solve the problem quickly.

If the replacement and clean-up do not help, check for problems with the buttons, wirings, latch, or trunk lid.

In Closing

Acura ILX on display during the 2016 Charlotte International Auto Show

Having a trunk that stays open even when you attempt to shut it might be quite inconvenient. This may also pose a number of safety risks to you and your vehicle.

When this occurs, your latch, trunk lid, keyless remote, or trunk openers may be malfunctioning.

Contacting your mechanic or vehicle service providers might assist in diagnosing and repairing trunk problems. However, having your trunk examined and maintained helps reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

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