Amazon Prime Day

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We’re so excited! Amazon Prime Day is here and this year, Amazon offers shoppers 48 hours of amazing discounts on various products.

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Can’t wait?

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

We don’t need to tell you what Amazon is. It’s only the world’s number one retailer. Yup, Amazon is bigger than Walmart. It’s bigger than any retailer in the world. Not just online.

Everyone has a birthday and so does Amazon. 

Amazon Prime Day was first established to celebrate the brand’s birthday in July. However, this year, Amazon decided to have a double birthday party, and have it on June 21-22. 

Naturally, the way to celebrate the birthday of a shopping giant is by setting up a world-class shopping spree: Amazon Prime Day! 

How to prepare for Amazon Prime Day

You can do several things to make sure you’re ready for the Prime Day shopping celebration. 

1. Get an Amazon Prime subscription

You can absolutely get discounts on Amazon Prime Day even without being an Amazon Prime subscriber. However, if you have Amazon prime, you’ll enjoy free fast delivery and may be able to find some extra special discounts, available only to Prime members. 

In fact, many of these discounts are already in place for Prime subscribers! 

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If you’re not an Amazon Prime subscriber here, then why not sign up. In addition to the exclusive discounts, you’ll be getting – 

  • Free delivery
  • Prime video with great movies and tv shows
  • Free Kindle books

and so much more! 

And best of all? It won’t cost you a penny to try out Amazon Prime! The first month is FREE!

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2. Bookmark this page and come back on Prime Day!

We’ll keep you updated with the best deals in the home & garden section of Amazon! Just make sure to re-visit this page on June 21st!

Ready… Set… Shop!