Are Motorcycle Jackets Supposed To Fit Tight?

Do you think your motorcycle jacket fits too tightly? Believe it or not, your jacket is supposed to fit that tight. To understand why a motorcycle jacket needs to fit tightly, we researched this topic to better understand the reasoning behind this. 

Motorcycle jackets are supposed to fit tightly to keep the jacket's padding close to the body. This padding is the most crucial part of the jacket and protects the most vital parts of your body in the rare case of a motorcycle crash. 

Now that you know that the motorcycle jacket is supposed to fit tightly, we will go over how tight it should fit and how to take proper measurements to get a correctly fitted jacket. Just keep reading!

Handsome man in leather jacket with sunglasses and neon lights, Are Motorcycle Jackets Supposed To Fit Tight?

Why Motorcycle Jackets Are Supposed To Fit Tightly

Motorcycle jackets are a crucial piece of protective equipment that will reduce the impact of any potential crash. They are essential in protecting your shoulders, elbows, and back while you are riding your motorcycle. 

To ensure that you are adequately protected, the fit of a motorcycle jacket is an essential part. Two of the most critical aspects of picking the correct jacket are comfort and fit. 

How Tightly A Motorcycle Jacket Should Fit

When you are first trying on a motorcycle jacket, you'll probably notice how tight the jacket will feel. A tight-fitting jacket is standard, but there is a purpose to the jacket being so close-fitting.  Similar to a motorcycle helmet, your jacket should fit snuggly to your body but not too tight. You don't want any excess movement while you are riding or added wind resistance that can affect your riding. 

If your motorcycle jacket is too loose, the wind will get trapped inside of the jacket while you're driving at highway speeds and possibly affect your focus. A loose jacket will also let in cold air during the colder months of the year and cause severe discomfort. 

Jackets That Are Too Tight

However, you do not want your jacket to be so tight that it's restricting your movement and riding ability. You still want to have enough motion inside the jacket that you can lift your arms freely and breathe comfortably. 

The easiest way to get a perfectly fitted motorcycle jacket is by making the proper sizing measurements for your chest and waist. This step is crucial for finding the best size for your motorcycle jacket. 

How To Size A Motorcycle Jacket

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To get a correctly sized motorcycle jacket, you'll need a soft measuring tape to measure your body's proportions. When you are shopping for a jacket, the store will have a list of measurements for each size.

To get a snuggly fitting jacket that is not too long, you will need to take the following three measurements: 

Chest Measurement

Start by running the measuring tape around your chest and back. The chest and back will typically be the widest point that the motorcycle jacket will need to fit within.

It would be best if you had someone assist you with this step in order to get the most accurate measurement possible. While you're getting the size, breathe normally, and do not take any exaggerated breaths that could alter the sizing. 

Arm Length Measurement

For the second measurement, you will measure the length of your arms. The motorcycle jacket's sleeves should be cut off at the wrist. There are two types of sizes for the arms, depending on the manufacturer. 

The first is obtained by measuring the length from the end of your shoulder down to the wrist. These measurements will typically be 25 inches or less. If you notice that the measurement chart does not reach 30 inches, then this is the measurement you will need. For the second method, if you are looking at the motorcycle jacket's size chart and it is listed as 33 inches through 39 inches, then you will need to take a different measurement. To get this measurement, you will measure from the middle of your back, across the shoulder, and then down the arm. 

Waist Measurement 

To get an accurate reading for your waist measurement, you will measure one inch above your belly button. 

Why Are Motorcycle Jackets So Short?

Handsome man in leather jacket with sunglasses and neon lights, Are Motorcycle Jackets Supposed To Fit Tight?

Motorcycle jackets are short for both safety and comfort reasons. For the comfort aspect, it's better to have a shorter jacket while sitting down for long durations. With longer jackets, the excess fabric will build up around the waist area while you're sitting, becoming uncomfortable over time.

For the safety of motorcyclists, wearing a short motorcycle jacket will prevent any material from getting caught on the vehicle's components. Motorcycles are intricate machines, and a piece of fabric could get caught in any of the moving parts.

The ideal length of a motorcycle jacket is when it reaches your thighs while sitting. 

Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Jackets?

A leather jacket has become an iconic clothing piece that is worn by motorcyclists around the world. While it does look cool, the purpose behind motorcyclists wearing a leather jacket is far more than its appearance. 

Bikers wear leather jackets because of the leather's durable and protective design. In the event of a motorcycle crash, the genuine leather jacket will protect a motorcyclist better than regular clothing will. The leather jacket must be genuine leather and not a synthetic replication of leather. Genuine leather made of animal hide is the most protective type of material. Some synthetic materials like nylon have even been shown to melt under the conditions of a motorcycle crash. 

How Do You Break In A Motorcycle Jacket? 

When you first purchase a leather motorcycle jacket, it will be very stiff and rigid. Wearing the jacket regularly will break it in, but there are additional ways to speed up the process. To make it more comfortable and flexible, break in your jacket with the following three methods:

1. Warm Soak

This method involves soaking the jacket in a warm tub for a few minutes up to several hours. The warm water will seep into the jacket's fibers and soften them. Be wary of using your bathtub for this process as the jacket's pigments might stain the porcelain surface. 

After you have soaked your jacket to your liking, put the jacket on for a few hours, and walk around or ride your motorcycle. While you are wearing the jacket, it will dry to fit your body and become more comfortable.

Do not lay the leather jacket out to dry. The jacket will dry out flat and become deformed.

2. Washer And Dryer Treatment

A gentle washer and dryer can do just the trick in breaking into your motorcycle jacket. Wash the motorcycle jacket with warm water and no detergent. When you're drying the jacket, you should put the dryer's settings on as low as possible. 

One of the disadvantages of this method is that the jacket may shrink after being washed and dried. But if you have a jacket that fits too big, then this may be helpful. You can expect the jacket to shrink up to a full size smaller than the original size. 

3. Abrasion Treatment

If all else fails, this method will break in your motorcycle jacket. By manually weathering your motorcycle jacket with sandpaper, you can complete this process.

This method can be combined with warm water soak to break in the jacket quickly and leave it feeling more limber. 

What Is The Safest Motorcycle Jacket?

As you know, safety is an important component of a motorcycle jacket. We will give you a few examples of the safest motorcycle jackets currently on the market. Let's check them out!

Duhan Motorsports Motorcycle Jacket

This abrasion-resistant motorcycle jacket puts a significant emphasis on safety. With added protection on the shoulders, back, and elbows, you can be sure that you will be protected.

Along with the added safety measures, this motorcycle jacket fits snuggly and has a windproof liner inside. This motorcycle is suitable for all seasons because you can remove the liner in the warmer months. 

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Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This motorcycle jacket is 100% genuine leather and comes with a removable hood that can be used in very cold conditions. The liner inside of the leather jacket will keep you warm, and the ribbed sleeves will not allow any excess wind inside your jacket while riding. 

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HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Wearing a motorcycle jacket in the warmer months can get uncomfortable. If you are looking for a motorcycle jacket with more ventilation, this is a perfect choice.

With mesh lining and multiple ventilation panels across this jacket, you will have a more comfortable riding experiences. Along with more breathability, this motorcycle is equipped with top-of-the-line protective padding throughout the inside. 

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In Closing

You may have been surprised to learn that your motorcycle jacket was supposed to fit that tightly. These motorcycle jackets fit so tightly to keep you safe in the rare instance that you do fall off of the motorcycle. However, the motorcycle jacket shouldn't be too tight. For a headache-free motorcycle shopping experience, make the three measurements to your chest, arms, and waist for a perfect fit. 

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