Ben Hazlewood

Ben Hazlewood

What Is A Stock Car?

A late model stock car racing on an oval track, What Is A Stock Car?

If you have ever seen or heard of NASCAR, you have likely heard of stock car racing. Even if you haven’t watched or paid attention to car racing, you are probably familiar with the term stock car. Hearing the name…

What Does “Eco” On A Car Mean?

Close up of car dashboard with green hybrid mode icon on, What Does "Eco" On A Car Mean?

If you have driven a late model vehicle in your life, you have likely noticed an eco button. Cars today have many settings and buttons, so knowing what they do can help you get the most optimal performance while you…

Do Motorcycles Need Mirrors?

Motorcyclist's hand on throttle with visible beautiful blue sky and greenery in motorcycle side-mirror, Do Motorcycles Need Mirrors?

Whether you own a motorcycle and are looking to travel or you are thinking of purchasing one, you have likely wondered if motorcycles need mirrors. Knowing what is required to safely and legally operate a motorcycle is important. We have…