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Eric Lentz

GMC Canyon AT4 car. General Motors Truck Company, formally the GMC Division of General Motors LLC, is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors

Does GMC Canyon Have A Sunroof?

Since its introduction in January 2014, the GMC Canyon has established itself as a popular mid-size pickup truck. However, many prospective buyers have wondered if the truck has a standard or optional sunroof. We’ve looked closely at Canyon models to answer this question for you. Despite some interest from potential buyers and current owners, General …

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Rough terrain with tracks from cars in a desert, How Much Does A Sherp ATV Cost?

How Much Does A Sherp ATV Cost?

If you’re looking to buy an All-Terrain Vehicle that genuinely lives up to its name, there limited options in the same league as the Sherp ATV. This Russian designed powerhouse shook up the ATV market upon its unveiling in 2015 because it can drive almost anywhere. If you’re thinking of buying Sherp, you may wonder …

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