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Jan Rexus A. Iglesias

Selective focus charging car with electricity trough cables, Are CTEK Chargers Waterproof

Are CTEK Chargers Waterproof?

CTEK is currently the leading company regarding innovative ideas regarding battery chargers despite being around for only two decades. As such, many turn to their products due to the quality they produce. However, are there chargers waterproof? Don’t fret, as we did our best to research this topic, and now, we’re bringing you the answer. …

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Worker polishing a brand new can with clay bar, Should You Clay Bar A New Car?

Should You Clay Bar A New Car?

The excitement of buying a brand-new car can sometimes overwhelm you. There are important things that you need to do after getting your new car, like treating it with a clay bar. You might have some misgivings about this process, so we asked the professionals if it’s necessary. According to most automobile experts, treating a …

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