Jaye Robinson

Jaye Robinson

Who Makes Hyundai Cars?

Hyundai Motor Company Dealership, Who Makes Hyundai Cars?

Hyundai cars are one of the more popular compact and mid-size cars in the U.S. They are reliable and affordable and come in a variety of appealing models. From the Sonata to the Tucson, to the ever-popular Accent, Hyundais are…

What Engine Does My Car Have?

V8 Engine of a Ford Mustang Shelby 350GT, What Engine Does My Car Have?

When most people wonder about the type of engine they have, they’re likely wondering whether they need to fill their tank with gasoline or diesel. Don’t wait until you’re standing in front of the pump though. It’s your duty as…

Where Are Subaru Cars Made?

Grey Subaru Forester at car show, Where Are Subaru Cars Made?

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast, or the Appalachian mountain regions of the US, you’re probably well-aware of how popular and loved the Subaru car is. Sometimes in a parking lot, you might even approach the wrong…

Where Are Kia Cars Made?

Kia Sorento crossover SUV on display during the 2015 Brussels motor show, Where are Kia cars made?

Kia Motors is the 2nd largest motor vehicle manufacturer in South Korea. But these cars are popular in many countries, including in the United States. From 1992, when they were first introduced to the States, to now, the car has…