Jennifer Omagu

Jennifer Omagu

Is The GMC Yukon 4WD?

GMC is a division of GM and offers the Yukon in SLE, SLT, AT4 and Denali models, Is The GMC Yukon 4WD?

There are mainly two types of drivetrains: four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD). Your car wheel operation will fall on either of these two or even both for high-end luxury cars. If you have a GMC Yukon and you…

Is The Chevy Tahoe 4WD Or AWD?

The 2015 Chevy Tahoe on display

Chevy Tahoe is one of the full-size SUVs with adequate cargo space, legroom, and off-road capability. But you may be wondering if it has 4WD or AWD. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you, and here is what we…