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Judah Rae De Castro

The official garage of Re-Amemiya, Mazda Rx7 and RX8 builder and custom in Japan. Tokyo district. Very high performance motorsport and master engine builder., Are Rotary Engines 2 Stroke

Are Rotary Engines 2 Stroke?

Knowing the type of engine you have is an essential part of owning a vehicle so you can maintain it and choose the right components to put in. With the help of automotive experts, we will help you determine if a rotary engine is a 2-stroke. There are 2-stroke engines out there; they can be …

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A white Toyota Rav4 photographed at a shipping dock, How Long Is A Toyota RAV4?

How Long Is A Toyota RAV4?

It’s good to know the dimensions of a vehicle, so you have a rough understanding of how to best maneuver a car. A longer car needs more clearance to move around, so awareness of a car’s specs is essential. We consulted automotive experts to learn the exact length of the Toyota RAV4. Here is what …

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