Mary Rose Apuya

Mary Rose Apuya

Are Mud Flaps Good For Snow?

Modern Suv car stay on roadside of winter road. Family trip to ski resort concept. Winter or spring holidays adventure. car on winter snowy road in mountains, What Are The Different Type Of Mud Flaps?

Mud flaps are an optional feature on your vehicle. This add-on helps prevent dirt and other particles from getting on your car’s sensitive interior and undercarriage, mainly to avoid corrosion and build-up. But does this car accessory work well in…

Does Hydraulic Fluid Go Bad?

Power steering fluid reservoir of the hydraulic steering wheel in the car, Does Hydraulic Fluid Go Bad?

Hydraulic fluid helps equipment and machinery function properly. It also serves many additional purposes, such as sealing, heat transfer, and lubrication. You might wonder if it can go bad. In this post, we will share an answer to that question…

Do Seat Warmers Use Gas?

Car interior view of the dashboard from the back, Do Seat Warmers Use Gas?

Seat warmers are a nice feature to have on cold winter days to keep you warm. But have you ever considered whether these seat warmers or heated seats will use up your gas? Fortunately, we’re here to answer those questions…