Shane Desuasido

Shane Desuasido

What Happens When Car Battery Dies?

Technician removing the battery to check for any damages or leaks, What Happens When Car Battery Dies?

If you own a vehicle, you’d likely learn that the battery is one of the most important things to check regularly. What happens when the battery dies? Moreover, what happens when the battery dies while we are driving? We’ve compiled…

How To Test Keyless Entry Remote

Remote car key car interior, How To Test Keyless Entry Remote

Nowadays, most car manufacturers offer a remote keyless entry (RKE) system as a standard or add-on feature for new vehicles. Because of the RKE’s convenience, many car owners get frustrated when it malfunctions.  We’ve compiled some information to help you…

What Is A Duramax?

A Duramax Diesel engine at a car show, What Is A Duramax?

Whether you’re out in search of your first full-size pick-up truck or you’re a veteran enthusiast of the diesel scene, you probably know or at least have heard the name “Duramax.” What exactly is it, and why is it quite…