Axle Keeps Popping Out – Why And What To Do?

If the axle in your car keeps popping out, you may be wondering about the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Luckily, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Using shorter shafts, hitting potholes and curbs, overloading, and poor maintenance can cause an axle to keep popping out. This problem can be fixed by replacing the axle.

Follow these steps to do so:

  • Take out the wheel and brake
  • Remove the axle from the gear
  • Fix the new axle

Driving with a bad axle is risky since it may cause further damage to the vehicle's suspension, engine, and other wheel components. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to deal with an axle that keeps popping out.

Passenger side CV Axle replacement on a front wheel drive car. - Axle Keeps Popping Out - Why And What To Do?

Why Does My Axle Keep Popping Out?

It is quite unlikely that a car axle would dislodge and pop out on its own unless the vehicle has sustained extremely severe damage. The following is a list of possible reasons why an axle pops out:

Tandem rear axle housing is under the 6 wheel medium duty truck.

Short Shaft

This is one of the common reasons why your car axle keeps popping out. At times the length of the shaft might not be the right one used, resulting in this problem.

Hitting Curbs, Potholes, or Bumps 

The suspension system of a vehicle, together with the components that are an integral part of it, such as the axle, is intended to absorb the impact that the vehicle has on the road as it is moving.

The vehicle's suspension system is responsible for providing a comfortable ride, while the axles are the components that transfer the power from the engine to the wheels.

However, there is a limit to the amount of power and impact that they can withstand. Driving quickly into potholes may result in a range of suspension issues for the vehicle, including wheel misalignment, broken shocks or struts, and even the axle popping out.

The best way to protect yourself from the harm that might be caused by potholes is to stay as far away from them as much as you can. This will help your automobile last longer or maintain its current condition for a longer period of time.


Vehicles that are overloaded pose a hazard to public safety and are a contributing factor in a significant number of fatal incidents that occur on the road.

When you drive an overloaded vehicle, not only does it put the driver in danger, but it also puts other people on the road and the vehicle itself in danger. When your automobile is loaded above its maximum capacity, the axle is subjected to an excessive amount of tension and strain as it carries the weight of the vehicle. 

As a result, the components experience strain that is beyond the limits for which they were designed. This results in negative side effects on your vehicle’s stability. This also increases the likelihood that the tires will undergo wear and tear easily, leading to early degeneration of the axle, and it finally popping up from the axle.

Poor Maintenance

Old used Rear Drive Axles in garage shop.

If your vehicle's axle is not properly aligned and maintained, it will have negative effects on the vehicle's overall safety, performance, and functionality. Since they are required to support such enormous weight, axles are, unsurprisingly, constructed to be as sturdy as possible.

However, just like every other car component, the axles run the risk of being damaged if they are not properly maintained. They may become more fragile over time due to normal wear and tear, necessitating more regular care.

Due to the direct effects that improper vehicle alignment may have on the longevity of tires, fuel efficiency, and axles, this is a key area of concern that should be addressed.

Poor maintenance that results in misalignment of the vehicle's components is a common cause of vibrations in the vehicle. As a result, the ride may become unpleasant, leading to axles popping out of place.

Auto Accident

A collision involving a motor vehicle might take place in a split second. However, it could take a much longer time to assess what the eventual consequences of the accident are on your vehicle. Damage done to vehicles is often the only obvious indication that an automobile collision ever took place.

However, just because a collision seems to be insignificant does not mean that it does not have repercussions. It may take longer than anticipated for its influence to become apparent on your vehicle.

Even with all of the advanced safety systems that are standard on current automobiles, the forceful impact of a collision may cause the axle of your vehicle to pop out of the wheel hub.

For this reason, it is important for those who have been involved in an accident to get in touch with a qualified car repair shop as soon as possible to have a full vehicle examination and repair.

What To Do If My Axle Keeps Popping Out?

installation of the drive shaft of the joint and half shaft in the engine gearbox, a metal clamp on the rubber boot.

If the axle on your car continues popping out, the problem could be a result of damage. So you might need to change the axle. You can easily change out your axle, but you need to know how to use a jack, a garage lift or jack stands, and power tools in order to do so safely. Here is how to replace an axle:

Take Out The Wheel And Brake

The damaged axle's wheels and brakes must be removed before replacing the axle, which is the first stage in the process. To do this, the vehicle needs to be jacked up and the undercarriage supported by jack stands or a garage lift.

When the vehicle has been appropriately lifted, the wheels and brakes may be readily removed from the vehicle by following the removal instructions provided by the manufacturer. The vast majority of contemporary wheels are fitted with specialized lock lugs that need the use of a lug key for removal.

Remove The Axle From The Gear

After removing the end of the axle from the car, the next step is removing the axle from the gears that are part its assembly. This process varies, depending on the kind being removed, but is often completed by removing the gear cover and spring holding the axle end into the gear drive.

Fix The New Axle

After the axle has been removed, you can install a new axle in the same sequence as the technique that was used to remove it. Finally, the brakes and wheel are reinstalled onto the end of the newly installed axle. The worn-out axle is often sent to a scrap yard or otherwise discarded after usage.

If you are having trouble repairing or replacing your axle, you can get in contact with a professional for assistance. An auto repair company also has all of the required information in addition to all of the required tools in order to fix and repair the axle of your vehicle.

When you hand over the responsibility of maintaining and repairing your car to trained professionals, you are sure to get good services. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Axle?

Mechanic calculates the cost of car repairs to customer at garage workshop, Car auto services and maintenance check concept.

The replacement cost of a single axle is estimated to range anywhere from $150 to $450. But this depends on the kind of vehicle you drive as well as the axle.

The replacement cost of front axles is often higher than that of rear axles since front-wheel drive (FWD) is more common. The cost to replace the rear axle is between $480 and $550, on average. If the whole axle has to be replaced, the repair shop will charge you between $880 and $959 (including labor) for their services.

How Long Do Axles Last?

The axle supports the whole vehicle, including all of its passengers and goods. It can last for 100,000 miles. Axles, on the other hand, might wear down and fail faster than that because of the continual bending and twisting they must do to adapt to different road conditions.

Should An Axle Move In And Out? 

Yes, the inner joint can move in both the inward and outward directions, as well as upward and downward. However, at the outside joint, it shouldn't be able to move at all. If it does, then there is a possibility of failure.

Can A Bad Axle Mess Up Your Transmission?

Yes, your transmission can be messed up and develop some major issues as a result of a faulty axle, particularly if it is a manual transmission. In the event that your axle shaft goes bad, it can impair the ability of your automobile to move to an even higher position.

To Wrap Up

If you notice that your axle is popping, this could be a result of using shorter shafts, hitting potholes and curbs, overloading, and poor maintenance. When this happens, you can replace your axle to stop the problem.

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  1. I’ve been dealing with my Ford Taurus 2011 driver side CV axle it keeps popping out of position the bearings and I’ve learned it’s due to an impact that bent the frame where the lower control arm is slightly bent where the knuckle screws into the frame I replaced them all but it’s still pops out popping out the end result is going to need framework at the lower control arm knuckle with a single bolt goes the hole has beveled downward through the frame making the lower control arm slightly crooked and effect leading the axle to pop out that’s where I’m at with it after several times replacing an axle sucks

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