Can You Back Up With Eaz Lift Recurve R3? [Here’s What You Need To Know!]

When towing, you might have to back up your vehicle. However, you might be in a dilemma if it's possible to do with your car attached to an Eaz Lift Recurve R3. We've searched and found answers that will intrigue you.

Yes, you can back up with the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 by loosening the anti-sway with a wrench. The anti-sway is built on the side near the head pivot, and it stabilizes the movement of the trailer attached to it with ease. 

It sounds easy, and it is! Read on as we detail the parts in an Eaz Lift Recurve R3 and how to assemble it to get the maximum from this weight distribution hitch.

Backing Up With Eaz Lift Recurve R3- What You Need To Know

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Before you start backing up with this weight distribution hitch, you must know what it comprises. Although this hitch is similar to others on the market, it has some distinguishable features.

Eaz Lift Recurve R3 Features

This weight distribution hitch has a tongue weight of at least 1,200 pounds. However, you will find others with more tongue weight for larger trailers. It comes with the following:

  • A two and five sixteenth hitch ball
  • Interchangeable spring bars (no right or left)
  • Adjustable sway control
  • No drill hook-up brackets
  • A jack that gives a lot of ground clearance
  • Readjustable tilt for proper weight distribution
  • A well-detailed manual with diagrams for clarity

The most prominent feature of this hitch is that, when mounted, it works in unison with the trailer. It makes it easier for drivers to maneuver without worrying that it will come undone.

Operating The Eaz Lift Recurve R3

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After mounting the Eaz Lift weight distribution hitch, see how it performs as you drive. To give you more confidence, here's what you should expect:

  1. Since the bars don't move, the pivot or head ball does, which keeps your vehicle level.
  2. It has a top load. Therefore, you will not see chains or brackets hanging down, eliminating drag when driving.
  3. The anti-sway is situated on the side, making it a breeze to regulate. Loosening it allows you to back up simply with a wrench.
  4. Removing the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 weight distribution will take five minutes, not more. Once you stabilize the jack on a piece of wood, pick up the truck and trailer and unhook the clip and bars. Put the car and trailer down and unhook the rest of the hitch cable chains and all.
  5. Repeat the process when hooking the weight distribution back on.

The advantage of using the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 hitch is that it's noiseless. You will longer move your trailer, creaking and crackling.

Watch this tutorial video to ensure you have no hiccups hooking and unhooking your hitch.

How Does The Anti-Sway Bar Help Back Up?

An anti-sway bar comes with the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 weight distribution kit; you don't have to buy it separately. Proper assembly is critical for it to function as it should. However, mounting the anti-sway bar isn't rocket science, and you can do so easily by:

  1. Loosening the handle or screw for the front to slide freely.
  2. Hook the front socket ball on the hitch. It hooks to the smaller of the balls on the hitch.
  3. Next, connect the rear socket to the bar located on the trailer. Remember to secure both balls using available pins.
  4. Now you can tighten the handle to a snug fit. Ensure it's not too tight to avoid making a groaning noise when driving.

Lock in the anti-sway bar by tightening the screw in the front. It stops the inside part from sliding in and out. Once it's locked, your trailer is stable, and you can back up smoothly.

For more details on attaching the anti-sway bar, watch the following video.

Are Anti-Sway Bars Necessary With An Eaz Lift Recurve R3?

Yes, they are. Luckily the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 anti-sway bar allows users to back up when parking or control their trailer and vehicle at sharp bends and turns. Generally, some maneuvers are impossible if you have a weight distribution hitch that doesn't include an anti-sway bar.

Avoid backing up, as you might tamper with the performance of the hitch. If you purchase a second-hand Eaz Lift Recurve R3 hitch without an anti-sway bar, ensure that you buy one. It is a necessity, especially for advent trailer hitches users.

Have a look at this anti-sway bar on Amazon.

Is Squat Similar To Sway?

No, it isn't! "Squat" is when you have the rear of the towing vehicle leaning downwards while swaying the side-to-side movement of the trailer when on the road. Drivers experience squatting when a weight distribution hitch is not correctly installed.  

Fortunately, the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 eliminates the possibility of squatting with the help of the hitch ball. Readjusting the angle of the head will stop the vehicle's squat if you have the correct weight distribution hitch.

How Much Does The Eaz Lift Recurve R3 Weigh?

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The Eaz Lift Recurve R3 weighs approximately 88 pounds. It could be more due to the packaging it comes in. It is in the same weight category as any standard weight distribution hitch. The weight of the hitch makes it easier for users to install and uninstall it without needing assistance.

Ideal Application Of The Eaz Lift Recurve R3

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Because the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 weight distribution makes it possible for drivers to back up while still attached to their trailers, it's trendy. Therefore, it's favored by those who own camping trailers. The size of the camping trailer dictates the tongue weight of the weight distribution hitch.

The general rule of thumb when using a weight distribution hitch is that your total tow load should outweigh your vehicle by half. For instance, if your car weighs 5,000 pounds, use a weight-distribution hitch if the tow load is 2,501 lbs. Remember not to exceed your vehicle's towing capacity, too!

Eaz Lift Recurve R3 Vs. R6

A few things differentiate the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 from the R6. For example, the R3 has a manually adjustable constant sway control, unlike the R6, which has an automatic one. The R6 has a more advanced sway control system that adapts in real-time. The R6 turns the sway control completely off on dangerous and icy roads.

However, the two have several similarities. Both weight distribution hitches are easy to install and quiet. They redistribute the tongue weight evenly over the axles. It ensures the vehicle and trailer are in contact with the road, making towing a breeze.

How Much Does The Eaz Lift Recurve R3 Cost?

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The Eaz Lift Recurve R3 generally costs about $360 to $470 but don't be surprised to find it in stores for less or more. It is a weight distribution hitch that many RV users love because of its simplicity. Moreover, it has spring bars with good ground clearance.

Click here to buy the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 on Amazon.

Can You Use The Eaz Lift Recurve R3 Anti-Sway Bar With Other Hitches?

Not all weight distribution hitches are created equal. Each company custom-makes most parts except for the shank and its components.

But when it comes to the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 weight distribution hitch, you don't need to replace or use parts from other weight distribution hitches. For the best performance, ensure that you choose a weight distribution hitch with the proper rating.

This video has an expert's opinion on why the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 is self-reliant.

How Long Does The Eaz Lift Recurve R3 Last?

With proper installation, the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 can last a lifetime. However, it has a five-year limited warranty and isn't transferable to another vehicle other than the original one.

Moreso, the warranty ceases to function due to improper installation and misuse by the owner. Read through it thoroughly, as the limitations may vary from state to state where applicable.

Final Thoughts

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It's crystal clear that you can back up with the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 weight distribution hitch with the help of the anti-sway bar. Readjusting to lock it into place makes maneuvering back and forth possible. You can now back up safely with the Eaz Lift Recurve R3 without the help of backup dancers or singers.

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