5 Best Battery Options For A Chrysler Grand Voyager

It would be great if the batteries that powered our vehicles lasted as long as the vehicles themselves. Selecting the right type of battery might seem a bit overwhelming, as there are so many options. If you're driving a Chrysler Grand Voyager and need to replace the battery, you've come to the right place. We've researched the batteries for this popular minivan from numerous professional sources so that you'll know what your best options will be.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager requires a 12V, dual-purpose battery. The best brands of battery for this minivan are:

  1. Odyssey Battery
  2. Die Hard Platinum Premium Battery
  3. Bosch Battery
  4. Deka 9A48 Intimidator Battery
  5. Delphi Max Start Battery

Please keep reading as we delve into what to consider when purchasing a car battery for the Chrysler Voyager. In addition, we'll discuss warning signs that your Voyager needs a new battery, how to replace it, and how much this should cost. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Adult man fixing car battery with wrench at its position in engine. 5 Best Battery Options For A Chrysler Grand Voyager

What to consider when selecting a battery for your Chrysler Grand Voyager

When beginning the process of selecting the battery for your Grand Voyager, you'll want to consider several things. While there are clearly many options out there, you'll want to pick the one that is the best for your needs, as well as your family's budget.


If you're very price conscientious, or if you're just strapped for cash, there's nothing wrong with getting the least expensive battery that you can find. So long as the battery you're considering is suited for your vehicle, it will serve its purpose just fine.

Of course, going the cheapest route possible often means not having as good of a warranty. And it could mean that you are getting a lesser quality battery.

But as budgets can be tight at times, it's ok. The main thing is to get your family's car safely back on the road. You can always replace it with a better model battery when you can afford to.


If you don't mind spending a little more, some brands come with better warranties than others. Explore all of the warranty options of each brand in your price range.

Keep in mind that a battery should last three to five years. But if you are parking places with extreme heat or cold, then a solid warranty should be something worth your consideration.

Consumer reviews

Carefully reading and scrutinizing consumer reviews for car batteries might be worth your time. Does the battery you're looking at have a solid number of reviews? Are the reviews mostly favorable?

No matter what product you're considering, there will always be someone that wasn't satisfied with it. So take a negative review or two with a grain of salt. But if the reviews are noticeably negative, maybe think about moving on to the next brand.

5 Best Batteries for a Chrysler Voyager

With the above information in mind, let's look at the brand recommendations that we've made:

1. Odyssey Battery

This brand of 12V battery comes with limited three and four-year warranty options. The useful life of this battery is up to 10 years.

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2. Die Hard Platinum Premium Battery

This battery from industry leaders Die Hard comes with a limited three-year warranty. It has been manufactured for use in extreme climates.

3. Bosch Battery

From Bosch, we suggest a dependable 12V battery that is compatible with your Chrysler Grand Voyager.

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4. Deka 9A48 Intimidator Battery

The Intimidator is extremely resistant to exterior and interior vibrations. It is manufactured to hold a charge, even when numerous external devices are being operated or charging off it. 

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5. Delphi Max Start Battery

The dependable Max Start Battery has been a popular seller for Delphi. It's highly resistant to corrosion and vibration and comes with a limited three-year warranty. 

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How long does a Chrysler Grand Voyager battery last?

Expect any 12V automotive battery to last three to five years for the average consumer. These can last longer than conventional batteries due to their constant recharging via the vehicle's alternator.

As with any vehicle component, how long the battery will last greatly depends on how you operate your vehicle.


Aside from time, the temperature is a factor in your battery's lifespan. If a temperature is too cold, the battery can only use a smaller percentage of its charge to start your engine. For example, at freezing, a car battery can only muster 65% of its full charge.

On the other end of the spectrum, extreme heat will also impact your battery. When it gets too hot, the fluids in the battery begin to evaporate.

This will decrease the useful life of your battery. A car that overheats on the road will also lead to battery corrosion. Corrosion is the number one reason for battery-related issues.

Driving style

If you do a lot of short trips, you are putting a little extra strain on your battery. And if you often need jump starts due to leaving your headlights on, you're also diminishing your battery's life.


A faulty alternator will cause your battery to discharge until it's dead. This can lead to your battery being unable to be recharged. Be sure to check your alternator routinely during maintenance visits with your local mechanic.

They will be able to identify any issues with your charging system and rectify them before they begin to damage your battery.

What are the signs your car needs a new battery?

Thankfully, your battery will likely show some warning signs before it totally conks out. These signs include:

  • If you need to get your vehicle jump started frequently, it's a sign that your battery is weakening. An occasional jump start isn't a sure-fire reason to replace your battery, but if you are getting it done more than once a week, then it's time to replace it.
  • Should the car not start, but your dash display comes on, this is a sign of a very weak battery. It will most likely start after being jumped, but weak batteries won't hold a charge as long. If this happens, have your battery inspected by a trusted mechanic to see if it's ready to be replaced.
  • Is it slow to start? If you hear your engine straining to turn over, then you might have a dying battery. Getting the engine to start will kick the alternator in so that the battery will charge. But if the battery is too old and weak, it won't fully charge.

Car battery terminal with corrosion on lead post

How much should I pay for a car battery?

The price you can expect to pay for a car battery will depend on the brand you select, as well as the market where you're located. On average, it's reasonable to expect to pay an average of $100 to $200 for a new battery.

You'll be assessed a core disposal fee in addition to the price of the battery if you are turning in your old one. This fee varies from place to place.

The core disposal fee is so that the retailer can ensure that the old battery is disposed of safely. As there are corrosive materials in the battery and other agents that are harmful to the environment, batteries should be discarded with care. 

Auto mechanic replacing car battery

How to replace Chrysler Grand Voyager battery  

  1. Pop the hood by pulling on the hood release, located on the interior driver's side of your Grand Voyager.
  2. Locate the battery. It will be on the right side of the engine bay. Newer models will have a battery casing that needs to be removed before you can access the battery. You can do this with a screwdriver.
  3. Once you've got access to the battery, you'll need to locate the battery safety clip holding the battery securely in place. Using a 13mm socket, you will be able to remove it. If it's corroded, you might need to spray it with some WD40 to help loosen it up.
  4. Next, locate the positive and negative battery terminals. They need to be removed so that you can safely pull out the battery. Using a 10mm wrench, remove the negative first. Then remove the positive. 
  5. Remove the battery.
  6. Set the new battery in its place. Attach the positive terminal, then the negative.
  7. Fasten the safety clip back into place.
  8. Start your van. Allow it to run for several minutes.
  9. Securely close the hood of your Voyager.

Black Grand Voyager Multi Purpose Vehicle on display at the Motor Show. Models are standing next to the cars in the background.

In closing

Knowing what options you have for battery replacement is helpful no matter what vehicle you own. It's also important to know what the early warning signs are of battery death, as well as what might cause this to happen prematurely.

While you can always have a trusted mechanic replace a faulty battery, it's really a simple process that can be followed with just a few steps.

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