What Are The Best Built Fifth Wheels?

Looking for a high-quality fifth wheel trailer, but don’t know where to start? It's hard finding the perfect one that fits all the requirements you want in this over-saturated market. But after some research, we've come across five rigs that'll more than meet your expectations.

What Are The Best Built Fifth WheelsThe best-built fifth wheels will offer high-quality construction, useful amenities, and a great deal of storage space. And these five fifth wheel trailers provide those three things in spades:

  • Keystone Montana Fifth Wheels
  • Forest River Wildcat Fifth Wheels
  • Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheels
  • DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheels
  • Redwood RV Redwood Fifth Wheels

If you’re looking for more in-depth reasoning on why these models, please continue reading below. The following discussions will ensure you find the rig that becomes your on-the-road home!

Top 5 Best Built Fifth Wheel Trailers

These five fifth wheel trailers are among the best in the entire world. Each of these rigs excels in providing an RVing experience unlike any other. And the discussions below will highlight what you need to be looking for in a fifth wheel:

  • High-quality construction
  • Useful amenities
  • Lots of storage space

So, without further ado, let's dive into these rigs and find the best one for you.

Keystone Montana Fifth Wheels

The first fifth wheel we’re going to discuss is the Keystone Montana. This particular trailer features an exterior that consists of durable fiberglass. The 2-inch welded aluminum framed floor and walls aren’t too shabby either.

Both of these features highlight why this fifth wheel trailer should be a fixture in life for many years. It’ll stay in good shape and resist getting damage from things like rust or corrosion. This model also has a large storage compartment, which is something any RV owner can appreciate.

Storage capacity on an RV trip is essential.  And with this feature, you should have more than enough room. It helps that this compartment has durable Dynaspan Floor Decking as well.

The interior of this fifth wheel isn’t something to overlook. It contains everything an RV owner could want inside their trailer. For instance, it has an oversized sink, oven, convection microwave/oven, and a 50-inch LED TV.

We should mention this fifth wheel has various other distinct qualities as well. It comes things with integrated nightstands, a central vacuum system, and a porcelain toilet. And these are only some of the unique features that make this fifth wheel a high-quality product.

In other words, it has all the amenities to ensure your RVing experience is top-notch. You can also take comfort in the reputation Keystone has among RV owners. This solid standing comes from their willingness to work in customer feedback into their rigs' design.

Check out these fifth wheels on the manufacturer’s website!

Forest River Wildcat Fifth Wheels

Forest River website homepage

This fifth wheel provides an RV owner with a fantastic mixture of high-quality features and affordability. Its dry camping amenities alone should be enough of a selling point for a potential buyer: 12V LED lights, a solar prep inlet, and the most significant holding tanks in their RV class.

The Forest River Wildcat’s interior is impressive as well. There are massive house windows in the living areas that’ll give you a glorious view. It also has a rather large queen sleeper sofa and two recliners (or other similar configuration), which provide you somewhere to unwind.

The fifth wheel has the perfect set up for those days when hiking or exploring a new place seems like too much effort. This fifth wheel trailer’s interior features top-notch, excellent kitchen amenities as well.

For instance, it has beautiful Corian countertops and sink covers along with a large double sink. These features will ensure you never feel cramped when doing the dishes. The 8-cubic foot fridge, hardwood cabinetry, and microwave oven are also nice touches.

There are numerous other useful amenities such as a backup camera and an outdoor kitchen. It’s apparent that a Forest River Wildcat fifth wheel will ensure your RVing experience is extraordinary.

Plus, it helps that Forest River is one of the most respected RV manufacturers on the planet. You’d be hard-pressed to find an RV owner that had a negative experience with this top-tier company.

Check out these fifth wheels on the manufacturer’s website! 

Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheels

Grand Design website homepage

The best thing about Grand Design Solitude fifth wheels is the amount of floor plan options. It gives you the ability to pick one that matches your personality the best. It’s a simple way to ensure you end up with the rig you’ve always envisioned.  

Grand Design gives you the option to choose your dining area as well. Your choices are either a free-standing dining room or a booth area, depending on your preferences. It’s evident that these rigs are incredibly user-friendly with all the customizable features.

These fifth wheels are also convenient when it comes to storage capabilities. You see it comes with qualities like a full pantry, which will provide you with a lot of storage space. It even has a master walk-in closet, which should easily fit your wardrobe needs.

The large under carrier storage area is extremely useful as well. It’ll easily store all the tools and maintenance items you may need during your adventures. You’ll never have to decide whether one tool is more important than another ever again.

And if you’re a pet owner, this rig comes with a pull-out pet dish storage drawer as well. A feature like this one goes to show that Grand Design thought of everything when creating these fifth wheels.

It’s no wonder why Grand Design is among the best fifth wheel manufacturers in the world. After all, they offer a customer experience that’s almost unrivaled with all the customizable features and affordability.

Check out these fifth wheels on the manufacturer’s website! 

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheels

DRVSuites website homepage

The DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites fifth wheels are the perfect option for someone looking to maximize their storage space. It comes with numerous storage areas that’ll meet the most excessive stowing needs.

And you can even choose the 44-foot option to further ensure that storage space doesn’t become an issue. After all, this trailer is among the largest you’ll see on the fifth wheel market. If you can’t fit all your things on this massive rig, you may have a hoarding problem!

You can also take comfort in this rig’s 8-inch interior ceiling height. This feature will make sure that living inside this rig will never feel cramped. The customizable option of choosing between 20 different floor plans isn’t too shabby either.

These fifth wheels offer some elegant features as well such as the 20 cubic foot stainless steel French door refrigerator. A feature like this one showcases the manufacturer’s mission to make sure their customers are pampered during their RV trips.

It even has a built-in fireplace, a 60-inch LED Smart HDTV, and interior crown molding. All these features will ensure you’ll be living a luxurious life aboard your RV. It seems this rig does live up to the luxury in its name.

It also helps that DRV Luxury Suites has a glowing reputation in the RVing community. This company has provided high-quality rigs for a decade, and their products only seem to get better with age. Honestly, there's nothing more you could ask for from an RV manufacturer.

Check out these fifth wheels on the manufacturer’s website! 

Redwood RV Redwood Fifth Wheels

The last inclusion on our list is the Redwood RV Redwood fifth wheels. These rigs deserve mentioning due to their almost unmatched combination of high-quality performance and convenience.

The construction of these trailers alone should be enough for them to warrant consideration. For instance, the Redwood’s enclosed underbelly becomes heated, which is incredibly useful for wintertime RVers.

This rig’s heavy insulation and aluminum-wrapped ducts help in this regard as well. If you intend on RVing all four seasons, it’s quite clear that this fifth wheel is a great option. But its all-season capabilities aren’t the only high-quality thing this fifth wheel offers.

It also has a beautiful interior that’ll make any RV owner think they’re living a luxurious life. It includes a living area with both a residential sofa and recliners. You’ll be able to comfortably entertain guests without feeling like you’re sitting on top of each other.

The kitchen isn’t something to sneeze at either with amenities such as a 12-foot Norcold refrigerator and three-burner stove. It offers everything you need to cook a meal that would rival what you could compose at your regular home.

It has a large bathroom and offers an option of LG TV sizes to provide you with further convenience as well. Overall, this rig’s features show why Redwood RVs are among the best in the world at creating top-notch fifth wheel trailers.

Check out these fifth wheels on the manufacturer’s website! 

Which do you think are the best 5th wheels out there?

Opinions can vary and we'd love to hear yours! Do you agree with these choices? Any other 5th heels that you'd add to the list? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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  1. We bought a 2019 Forest River Wildcat Max in October 2018. Love the layout, holding tanks, etc. Within a few months of ownership, there were 21 items that either broke or needed immediate attention. Thank goodness the husband is very handy. He has fixed all, but the missing floor molding and several on the walls. Dealer had to fix the kink in the water line in order to fill the fresh water tank. The toilet leaked as the toilet seal was upside down, vent covers broke, sink faucet won’t swivel, cupboard broke while lifting it, bed shock came undone, shower door falls off rail, etc. This seems to be the norm now. We have two friends with the same trailer and we all have experienced the same flaws.

  2. You missed one. The Forest River Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 38DBRK. It has pieces of the five you mentioned

  3. The 2018 Cedar Creek Ck2 Hathaway is a well built Fifth wheel with a wardrobe slide out and front closet 4“ x 8” With storage galore.
    Heated underbelly, solar, aluminum framing with fiberglass insulation,and lazy boy furniture.
    Outstanding Fifth wheel

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