5 Of The Best Fuel Injector Cleaners For BMWs

If you drive a BMW, chances are you are a car owner who cares about investing in the best possible products and services for the upkeep of your vehicle. One of the simplest things you can do to keep your engine running strong is clean the fuel injectors. But of all the over-the-counter cleaners available, which are best for a car like a BMW? We have researched the top fuel injector cleaners and have the answer for you here in this post. 

BMW vehicles deserve a high-performance fuel injector cleaner that won't leave any adverse effects behind. The top five most recommended fuel injector cleaners for use BMW are:

  1. Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner
  2. Gumout Regane Fuel System Cleaner
  3. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner
  4. BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner
  5. Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner

Those are the best options if you want to achieve better performance from your BMW's fuel injectors. Please continue reading to find out more about why fuel injector cleaners are necessary and more information about each of the top five products. After that, we will discuss how to know when it's time to clean your fuel injectors, other options for cleaning them, and whether or not the fuel additive is dangerous for your vehicle. 

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The Best Fuel Injector Cleaners for BMWs

Why are fuel injector cleaners necessary for healthy engine function? Over time and mileage, the fuel injectors can become clogged by the build-up of carbon and other substances. These materials come from within the gasoline and are left behind when they are not burned during the combustion process. 

After some time, this build-up of carbon and other gunk can start to harm your car's performance. These negative effects usually show themselves in the form of sputtering during idling, trouble starting the car, or a decrease in gas mileage. Consequently, the fuel injectors need to be cleaned to prevent this type of decline in performance. That is where fuel additives like fuel injector cleaners come in. 

The BMW comes with a specific identity as a car owner. Because of that, every product or service that your BMW comes in contact with should be of the highest quality. So we combed the internet for information from product ratings and first-hand accounts of BMW owners. The result is a list of five fuel injector cleaners that live up to BMW's standard. Here is a breakdown of each of the top five fuel injector cleaners:

1. Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

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Liqui Moly is the brand that is most recommended by BMW drivers on BMW forums and is highly rated on Amazon. German fuel additive Liqui Moly Jectron cleans the fuel injectors and gives the vehicle better performance and drivability. This fuel injection cleaner also reduces the overall carbon output of the engine and reduces fuel consumption. 

Click here to see the Liqui Moly Jectron at Amazon. 

2. Gumout Regane Fuel System Cleaner

Another BMW fan favorite is the Gumout Regane fuel system cleaner. This product cleans more than just the fuel injectors and works against corrosion caused by water and ethanol while also preventing further damage. In addition, Gumout Regane restores maximum engine performance by cleaning out the entire fuel system of build-up, not just the fuel injectors. 

Click here to see Gumout Regane at Amazon. 

3. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

The Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus is the fuel system that BMW itself recommends. They endorse it by selling the same formula under the BMW brand name. Like the Gumout Regane, the Techron Concentrate Plus goes to work on the entire fuel system.

This cleaner keeps the inside engine parts clean and functional, restoring power and performance. Chevron Techron also reduces rough idling and hesitation from the engine. 

Click here to see Chevron Techron at Amazon. 

4. BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner

The BG 44K is another common name on BMW forums. The product restores fuel economy and performance by cleaning the entire fuel system, including the valves and injectors. BG 44K is a fast-acting product that quickly restores engine functionality and performance. 

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5. Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner

Lucas Transmission Fix is a non-solvent formula that stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions and seals leaks.

The Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner is a household name for all vehicles, gasoline and diesel alike, that need fuel injector cleaning. This Lucas product not only cleans corrosive build-up but also lubricates for a lasting effect on performance and a preventative barrier against future build-up.

In addition, the special formula inside the product causes excess emissions to be burned in the combustion process, improving overall fuel economy.

Click here to see Lucas Oil at Amazon. 

How do I know my Fuel Injectors are Clogged?

So yes, there is a lot of fuel injector and fuel system cleaning agents on the market. But, how do you know when it's time to use one? There are several tell-tale symptoms of clogged fuel injectors. Here are the common signs:

  • Rough idling due to inconsistent fuel spray pattern. 
  • Trouble starting your vehicle, with no battery or starter issues. 
  • Decrease in fuel economy. 

Trouble starting and misfiring can also be a symptom of a leaking fuel injector. If you find that your fuel injectors are not clogged but are leaking, it may be necessary to replace them. 

Can you Clean BMW Fuel Injectors?

BMW M235i Engine close-up, 5 Of The Best Fuel Injector Cleaners For BMWs

You can clean the fuel injectors on a BMW like the fuel injectors on most vehicles. The easiest way to clean fuel injectors is to use a fuel additive similar to the five mentioned in the list above, like Liqui Molly Jectron, for example. This method is non-invasive and doesn't require any technical know-how. Just follow the directions on the bottle and pour the additive into your fuel tank. 

A second option requires you to visit a professional to get them cleaned manually. In this process, they remove the fuel injectors and clean them, test them, and reinstall them for you. In addition, they do all of this using top-of-the-line machinery and techniques. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get Fuel Injectors Cleaned?

If you want to go the route of professional cleaning, the labor won't be as cheap as a fuel additive. That being said, it still isn't costly and could be worth it if you want the luxury treatment for your BMW. The total price for a car with a V6 engine should be around $100-120, but it depends on where you live and the condition of your vehicle and its fuel injectors. 

Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Cause Problems?

Technician Removing the gasoline injector part in engine room check dust and test pressure in process maintenance concept

If you use a fuel injector cleaning product as directed by the included instructions, you will not cause any damage to your vehicle. So as long as you do not abuse the product by using it too much or too frequently, your engine and fuel systems will be just fine. 

Does BMW Fuel Injector Cleaner Actually Work?

Cleaning engine injectors. Car repair. Service station.

BMW makes their own fuel injector cleaner that they sell in its dealerships and repair shops. The thing about the BMW fuel injector cleaner is that the shape of the bottle looks a lot like the bottle of the Chevron Techron cleaner that is featured as number three on this list.

The reason the bottles look the same is that they are the same product. BMW's fuel system cleaner is a rebranding of the Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner.

To answer the question directly, yes, BMW's fuel injector cleaner actually works because it is the same product formula as Chevron Techron, one of the most highly rated cleaners for BMW fuel injectors. 

How Long do BMW Fuel Injectors last?

The engine compartment of a BMW e30 with an installed motor M20B20.

If fuel injectors are constantly under threat of becoming clogged by carbon deposits and other build-ups, do they have a shorter lifespan than other vehicle parts? According to BMW, certain fuel injectors are due to be replaced after 45,000 miles of use. However, other fuel injectors may last over 100,000 miles without experiencing any issues, especially with proper care. 

To extend the life of your fuel injectors on a BMW, or any other vehicle for that matter, stick to a good maintenance schedule. We recommend using a fuel injector cleaner every 3000 to 5000 miles. An easy way to remember this time window is to use a fuel injector cleaner every time you get an oil change. 

In Closing

If you drive a vehicle as nice as a BMW, make sure you invest in the right materials to take care of it. A simple way to ensure that your BMW's engine is always working smoothly is to clean its fuel injectors. All five fuel injector cleaners suggested on the list above will ensure that your engine stays healthy for years to come. 

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BMW M235i Engine close-up, 5 Of The Best Fuel Injector Cleaners For BMWs

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