8 Best Lithium Jump Starters That Will Get Your Car Running Again

8 Best Lithium Jump Starters That Will Get Your Car Running AgainThere has never been a better time to need a jump start! Have you ever had your car die in a parking lot? A crowded parking lot, so there are cars in front of you and on each side. And then your battery dies. So, you need a jump from someone, but now how are they going to get their car close enough to yours to get it started?

In terms of safety and convenience, a Lithium Jump Starter is one of the best purchases you can make. There are a lot of Lithium Jump Starters on the market, many of which come in at different prices and have various features. 

What about an even worse potential scenario. You are out with a couple of friends on a hike in the wilderness. You enjoy the day, and upon returning to the car, you realize that the battery is dead. Now, what do you do? There isn’t even anyone there to help. You might not get cell phone service to call for help!

Each of the products below is well-reviewed and a great potential product. They will be listed in order of price, from lowest to highest. Naturally, as the price gets more elevated, more features will be included. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best; you’ll know which is the best for your needs.

1. Thor 1000 Car Battery Jump Starter

This 12-volt battery jump starter is waterproof, making it very safe and a fantastic value. It comes equipped with USB and micro USB ports. That means that you’ll be able to use this as a portable charger as well for phones, tablets, cameras, etc. There is also an LED flashlight at the bottom of the unit, which may be useful under the right circumstances.

There are a lot of safety features included in this unit. Intelligent Protection Terminals will prevent overheating and short-circuiting. The 12-month warranty comes free, so for an entire year, if you have any issues, you can have your jump starter replaced!

The capacity of the battery is 8600mAh.

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2. LEMSIR V8 Auto Battery Booster

The LEMSIR V8 is a terrific option and also a great value like the Thor. This unit delivers a 12800mAh battery capacity. You'll be able to jumpstart 20 batteries on one single charge successfully! This unit is compatible with a 12-volt car battery.

There are two USB ports included as well as an LED flashlight built-in. This durable unit will work no matter if it is a hot, 100-degree day in Florida or a freezing, 2-degree day in Wisconsin. There is also a 2-year warranty included with your purchase.

The spark-proof clamps make this product extremely safe. It's small enough to store it in your glove box. Are you going on a camping trip for a weekend? Bring this, and you'll be able to keep everyone's phone charged.

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3. Beatit B7 Battery Booster

This unit, compatible with 12-volt batteries, provides you with a 16500mAh battery capacity. Some batteries will drain even if you don't use it; this battery will conceivably last for an entire year without discharging. If you, for example, intend to keep this in the trunk of your car just in case you need a jump, you won't need to worry about it being dead since you haven't touched it in a few months.

The unit is exceptionally safe and will not short-circuit. There is a small LCD screen on the central unit itself as well as the jumper input. The unit will fit in the palm of your hand, so bringing it around as a charger for your phone or other devices is reasonable.

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4. GOOLOO Portable Power Pack

If you choose to purchase the GOOLOO Power Pack, everything comes in a nice pouch that you can keep conveniently in the glove box or center console. The unit itself is very sturdy, and while it is slightly bulkier than some of the units described above, this power pack has even higher capacity at 18000mAh.

There are two USB inputs which provide quick charges for any of your devices. Using this to jump-start your vehicle could not be easier. Apply the clamps, and you're ready to go. The clamps have several built-in safety features, which will prevent short-circuiting, overheating, over-charge, etc. Similar to the products above, this is built for 12V batteries.

There is a flashlight built-in. There is also a power indicator, so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to charge the unit.

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5. Beatit G18

The 2000Amp peak output of this unit means that it will be able to jump-start any 12V car battery that is. That means everything from a Toyota Camry to a Ford F-150 and even more beyond that (up to an 8.0L gas or diesel engine).

There are two USB ports for device charging, but even more than that, the unit can function as a 10W wireless charger!

The jumper cables are slightly more extended than many of the competitive products on the market. So you’ll most definitely be able to reach the positive and negative inputs on your vehicle. The smart clamps are as safe as anything else on the market.

This unit is the largest so far on the list, but it is also the most powerful and providing the largest battery capacity. As with the other models, there is a built-in flashlight. This model even has a built-in compass.

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6. NOCO Boost Ultra Safe Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter

This device weighs under one pound and is about the size of an iPhone 6 plus. Yet that doesn’t change the fact that it offers a high degree of power and capacity. The 1000Amp power output means this will be able to jumpstart most cars.

The LCD screen will display to you when the unit needs to be charged. The slick, tire tread design makes this device eye-catching as well as durable. You won't need to worry about this unit breaking if you drop it, for example.

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7. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660

The products above are intended for jump starts, but those products are just as suited to be portable device chargers. They don’t deliver the most power on the market, but they are versatile and compact, suitable for camping and things like that.

The Clore is intended to be a jump starter first. The unit is still portable, but it is larger than the others, and you’ll want to keep it in your trunk rather than your glove box. But this thing is as reliable as it can be. It can be used not only in a personal context but also professionally.

The Jump-N-Carry has been around for 25 years, and it’s been used that long in a professional setting for the most part. It has a 12V power supply as well as a built-in charger, so you will still be able to use this for other purposes.

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8. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC550A (With Air Compressor)

This unit is very similar to the Clore unit above, the primary difference being that this unit has a built-in air compressor. You’ll be able to not only start your dead car with this device but also fill the tires if they are low. The versatility of a unit like this can be appealing, depending on what you have in mind.

Again, similar to the unit above, this can be used in a personal or professional setting. There are plenty of safety features, and you won’t find a more durable product. This thing will last you for decades if you take good care of it.

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The Importance of Voltage

This is one of the most critical points to consider. Each of the products listed above is intended for a 12V battery jump start. Any non-commercial car or truck you see, like a BMW or Mazda, has a 12V battery. These devices will work on those batteries, no problem.

However, there are also 6V batteries used in things like golf carts. These devices above are not intended for those types of batteries.

Further, there are big trucks like 16-wheelers that have huge batteries, 24V. These devices above will not be able to jump-start a 24V battery.

Personal vs. Professional Lithium Jump Starters

Most of the products reviewed above are intended for personal use. Those are the ones with the USB inputs and the lower power-outputs. They are small, and you can probably tell from looking that they are not necessarily intended for professional use.

The core units, however, can be used for personal use or professional use. And when you look at those units, you’ll be able to tell why. They are built for power and durability, rather than convenience.

Perhaps you had not considered the utility of a product, such as a jump-starter. These are versatile products in the sense that, with most of them, you’ll be able to charge phones and devices anywhere you want! But what is far more useful is the fact that keeping something like this in your car might save you from being stranded overnight in a freezing car.

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