3 Best Oil Options For Dodge Ram 1500

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a powerful yet smooth-riding pickup truck. However, just like any vehicle, sooner or later, you will need a routine oil change. But what is the best oil to use for the Ram 1500? Below we have found the best oil recommendation for your truck.

We recommend you use API Certified SAE 5W-20 Engine Oil to keep your Dodge Ram 1500 running smoothly.

It meets the requirements of MS 6395 and is compatible with MOPAR, Pennzoil, or Shell Helix oils. The 3.0 Liter EcoDiesel requires a different oil than the gas engines and should have 5w-40 full synthetic oil.

If you want to ensure a long life for your truck, then doing a routine oil change is essential. In addition, using the best oil you can find will ensure that the truck runs smoothly without any issues.

Read on as we discuss taking care of the Dodge Ram 1500 engine and properly changing the oil.

RAM 1500 Rebel stopped on unmade road, 3 Best Oil Options For Dodge Ram 1500

Best oil for the Dodge Ram 1500 engine

Using the best oil you can for your truck will ensure that it will perform at its best. Additionally, it is important because your truck will have a longer life.

There are a few oils that are recommended specifically for Dodge Ram 1500 engines. We have listed the top three. Any 5W-20 oil will be acceptable if you plan on using:

  • Pennzoil,
  • MOPAR,
  • or Shell Helix engine oils.

NOTE: If you decide to use an oil from a different manufacturer than Pennzoil, MOPAR, or Shell Helix, then you may have to change your oil filters as well.

Dodge RAM 1500 on Lanzarote

What kind of engine does a Dodge Ram 1500 have?

The Ram 1500 is a full-size pickup truck equipped with four engine options, including the 5.7-liter Hemi engine, 6.2 liter V8, 3.6 L V6, and 3.0 Liter V6 Diesel. 

It also has a variable displacement compressor that provides improved acceleration at lower speeds; this enables the Ram 1500 to accelerate faster than the competition from Ford, Chevy, or Toyota.

This compressor is capable of reducing the size of the engine by as much as 14%. This helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It also enables better acceleration in low gear situations, making it a perfect fit for those who tow or haul regularly.

The Ram 1500 also comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission system along with a 4-wheel drive. Because of this, it can tow up to 10,000 pounds and haul a maximum of 2,300 pounds.

Black Dodge Ram with an engine of 5.7 liters front fender view

Does 5.7 Hemi require synthetic oil?

The 5.7 Hemi engines do not need synthetic oils, although you can use them if you wish to prolong the life of your engine.

However, the 5W-20 oil should be used for regular maintenance purposes, as it is capable of helping reduce fuel consumption and provide better resistance to corrosion while also extending the overall life of your engine by protecting it from wear and tear.

What brand oil does Dodge recommend?

The MOPAR oil is specifically designed for Dodge Ram 1500 engines and is recommended by Fiat Chrysler, which owns the Ram line. It comes in both a 5W-20 as well as 10W-30 viscosity grade and meets all API requirements.

You can find it at any auto parts store, including NAPA Auto Parts or AutoZone. 

You can also use Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic or Shell Helix Ultra Full Synthetic oil. These two come in both 5W-20 as well as 10W-30 viscosity grades. In addition, both of these brands meet all API requirements.

Even though synthetic oils are a little bit more expensive than regular oils, they will help extend the life of your engine and ensure smooth performance without any issues.

How do I check the oil?

If you want to know how much oil is in your engine, then here are a few ways that you can check.

  1. Checking it visually: You can look at the dipstick and confirm the oil level.
  2. Checking it manually: You can remove the dipstick and check by hand to ensure that the level is in range.
  3. Checking it with a scan tool: You can use a diagnostic code scanner to determine if your oil pressure is within specification, which indicates that you have enough oil in your system.

Be sure to check the oil level before heading out on a long road trip. If you run out of oil, it could lead to serious engine issues.

What kind of oil filter should I use?

Aside from using Pennzoil, MOPAR, or Shell Helix engine oils, it is recommended that you also buy the MOPAR brand oil filter. Several brands make oil filters for the Dodge Ram 1500, but the MOPAR brand is your best bet.

A few notable mentions include AC Delco's spin-on filter and Fram's filter. Both of these can cause damage to your engine as well as decrease its lifespan, so it is not worth risking at all.

The MOPAR brand filters are available at any auto parts store, including AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts.

To ensure the best performance for your engine, it is recommended that you change the oil filter as well —at least once a year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

he presentation of Dodge Ram 1500 on the motor show. This vehicle is one of the most popular pick-up trucks in United States

How often should you change the oil on a 5.7 Hemi?.

To ensure peak performance from your 5.7 Hemi, you should change the oil at least every 10,000 miles provided the particular oil and filter are rated accordingly. 

However, if you drive your vehicle a lot, especially on rugged terrain where the engine is working harder than normal, it is wise to consider getting an oil change every 5,000 miles. 

The Ram 1500 also has an oil life indicator that will provide you with a recommended oil change interval.

There are a few signs to look for that indicate when you should change the oil. If your engine sounds louder than usual or doesn't sound right – this could mean that there is something wrong with it, and you should take it in for repairs.

If you see that your oil pressure is yellow – this could mean an issue with the sludge build-up, or it might be time to change the oil and filter.

You can check your oil level by checking the dipstick under the hood in case of any issues related to low oil pressure or sludge buildup.

How much is an oil change for Dodge Ram?

Typical labor rates for a DIY oil change are $40 to $50. This is not the same price at every auto parts store, so shop around to find the best deal in your area.

If you want someone else to do it for you, then plan on paying approximately $60-$70 or more.

However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so if you go to a cheap oil changing shop, you might end up with an inexperienced mechanic who will make mistakes and damage your engine.

Dodge Ram 1500 on the motor show.

Does Dodge cover oil changes?

Dodge offers oil changes, but you have to pay for them. Just because a dealer says that oil changes are included doesn't mean that they are fixed into the price of the vehicle.

Draining down old engine oil

In addition, you can also buy extended packages that offer free oil changes. These packages can vary in price but could be worth it in the long run. It is also nice to routinely take your vehicle to the dealer themselves because they are certified in that specific brand.

You can always change the oil yourself. Trucks are tall enough that they are easy to get under to change the oil.

However, it is important to remember that you will need a proper place to dispose of the used oil. This is where going to a mechanic or dealer comes in handy. Plus, you will know that you did everything properly.

How much oil does a dodge ram 1500 take?

RAM 1500 pick-up on unmade road

A Ram 1500 has four engine options, and each has specific oil capacity requirements as state below:

  • 5.7 Hemi (7 Quarts)
  • 6.2 Liter V8 (8 Quarts)
  • 3.6 Liter V6 (5.9 Quarts)
  • 3.0 Liter V6 Diesel (10.6 Quarts)

If you want to give your truck the ultimate protection, you should only use 5W-20 full synthetic oil, which meets API requirements (classifications SM/CC). For the EcoDiesel engine, you should consider using a 5w-40 full synthetic oil for ultimate performance.

But, again, you can consult with your dealer or contact Fiat Chrysler for more information on the recommended oils you can use. 

In closing

RAM 1500 Rebel stopped on unmade road, 3 Best Oil Options For Dodge Ram 1500

If you want to give your truck the ultimate protection, you should only use 5W20 full synthetic oil, which meets API requirements (classifications SM/CC).

Again, you can consult with your dealer or contact Fiat Chrysler for more information on the recommended oils that you can use.

By doing this, you can expect your Dodge Ram 1500 to run at its best for years!

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What oil do you use on your Ram 1500? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. Walmart super tec 0-20wt 20,000mil synthetic and a mopar oil filter #409 every 5,000 mil on my 2021 3.6 1500 ram big horn

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