Top 8 Compact Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

Discover the best of both worlds with our top eight small camping trailers equipped with bathrooms. These compact and easily towable models are perfect for solo adventurers or couples seeking the freedom of the outdoors without sacrificing home comforts.

Our selection features renowned trailers. Among them are the stylish Airstream Bambi and the innovative Happier Camper Traveler. Each one is uniquely designed with its own style, functionality, and coziness.

Let us help you find the ideal trailer that blends adventure with the comforts of home for your next journey.

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Compact Camping Trailers: Maximizing Comfort and Mobility

Compact camping trailers offer the best of both worlds. They provide ease of mobility and essential home comforts. This makes them ideal for cost-effective travel and diverse camping experiences.

These trailers are designed for efficiency. They have key amenities like kitchens and bathrooms, just like larger RVs, but in a smaller, more manageable size.

Their lightweight construction ensures they can be towed by various vehicles, broadening their appeal to a range of travelers.

Perfect for open-road enthusiasts who prefer to travel light, these small trailers dispel the myth that size equates to luxury. They offer a practical and cozy solution for adventurers.

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Safari Condo Alto: Lightweight Design Meets Versatility

The Safari Condo Alto, renowned for its lightweight build and flexible design, is an excellent choice for effortless towing. It weighs only 1,800 to 2,850 pounds. With lengths from 18 to 21 feet, it comfortably accommodates two to four people.

Its various floorplans cater to diverse needs, offering a perfect mix of resilience and comfort. Despite its Canadian origins, the Alto is readily available for American customers, enhancing its appeal to a wider audience of camping enthusiasts.

Its unique design is ideal for those seeking adventure without compromising on convenience and comfort.

Click here to check out more of the Alto on Safari Condo's website. 

Airstream Bambi: Iconic Style in a Compact Package

The Airstream Bambi is a shining example of elegance in the small travel trailer segment. Its 2021 model, known for its sleek design, combines practicality in a compact form.

With a single axle and weighing up to 3,900 pounds, it's an ideal choice for easy towing. Bambi offers four diverse floor plans, each designed to maximize comfort within its 16 to 22-foot length, catering to up to four people.

This travel trailer's adaptability makes it a perfect match for most SUVs and trucks, exemplifying convenience without sacrificing style.

Click here to read more about the Airstream Bambi on the Airstream website.  

Forest River RPOD: Spacious and Flexible Travel Trailer

The Forest River RPOD stands out for its versatility in the small travel trailer market, boasting over ten distinct floor plans. Select models feature innovative slideouts, creating additional living space.

With lengths varying from 19 to 25 feet and a weight range of 2,700 to 4,600 pounds, these trailers are designed for comfort and convenience. Each is well-appointed with essential amenities like a bathroom, queen-size bed, kitchen, and dinette.

Capable of accommodating up to four people, the RPOD is an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of compact design and functionality, ensuring easy towing and maneuverability.

You can click here to read more about the RPOD on the Forest River website. 

Winnebago Micro Mini: Compact Efficiency for the Road

The Winnebago Micro Mini, a gem in the small trailer world, offers a range of sizes from 19 to 25 feet, with a weight span of 3,200 to 4,500 pounds. This travel trailer, known for its lightweight single-axle design, features 12 unique floor plans.

Each layout includes well-designed bathrooms, kitchens, dinettes, and sleeping areas, catering to three to five people. This model stands as a prime choice for enthusiasts seeking a blend of compactness, comfort, and versatility in their travel adventures.

You can click here to read more about the Micro Mini on the Winnebago website. 

Jayco Feather Mini: Small-Scale Luxury on Wheels

The Jayco Feather Mini distinguishes itself in the compact travel trailer category with its four diverse floor plans, each featuring a bathroom. These models, ranging in length from 19 to 23 feet and weighing between 3,900 to 4,660 pounds, cater to varying needs.

Select floor plans include dual bedrooms, offering comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to four people. The Feather Mini is designed to maximize space efficiently, providing all necessary amenities in a neatly packaged, easy-to-tow design, ideal for those who value both comfort and convenience on the road.

Click here to explore more of the Feather Mini on the Jayco website. 

KZ Sportsman Classic: Ultra-Compact and Feature-Rich Trailer

The KZ Sportsman Classic shines as a top pick for those in search of ultra-compact travel trailers. It boasts an impressive selection of 11 floor plans, all featuring convenient bathrooms.

The highlight of this lineup, the 130RB model, is exceptionally compact at just 16 feet in length and a weight of only 2,190 pounds. Despite its small size, it comes equipped with a bathroom, kitchenette, versatile dinette, and a sofa.

Tailored for couples or small families, it accommodates two to five people and can be easily towed by most SUVs and trucks, making it a perfect choice for effortless traveling.

Click here to read more about the Sportsman Classic on the KZ website. 

Casita Spirit: Streamlined Travel in a Tiny Footprint

The Casita Spirit is a standout in the realm of small camping trailers, offering four unique floor plans, each featuring a well-designed wet bathroom.

Its compact size, available in either 16 or 17 feet, and lightweight structure, weighing between 1,970 and 2,480 pounds, make it exceptionally easy to tow. Most SUVs, vans, and trucks can conveniently haul the Casita Spirit, making it an ideal, cozy travel solution for small families or solo travelers.

This travel trailer combines convenience and comfort, ideal for those seeking a minimalist yet fully-equipped camping experience.

Check out more of the Casita Spirit on their website by clicking here. 

Happier Camper Traveler: Ultimate Compactness for Adventure Seekers

The ultra-compact design of the Happier Camper Traveler sets it apart as one of the smallest travel trailers with a bathroom.

This 14-foot-long trailer, with a modest weight of just 1,800 pounds, is remarkably easy to tow with a variety of vehicles, including vans, trucks, SUVs, and even some cars.

The Happier Camper Traveler's clever design maximizes its small space. It includes essential amenities like a kitchenette and a bathroom. This makes it perfect for travelers who value both efficiency and comfort.

Click here to read more about Traveler by Happier Camper on their website. 

Selecting Your Ideal Small Camping Trailer: Essential Tips and Factors

When exploring small camping trailers, consider these key factors for an optimal choice:

  1. Towing Compatibility: Ensure the trailer's weight and size match your vehicle's towing capacity.
  2. Layout and Space: Look for floor plans that suit your travel style and space needs.
  3. Amenities and Comfort: Check for essential features like bathrooms, kitchens, and sleeping areas.
  4. Budget: Balance your budget with the features you desire.
  5. Maintenance and Durability: Opt for trailers known for quality construction and ease of maintenance.

Proper care can extend the life of a small camping trailer, making it a lasting investment in your travel adventures.

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