What Are The Best Wiper Blades For Winter?

It's not unusual for people to change their windshield wiper blades before the winter season. If you are looking into purchasing new blades, you may find that they can be advantageous when it comes to dealing with frost, ice, and extreme weather conditions. We have researched the best wiper blades for the winter, and in this post, we will go over them.

Here are a few of the best wiper blades on the market today:

  1. Valeo 900 Ultimate Series
  2. Anco 30-Series Wiper Blade
  3. Michelin 8519 Stealth Ultra Windshield
  4. Aero All Season Voyager Wiper Blades

Winter driving can be rough on your vehicle, and it can be challenging when it comes to visibility. You may not realize the importance of a good set of wiper blades until it's time to drive during heavy snowstorms. Sometimes traditional wipers won't fit the bill; this is where winter wipers may. Continue reading to learn more about them.

A man checking and adjusting the blades of the car, What Are The Best Wiper Blades For Winter?


Best Wiper Blades For Winter

1. Valeo 900 Ultimate Series

The Valeo 900 series wiper blades are perfect for windshields ranging from 15 to 29 inches. The aerodynamics offered by these wiper blades allow for enhanced frost protection and a noise reduction of up to three decibels. The wipers feature a beam-style blade that's enhanced with sophisticated rubber technology.

These features provide a quieter and smoother wiping performance. They also have a frameless blade that has no metal structures--meaning that you don't have to worry about the fasteners or springs of the wipers becoming riddled with ice and snow. These all-season wipers are best for drivers living in areas where with extreme or long winters. 

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2. Anco 30-Series Wiper Blade

These winter blades by Anco are an affordable option if you are looking for durable wiper blades that will get the job done but won't break the bank. These dependable blades are made of Duraklear, a rubber compound that's super flexible and helps prevent wiping streaks.

This is a notable feature to consider if your windshield is prone to wiping streaks from consistent wiping. They are suitable for small to medium windshield sizes and in lengths from 11 to 24 inches.

The Anco blades also come with a Kwik-Connect feature for easy installation, and their heavy-duty frame ensures that they can stand up to everyday wear and tear during extreme weather conditions. These blades can be used all season or exclusively for the winter months.

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3. Michelin 8519 Stealth Ultra Windshield 

Michelin is a name that you instantly recognize when it comes to automotive parts and components. And these winter blades definitely stand up to the quality that you may expect with Michelin. These wipers feature a patented smartflex technology that adapts to your windshield curve for more efficient wiping and improved vision during heavy precipitation.

The stealth ultra blades will fit windshields ranging from 14 to 28 inches. They also come highly recommended for drivers who have trouble with blade clogging and freezing.

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4. Aero All Season Voyager Wiper Blades

This set of winter blades by Aero definitely deserve to be on the list of winter blades worth considering. These blades feature an asymmetrical rubber spoiler that helps them stay flat and move quickly in extreme weather conditions. They are also bracketless, so you don't have to worry about snow accumulating at the bottom of your windshield.

They also have an aerodynamic design to reduce drag while wiping and minimizing noise. These blades come with a 6-month warranty and are a bit less expensive than other premium blade options. So, if you are looking for a winter blade option that has decent quality and a reasonable price point, here is one to consider.

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Are winter windshield wipers worth it?

Many car owners consider winter windshield wipers worth it due to their durability and resistance to snow and ice. Summer windshield wiper blades are fairly light, typically made from natural rubber, and they generally don't take up a lot of room on your windshield.

A man adjusting the wipers of the car

On the other hand, winter blades are typically made from a heavy rubber material, have aerodynamic capabilities to reduce noise during fast wiping, and have a sturdier frame overall.

The thick rubber on the blades is helpful when it comes to preventing clogs from ice and snow. Overall, winter blades tend to perform better at keeping your windshield defrosted during times of heavy or constant precipitation.

How do I keep my wiper blades from freezing?

Keeping your wiper blades from freezing during the winter is essential to safe driving. There are a few effective ways that you can do this. Let's take a look.

Wipers turned on to remove snow on the windshield

Apply rubbing alcohol

One of the best ways to keep your blades from freezing is to use rubbing alcohol on them. For this method, douse a microfiber cloth or rag with rubbing alcohol and then wipe it over your vehicle windshield wipers. This will prevent them from sticking during times of heavy snow or ice, and it should also prevent freezing. However, it's worth noting that this is only a temporary solution.

Use Heated Washer Fluid

On the other hand, heated washer fluid can be a perfect solution for long road trips. You'll find this product available in areas of the country prone to severe winters, such as the northern and eastern states.

Heated fluid works by cutting through ice, snow, and any grime that your windshield may encounter on the road. It helps the windshields to stay ice-free.

However, there may be some temporary clumping that occurs from time to time. Some vehicles come with heated washer fluid as part of their vehicle package, while others can be purchased aftermarket. It's best to consult with your car's manufacturer or local dealer for more information regarding them.

Consider a De-icer Washer Fluid

De-icer washing fluid is a fluid that is chemically formulated to prevent ice from clumping on your windshield blades. You can purchase this de-icer fluid and your local auto repair shop or dealer.

De-icer can range anywhere from $10 to $20 and can be purchased by the gallon. Keep in mind that this solution works best when you're traveling locally at speeds slower than 40 miles per hour.

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Use Heated Wiper Blades

Heated wiper blades, also known as Everblades, are also a great solution to solve frosting or ice issues. These blades contain various calibrated heating elements that radiate heat throughout them when they're in operation.

The ends of these blades are made of silicone and help to prevent ice buildup and blade clogging. You can install the blade yourself in about half an hour with a few basic tools.

How can I defrost my windshield quickly?

Here are a few ways to quickly defrost your windshield.

Turn on the defrost

Turning on the defrost for your window shield is the quickest way to help remove ice. If there is a layer of ice, do not turn on your blades, as this can cause them to break.

Use rubbing alcohol

One of the quickest ways to defrost your windshield is to dampen a cleaning cloth with rubbing alcohol and apply it to the blades and the windshield. It's best to combine the alcohol with bottled water to save on the amount of alcohol that you'll have to use—a 1:1 ratio will suffice. You can also add a scoop or two of regular table salt to the mix to help with the defrosting process.

Apply saltwater

If you don't have any rubbing alcohol available, you can use any salt that you have on hand. This can be salt used for street cleaning or even everyday table salt. Simply mix 3-4 tablespoons of salt with 20 ounces of water and pour into a plastic spray bottle. Apply to the windshield and wipers as needed.

How do I get ice off my windshield when driving?

If you start to accumulate ice on your windshield when driving, the best thing to do is first turn on the defrost. If you can pull your car over to a safe location due to hazard conditions, do so. Next, use salt water, diluted rubbing alcohol, or de-icer to clear your windshield.

Is it bad to pour warm water on a frozen windshield?

Some drivers have been known to use hot water to clear ice from their windshield. However, this is dangerous, as it can cause your windshield to crack due to the extreme and student temperature change.

It's best to use your defroster or other methods to clear frozen windshields. You can reduce the risk of this by using warm water to thaw out your windshield instead of hot water.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this post has given you an idea of the brands and types of features available for winter windshield wiper blades. If you live in an area prone to long or heavy winters, these blades may be worth looking into.

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