What Is The Biggest Tire For A Stock Ford Raptor?

Tires are an essential part of the vehicle, and increasing your tire size can boost the car's handling, grip, and appearance. With the help of automotive experts, we will help you determine the biggest tire setup you can put on a Ford Raptor.

The largest tire you can fit on a stock Ford Raptor is 37 inches. You may still be able to fit a tire larger than 37 inches, but you will most likely run into some problems, such as tire rubbing.

Modifying your vehicle's tires is an exciting and great way to change the vehicle's appearance and performance. Still, like any other component, they are limited to a specific dimension before conflicting with other parts. For more information about the Ford Raptor, please keep reading below.

Largest Tires A Stock Ford Raptor Can Have

The Ford Raptor is an excellent truck that many people got excited about when Ford announced it for the first time. The Ford Raptor is like a Baja racer that you can drive daily. With plenty of Ford Raptor owners wanting to test their car's off-roading capabilities, they will first upgrade the tires.

Ford F150 Raptor wheel and tire

Getting a larger tire is a great way to increase the capability of a vehicle to traverse harsh terrain. A larger tire can help with grip, mainly off-road, since you have a broader area on which your tires can grip.

The largest tire size you can fit on a stock Ford Raptor without encountering any problems is 37 inches. A Ford Raptor already comes with a pretty large tire—35 inches, to be exact. But there is an option for the newer Ford Raptor wherein you can get a 37-inch tire setup instead of the stock 35-inch one.

If you choose an aftermarket tire instead of the one Ford offers, remember to keep the tire size below 37 inches. If you need a tire setup larger than 37 inches, look at lift kits to accommodate huge tires.

As you can see in the YouTube video below, you'll need a lift kit and spacers to install a wheel that is 38 inches or larger:

How Tall Is The Ford Raptor With 37-inch Tires?

How tall is the ford raptor with 37-inch tires

A vehicle's height is an important aspect to look at, no matter what purpose for which you use it. If you mainly use your vehicle for daily driving and your car is too tall, it may not fit in your garage, or this may bother you since you have to climb in and out of a tall vehicle all the time. The upside to this is you can clear deep snow or floods.

If you plan to use your vehicle for off-roading purposes, having a tall vehicle can give you many advantages when clearing rocks, water, snow, mud, and sand. You just had a 37-inch tire setup installed onto your stock Ford Raptor, and you want to know the total height of your car now.

A Ford Raptor with 37-inch wheels has a total height of around 80.7 inches, and you have a ground clearance of 13.1 inches. A tall truck can look good and be practical, but if you plan to keep it in your garage, ensure the garage door is more elevated than 80.7 inches so your vehicle can clear it properly.

37-inch tires are great for off-road since you will have a lot of clearance. It's a great thing that Ford offers an option of a 37-inch upgrade on the Raptor to replace the stock 33-inch tire.

Do Larger Tires Affect Gas Mileage?

Car mileage in the dashboard

Your vehicle's gas mileage is something you need to consider, especially if you drive it daily. So, yes, a larger tire setup will negatively affect your mpg.

Because larger tires are heavier and require more effort for the car to move (rolling resistance), the engine must produce more power, thus consuming more fuel.

In addition to a large tire, the tire type can add to the effect on gas mileage. If your large tires do not have a low rolling resistance like standard street tires, this may cause more friction or grip because they have a different thread pattern.

Remember to keep your tire setup within the size limit of your vehicle. A tire that your vehicle can't handle may cause more problems other than having bad mileage.

Are Raptors Wider Than F150s?

Ford Raptors driving on a two-lane road in the forest

Wide vehicles are now more common but are usually seen on SUVs, trucks, or performance variants of a specific model. The Raptor is wider than a base model F150.

A base model F150 has a width of 79.9 inches, while the Ford Raptor has a width of 86.6 inches. It's essential to know the width of your vehicle especially if you have a tight parking spot or have to go through narrow roads.

The Ford Raptor is like a buffed-up version of an F150. It is more powerful, has more high-end features, and has a different-looking exterior. With a wider body, the Ford Raptor can remain much more stable at high speeds or when off-road.

Raptors, the high-end or performance variant of the F150, will typically be wider. Their specs need to be modified due to the power upgrade or the introduction of a more extensive tire setup. Some people may think that a wider vehicle is better while others say it is not, but this depends on your needs or preference.

Check out both the Raptor and F150 in person to make a real-time comparison of the two vehicles to figure out which would fit you better. Sometimes a vehicle can look different in person, so it's best to see both.

Are Ford Raptors Fast?

Ford Raptor driving around streets

Ford Raptors are pretty fast for a truck. Raptors are a performance variant, which means there will be engine upgrades. A stock F150 has 400 horsepower at 6000 RPM and 410 pound-feet of torque at 4250 RPM, while a Raptor has 450 horsepower at 5000 RPM and 510 pound-feet of torque at 3500 RPM.

The Ford Raptor can reach 60mph from a stop in 7.8 seconds. This is impressive for a heavy truck. Unlike older models and competitors, the Ford Raptor has a twin-turbo v6 engine as its powerplant. Still, as seen on its specification, it has the horsepower and torque to compete with other performance trucks on the market.

For 2023, there will be a new Raptor called the "Raptor R," a more powerful version of the already powerful Raptor line. The Raptor R will have the same engine as the GT500. This engine is a supercharged v8 and will push out 700 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque.

Note that the engine specs of the Raptor R and GT500 will have different power outputs since the people at Ford Performance tuned the Raptor R for off-roading compared to the track-focused GT500. These two vehicles will still have the same engine, just different tunes.

Raptors are great trucks to own since you can use them any way you want—for hauling, towing, off-roading, track, and daily driving. One important thing to do when you get a Ford Raptor is to get the right set of tires for whatever you are going to use the vehicle.

In Closing

Ford Raptor in the quarry

The largest tire setup you can have on a stock Ford Raptor is 37 inches; going beyond this may require you to do a few modifications to the vehicle to avoid rubbing and other complications. A larger tire is excellent to have on a truck since this makes the cars more capable of going into harsher terrain.

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