What Are The Biggest Tires I Can Put On A Stock Bronco?

When it comes to truck-based, off-roading SUVs, the Ford Bronco is one of the most popular nameplates in the market. Many Bronco owners upsize the tires without any other modifications to enhance some of the vehicle's performance.

So what are the biggest tires that can fit on a stock Ford Bronco? Here's what we found below!

The latest Ford Bronco generation comes in several trims and an optional off-roading Sasquatch package that allows for a wide range of tire sizes.

On most non-offroading trims without the Sasquatch package, you can fit up to 32.8-inch tires without modification. With the factory Sasquatch package, you may be able to fit up to 37-inch tires.

Finally, on a stock Bronco Raptor, you may be able to fit 38 or even 39 inches, but you won't be able to take it off-roading.

Would you like to know more about your tire upsizing options for the Ford Bronco? Read on because we've included some possible minor modifications and terrain restrictions that will allow you to upsize the Bronco's tires even further.

Ford Bronco Bigger Tires

Since its debut in 1965, the Bronco has carried the Blue Oval automaker's name to the podiums of outdoor off-road races.

Even though Ford discontinued the Bronco nameplate after five generations in 1996, the American off-roading community welcomed its 2021 reintroduction with open arms.

True to its heritage, the 6th-generation Bronco is still a competent off-roading vehicle.  However, today's 4x4 enthusiasts are rarely satisfied with the ride height, stance, and traction that stock tires offer.

Hence, many Bronco owners try to upsize their vehicle's tires, even right after driving them home from the dealerships.

Changing to bigger tires is probably one of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve many vehicles' look and off-road performance. Of course, the size of the new tires is limited primarily by the wheel well clearance of the car.

So what are the biggest tires you can fit in a stock 6th-generation Ford Bronco?

The answer to this question varies depending on the trim and the presence or absence of the Bronco's off-roading Sasquatch package.

  • For the base and other non-Sasquatch trims, the Bronco can handle up to 32.8-inch tires without modification.
  • With the Sasquatch package, you can squeeze in some 37-inch tires.  However, some of these tires may rub against the fender or other steering and suspension components inside the wheel well.  With or without rubbing, however, you shouldn't take a Sasquatch Bronco off-roading anymore on 37 inches.
  • Some owners have tried fitting 38-inch tires without rubbing on the stock Bronco Raptor trim.  

The following sections will cover the tire sizes that you can fit into the 6th-generation Ford Bronco trims.

Part of an off-road vehicle on a dirt road with warm light

Will 33 Inch Tires Fit On Base Bronco?

As of January 2023, Ford offers the 6th-generation Ford Bronco in 10 trims.  Except for the Raptor, these trims come with the Sasquatch off-road package either as a standard or optional feature.

  • Base - optional Sasquatch package
  • Big Bend - optional Sasquatch package
  • Black Diamond - optional Sasquatch package
  • Outer Banks - optional Sasquatch package
  • Badlands - optional Sasquatch package
  • Heritage - Sasquatch package standard
  • WildTrak - Sasquatch package standard
  • Everglades - Sasquatch package standard
  • Heritage Limited - Sasquatch package standard
  • Raptor - Sasquatch package not applicable

Let's start with the trims that do not have the Sasquatch package in their standard version:

  • The base trim has 255/70/R16 stock tires.  These are 30.1 inches in overall diameter and 10 inches wide.
  • Big Bend trim has 255/75/R17 stock tires.  These are 32.1 inches in overall diameter and 10 inches wide.
  • Black Diamond trim has 265/70/R18 stock tires.  These are 32.6 inches in overall diameter and 10.4 inches wide.
  • Outer Banks trim 255/70/R18 stock tires.  These are 32.1 inches in overall diameter and 10 inches wide.
  • Badlands trim has 285/70/R17 stock tires.  These are 32.7 inches in overall diameter and 11.2 inches wide.

On the stock non-Sasquatch trims above, you can easily fit 32.8-inch tires with 11.2-inch tread width.  The following tire sizes are roughly equivalent and can fit without modifications.

  • 16-inch stock rims: 285/75/R16 - 32.8 inches overall diameter, 11.2 inches tread width
  • 17-inch stock rims: 285/70/R17 - 32.7 inches overall diameter, 11.2 inches tread width
  • 18-inch stock rims: 285/65/R18 - 32.6 inches overall diameter, 11.2 inches tread width

Please note that not all manufacturers produce tires with exact measurements as their published dimensions. Therefore, we recommend you measure before buying anything.

Will 35s Fit On A Stock Bronco?

You can fit 35-inch tires on non-Sasquatch Bronco trims, but these tires will hit the front and rear crash bars even when the wheels aren't turned at full lock.

Fortunately, some off-road enthusiasts found a way to make a minimal modification inspired by the Sasquatch package.

By removing the bolted-on crash bars (as Ford does for the Sasquatch package), you can fit 35-inch tires on non-Sasquatch stock wheels and suspension systems.

With the crash bars out, Bronco owners have found that the small 35-inches (315/70/R17, or 34.4-inch tires) won't have any rubbing problem even at the full lock - on paved roads and mild trails.

If you plan to do any severe off-road driving on non-Sasquatch trims, then we don't recommend going beyond 32.8-inch tires.

Bigger tires will fill out the wheel well and leave little clearance for any major flex or suspension play you would typically encounter, even on challenging terrains.

Can You Put 37s On A Sasquatch Bronco?

When Ford made the Sasquatch package available for the Bronco, many customers were delighted with the significant boost in off-road capability.

The Sasquatch package includes the following:

  • 1.2-inch lift
  • 2-inch wider track
  • 17-inch bead-lock-capable wheels
  • 35-inch mud-terrain tires (315/70/R17 - actual overall diameter of 34.4 inches and tread width of 12.4 inches)
  • Bilstein position-sensitive shocks
  • Dana front and rear electronic locking axles with 4.7 final drive ratio
  • High-clearance fender flares

The Sasquatch package comes standard with the Wildtrak, Heritage, Heritage Limited, and Everglades trim. The 1.2-inch suspension lift helps the Sasquatch Broncos accommodate the 34.4-inch tires even on more challenging off-road terrains.

If you don't plan to take a Sasquatch Bronco on the trails, you can fit 37-inch tires without any rubbing problems, even at full-wheel lock.

Check out this video detailing the fit of 37" x 12.5" BFG All-Terrain tires on 17-inch wheels.

Bronco Raptor Tire Size

In early 2022, Ford announced the debut of the Bronco Raptor - the most powerful and street-legal Ford Bronco ever.

The Bronco Raptor comes with specialized off-road technology and hardware to conquer grueling competitions such as Ultra4 Racing and Baja rock crawling.

The Bronco Raptor comes with 37" x 12.5" all-terrain tires wrapped around 17-inch wheels straight out of the factory.

However, these massive tires- currently the largest tires on any production SUV in America - are still not enough for extreme off-road customizers.

Ford has not released any official measurements regarding the amount of suspension lift that the Bronco Raptor has.

2022 Ford Bronco display at a dealership. Broncos can be ordered in a base model. What Are The Biggest Tires I Can Put On A Stock Bronco

Based on the factory specifications, the Raptor trim has a wheel travel of 13 inches in front and 14 inches at the rear for extreme off-roading. Therefore, the Bronco Raptor's wheel well clearance can still take on larger tires.

Because the Bronco Raptor is still relatively new, not a lot of owners have reported upsizing their tires on a completely stock setup.

However, we found some Bronco Raptor enthusiasts' forums where some members have reportedly tried 38 or 39-inch tires without any rubbing issues during street driving.

Off-road driving, however, will not allow Bronco Raptor owners to upsize their tires without adding a suspension lift.

As a baseline, however, we know that non-Sasquatch Bronco owners customize their rides with 6" to 7" suspension lifts to accommodate 40-inch tires for actual off-road driving.

2023 Ford Bronco Price

Now that the Ford Bronco is back in production, many American 4x4 enthusiasts are flocking to Ford's dealerships to check out the return of the Blue Oval's most rugged SUV nameplate.

Here are the starting prices of the 2023 Ford Bronco trims, accurate as of January 2023:

  • Base - entry level off-roading - $ 32,295 for 2-door, $ 36,445 for 4-door
  • Big Bend - "mainstream" off-roading - $ 36,285 for 2-door, $ 38,275 for 4-door
  • Black Diamond - "adventure" off-roading $ 38,950 for 2-door, $ 40,940 for 4-door
  • Outer Banks - "stylish" off-roading - $ 41,855 for 2-door, $ 44,445 for 4-door
  • Badlands - extreme off-roading and rock crawling - $ 45,095 for 2-door, $ 47,385 for 4-door
  • Heritage - classic design with modern off-road capability - $ 44,305 for 2-door, $ 46,295 for 4-door
  • WildTrak - high-speed off-roading - $ 52,780 for 2-door, $ 54,320 for 4-door
  • Everglades - best for off-roading with water fording - $53,895 for 4-door
  • Heritage Limited - classic design with more features and capability - $ 66,895 for 2-door, $ 69,185 for 4-door
  • Raptor - elite off-roading performance and technology - $ 73,780 for 4-door

The 2.7-liter Ecoboost V6 engine comes at a $1,895 premium over the base 2.3-liter 4-cylinder Ecoboost. 

Moreover, the Sasquatch package will add approximately $5,000 to $6,500 to the sticker price, depending on the trim and body type.

Ford offers many more customizable options for the seats, interior equipment, driver-assist technology, wheel design, roof design, towing package, and many others.

Extreme off road tour in a forest. Water splash in off-road racing. What Are The Biggest Tires I Can Put On A Stock Bronco

To Finish

When upsizing the 6th-generation Ford Bronco's tires, you'll need to consider three different groups.  First, stock non-Sasquatch trims can handle up to 32.8-inch tires.

Second, Sasquatch-equipped trims can handle true 37-inch tires, but not for off-road driving. Finally, Bronco Raptor trims can fit up to 39-inch tires for paved-road driving only.

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