What Are The Biggest Tires You Can Put On A Stock Tundra?

The Tundra is the largest truck in Toyota's current lineup. It is common for owners to want to put on larger aftermarket tires, but what size tires can fit on a Tundra? With the help of automotive experts, we are here to determine the largest tire size you can fit on a stock Toyota Tundra.

The largest tire size you can put on your stock Toyota Tundra is 33 inches. Though the vehicle will look amazing on a 35-inch tire setup like its American competitors, you will encounter some rubbing that requires removing a few parts. You can remove a few vehicle components to accommodate 35-inch tires.

Rubbing is not suitable for the tire and the vehicle since it can be damaged if left unattended. For more information about the Toyota Tundra, keep reading below.

Largest Tire That Will Fit On A Stock Tundra

Toyota Tundra tuning shop in North MIAMI Florida

Tire size is essential to consider when modifying your vehicle since this can positively or negatively affect your ride. A larger tire is excellent, but every car has a limit unless you make extensive modifications to the wheel well.

The largest tire setup you would want on a stock Toyota Tundra is 33 inches. While you can technically install a 35-inch tire on the truck, we don't recommend it. You can go forward or backward without any problems, but when you start to turn, you'll notice rubbing.

The front mud flaps, mount, and body lining will be rubbed with 35-inch tires. This can cause damage to your truck since they are screwed in together and may cause you to tear out the lining or bumper clips.

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro CrewMax 2022, What Are The Biggest Tires You Can Put On A Stock Tundra?

A solution to fit the 35-inch tire is to make more room. You'll have to remove the mud flaps and any other component that your tire rubs.

If all is clear, your vehicle can now run 35-inch tires without any problems and with a stock suspension setup. But take note that Toyota recommends you use the same factory tire size, 32.5 or 33 (265/60/R20).

Here is a YouTube video of a 35-inch tire setup on a Toyota Tundra:

Do Leveling Kits Hurt Your Suspension?

Leveling kits are addon components you install so the front end of your truck is level with the rear. These kits are great if you want your truck or vehicle to look leveled instead of having a slight slope at the front end.

Leveling kits do not harm your suspension if installed correctly. However, improper installation may cause extensive wear on your truck's suspension and damage it.

It is best to have the vehicle's suspension torqued and checked after the first 500 miles of the installation. After that, have the vehicle suspension retorqued and checked every 5,000 miles, or whenever you have an oil change. This will help maintain the leveling kit and suspension.

Do Lifted Trucks Ride Rougher?

A lifted truck can have a rougher ride since many factors are affected by the change in vehicle height. Lifting your truck may change the center of gravity of your vehicle.

You may notice that your vehicle is unstable while taking corners since you are much higher off the ground; higher vehicles typically lose stability. One way to counteract this is to get a larger and wider wheel.

Another problem you may face is vibrations at high speeds. Lifting your truck puts pressure on the driveshafts. If you are experiencing a lot more vibrations after installing a lift kit, you need to see a mechanic that can find a remedy. Often, this means installing custom-length CV axles or pinion wedges.

Do Lifted Trucks Burn More Gas?

Yes, lifted trucks do burn more fuel. Their worst fuel mileage is caused by the vehicle's overall height and the components that usually accompany it.

A lifted truck faces more air resistance, which will cause your vehicle to exert more effort. You may notice that other cars are lower to the ground and have body lines that help redirect air, making them more air resistant; trucks don't have that; they are usually big and square.

Another factor that makes lifted trucks burn more fuel is the components, specifically larger tires. A larger tire has a wider surface area, and your vehicle must exert extra effort to get the wheels going.

Do Lift Kits Increase The Value Of Your Truck?

Image of a modified Toyota Tundra for off road trail and towing use

A lift kit can increase the value of your vehicle, but do not expect it to come close to the original price you bought your truck. It is essential to know how to correctly price your lifted truck if you ever choose to sell.

Most of the time, selling a used car means you can't get the same price you purchased it from, but if that vehicle has aftermarket parts, this can help increase its resale value. That's why some people remove aftermarket parts on their vehicles before selling since they cost a lot of money.

If you leave an aftermarket part on your vehicle, like a lift kit, your vehicle will cost more than a car that's the same model but is bone stock. Note that just because your vehicle has a lift kit does not mean it will raise the value automatically.

A truck with a lift kit practically installed can fetch a higher resale price compared to a car that has an impractical lift kit; this means that the kit makes the car look good and does not sacrifice performance. Another factor is the brand; the more known they are, the more they hold value.

Are Lifted Trucks Better In Snow?

Toyota Tundra goes fast on a snowy field

Driving on snow can be tricky since there is a possibility of you getting stuck. Lifted trucks are better at driving on the snow than stock trucks because of their height.

A higher car gives you an advantage when driving on the snow since you can clear deeper snow. Even some trucks get stuck in deep snow, especially at stock height.

The higher the vehicle means you have a better field of view on the road; this is an advantage since snow can make it harder to see what is in front of you. If you're higher, you have a better chance of seeing it.

If you lifted your truck, you would have gotten aftermarket wheels; these wheels will help you get more traction and help you traverse snow. Some truck tires offer deeper threads which help in traction and braking.

Is It Better To Buy A Truck That's Already Lifted?

Customized pickup truck Toyota Tundra presented at the Ural Motor Show.

There are many things to consider before buying a vehicle, like model, brand, and purpose. Some people may already know what they want through research or past experience.

If you already know what you want and have done the research or even owned a lifted truck, then the answer is yes, it would be better to get a pre-lifted truck. A pre-lifted truck is less prone to any problems.

Getting a brand-new truck that is pre-lifted means the manufacturer has inspected it to ensure it is roadworthy. It is also safe to say that they will only use parts compatible with your truck.

But if you are still getting familiar with lifted trucks, you should wait to get a pre-lifted one. It is best to do more research on it since there is a chance that it is not for you.

A better thing to do is borrow one from someone you know to get a feel of what it is like to drive a lifted truck. Once you drive a lifted truck, you will know what you like and don't like.

Playing it safe is better than regretting your decision; you can always get a lift kit for your truck in the future. It's best to modify a car after you get a feel for it. This way, you can shape it into exactly what you want!


Getting larger tires for your truck is an excellent modification since this can increase the looks and performance of your vehicle, but remember that there is a limit on how large you can safely go. 33 inches is the limit for a stock Tundra, and 35 inches is the limit for a stock Tundra with some components removed.

A lifted truck has many advantages and disadvantages. Some disadvantages are that your vehicle has higher fuel consumption and may run rough, while one advantage is the truck will hold up better in uneven terrain.

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