What Are The Biggest Tires That Fit On A Stock Polaris Ranger?

Polaris Rangers are vehicles for the hunt, trail, and farm. So, what are the biggest wheels that can fit them? We've searched the net, and here are the answers we found.

The tires you can fit on a stock Polaris Ranger are 28 or 29 inches. You can fit bigger tires (up to 30 inches) if you add a-arms and wheel spacers. However, your UTV can handle the biggest 33-inch tires with upgraded clutch springs.

To get the most out of your UTV, you should put the right tires for your terrain. Read on as we expound on how big the tires can get and why.

polaris rzr xp 900 efi utv on the middle of the mountains, What Are The Biggest Tires That Fit On A Stock Polaris Ranger?

How Big Can Polaris Ranger Tires Get?

When searching for the biggest tires for Polaris Ranger, you must consider the terrain you frequent. The tire size should fit in your UTV without rubbing the vehicle's chassis.

The largest tires you can get for a Polaris Ranger are 33-inch ones. For ideal performance, you'll need to do a block setup, which means having all four wheels the same size. Stock Polaris Rangers come with 25, 27, or 29-inch wheels, so bumping up the wheel size helps increase performance on rough terrain.

Look at this video to see the transformation when the tire size increases.

Available Tire Sizes For A Stock Polaris Ranger

Some stock Polaris Rangers come with 29-inch tires on 14 inches wheels, which have good ground clearance. These tires have good traction and handle rough terrain superbly.

You can upgrade your UTV with 30 inches tires on 14 inches, but you must add wheel spacers. The spacers help the tire clear from the chassis and avoid scratching; the A-arms have to be adjusted too. But with the latest Polaris Rangers, you don't have to because they have suitable A-arms.

The largest available tires for a stock Polaris Ranger are the 33-inch ones. These are the big guns, but you must make substantial changes for your Polaris Ranger to handle these monster tires. Before mounting the tires, you must upgrade your UTV's primary clutch springs and weights.

Please note, stay moderate with tires on your UTV; otherwise, you will lose power and control of your vehicle. Proper installation and correct upgrades will make the UTV easy to handle.

How To Change Stock Polaris Tires To A Bigger Size

2 polaris ranger on the car park

Changing tires on a stock Polaris Ranger might also require changing the overall diameter. Although you might change the tire size, the diameter can remain the same.

Remember to ensure that you have enough clearance between the wheel walls of the vehicle and the tires. Leave 10 to 20 millimeters for rough terrains without scraping the tires. The tires must have the exact size rims to avoid wobbling and poor wheel control. You'll need to adjust the A-arms, clutch springs, and weights.

Now to change the tires on your stock Polaris Ranger you should:

  1. Take measurements of the tires before purchasing them.
  2. Remove the old tires and old springs. Use the proper machinery and follow all safety measures.
  3. Straighten the tires and check if they are balanced. Then turn them to ensure they don't touch the wheel well. But if they do, add A-arms to increase the distance. 
  4. Make any additional changes to the tire alignment. Once you have finished this process, that's all! Your UTV is ready to hit the road. 

Check out this video for an up close and personal demonstration.

changing tires 

Are Lift Kits Necessary When Installing Bigger Tires?

Yes, they are!! Especially if you want tires 32 to 35 inches on your UTV. A-arms do an excellent job of adding clearance, but bigger tires need more clearance which lift kits can only provide. 

Lift kits come in all sizes, reposition the shocks, and push the suspension further down. Once the suspension is pushed down, the Polaris Ranger rises, creating a bigger wheel well. 

Small lift kits increase the wheel well by two to three inches, while big lift kits increase the well by four or more inches. To fit 33-inch tires, you'll need a small lift kit for a stock Polaris Ranger which is inexpensive and have little impact on your vehicle's suspension.

Have a look at this lift kit on Amazon.

Are Stock Polaris Ranger Tires All The Same Width?

It isn't mandatory but for the UTV's proper performance, ensure that the tires are the same width. If you use your UTV only for leisure, then you can have different size tires.

However, if your Polaris Ranger carries a heavy load and drives through extremely rough terrain, it has to have the same size tires. It helps balance the vehicle and gives more torque and smooth wheel maneuvering. Moreover, different size tires wear out at different rates, limiting the vehicle's performance.

Do Large Tires Void The Stock Polaris Ranger's Warranty?

brand new polaris ranger on the parking lot

Any modifications that are within the permitted norms of the stock Polaris Ranger won't void your warranty. However, if the alterations meant to improve your UTV don't perform as expected, you might have to cover the cost of repairs.

If the manufacturer proves that these improvements caused deterioration, it voids the warranty. Consult your dealer and user manual and stay within the authorized improvements, including the tire sizes, to ensure your warranty remains valid.

Categories For UTV Tires

The standard tires for UTVs are radial and bias, but these two come in subcategories that you can pick for the intended use of your UTV. You will find bigger tires for a stock Polaris for rugged terrain, mud, competition, sand, and all-terrain categories. Their tread surface features differ, and some are more aggressive than others.

Please note that rugged and all-terrain are more popular because they have better traction and can be used for work and leisure. Their engravings help grip the surface properly without putting too much strain on the wheel.

Do Larger Tires Help Stock Polaris Ranger Ride Smoother?

The aspects that make a ride with a UTV smoother are related to the tires. The PSI and the weight of the tires play into a smooth ride, even on rocky surfaces. Surprisingly, a lower PSI gives you a wider footprint, meaning more traction.

Tires with a lot of pressure do not absorb shock properly, and you risk damaging the wheel and not just the tire. Moreso, the tire's tread affects its performance at different PSI levels. Sand tread tires with low PSI with have poor traction on clay soil. You should pay attention to the tire brand as well.

What Are The Factory Tire Sizes Of A Stock Polaris Ranger?

close up polaris ranger front wheel

The basic tires for a Polaris Ranger are 27-inch tires with 12 to 14-inch rims. Most Polaris Rangers have larger front tires than rear ones. However, later models have the same-size tires because manufacturers feel they have better traction. But Polaris manufacturers are yet to adopt this as only Polaris Ranger owners replace the tires with the same size.

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How Much Do Large Tires Cost?

The cost of the tires depends on the dealers and the tire brands you wish to acquire. Generally, all-terrain 30-inch tires cost about $250 for a piece, with a set of four 32-inch tires costing about $1,450. The above prices differ immensely from dealer to dealer, but ensure that you purchase approved accessories from approved dealers.

Do Large Polaris Ranger Tires Require Electronic Power Steering?

When you install large tires on your stock Polaris Ranger, you will need to control it better. You can manage the UTV better by installing an electronic power steering. The EPS kit is an expensive upgrade, but it helps drivers steer their vehicles with better precision.

Proper steering control is crucial in challenging terrain on low-speed and longer rides. Once you install the electronic power steering kit, you won't tire quickly when on the road working or for leisure. For the best results, have a professional install this kit because it has a warranty.

Rounding Up

polaris rzr xp 900 efi utv on the middle of the mountains

To pimp your stock Polaris Ranger, you can change its tires to 28 or 29-inch. If you want more ground clearance, go for 30-inch tires. The largest tires you can have on your stock Polaris Ranger are 33-inch tires, but you must upgrade the A-arms and clutch springs to avoid damaging them.

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