What Are The Biggest Truck Campers?

A truck camper on the road, What Are The Biggest Truck Campers?Truck campers are some of the most convenient RVs to take camping. While a traditional camper is pulled behind a truck, a truck camper is usually slid into the back of a truck. This allows you to go more places and fit into tighter spaces because of how compact your camper is.

Even though it may seem like you cannot fit very much into the bed of a truck, companies have gotten creative. We've done the research and found the biggest truck campers, so you can see what it's like to push truck camping to its limits.

The biggest truck campers are:

  • The Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL
  • The Northstar 12 STC
  • The Arctic Fox Camper 1150
  • The Eagle Cap 1200
  • The Overlander

Keep reading below as we explore each of these campers deeper and answer frequently asked questions.

The Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL

The Granite 11RL is a modern, beautiful camper both on the outside and inside. It slides into the bed of your truck provided your truck can handle this big of a cargo load. By itself, the camper weighs just over 3,700 pounds.

It has a full kitchen, and it's equipped with a large refrigerator, microwave, sink, oven, and propane stovetop. Across from the kitchen is a dining area with two benches and a table. On top of that, is has a complete half bath with privacy door as well as a dedicated bedroom space with a full-size mattress.

The Northstar 12 STC

The layout of the 12 STC is more closely related to a camper you pull behind your truck rather than one you slide in. Entering from the side, the first thing you notice is your very own full bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.

You also have a large refrigerator, a double sink, oven and stovetop, and a wrap-around booth for a dining table. You also have a dedicated space for sleeping fixed above the truck's cab. This separate area for a bed is standard for truck campers of this size.

The Arctic Fox Camper 1150

This camper's updated looks give it a touch of luxury. With recessed lighting and hardwood flooring, you'll feel like you have a whole new world in the back of your truck. Like other truck campers this size, the Arctic Fox 1150 comes with a microwave, oven, stovetop, and even a ventilation fan.

It is equipped with a dedicated bed space, plenty of storage, and a full bathroom that is much bigger than most. This camper slides out on one side to give you more room for your large dining table, or an optional bunk bed.

The Eagle Cap 1200

The Eagle Cap 1200 is one of the largest truck campers you can buy on the market. With many sides either sliding or sticking out, this camper comes out to just over 100 square feet. It has one of the largest living spaces, complete with two theater-seating recliners and a sofa. The L-shaped kitchen adds to the open concept of the space, and you can even get a 32-inch LCD TV that's mounted nearby.

The Eagle Cap 1200's bed is unbelievably massive, able to fit an entire California-king mattress. Of course, this amount of luxury would not be complete without a full bathroom strategically placed near the center of the room so you can access it quickly no matter where you are.

The Overlander

Finally, we have the Overlander. This truck camper is in a class of its own. Unlike all the other campers, this is not a camper you can purchase and place in the back of your truck.

When you purchase an Overlander, you are also purchasing a brand new Ford F-550. The manufacturing company takes the F-550 and keeps only the cab. Instead of having a bed or flatbed, the camper is built onto the back of the truck. This allows for much more space, higher ceilings, and access to the cab from the camper all while maintaining the size of a big truck.

The Overlander is completely customizable and uses the most luxurious items, making your truck camper feel like a 5-star hotel. The kitchen comes with everything you would expect; it's a full kitchen that could put an apartment to shame. The bathroom is the biggest we have seen with a shower, toilet, sink, and standing room.

The living room has a large couch that could sleep one person and a dining area that could easily fit up to four people. This is all-terrain, luxurious camper is ready to take you anywhere and give you all the comforts of home while doing it.

What Are The Best Truck Campers?

The best truck camper for you depends on how much money you are willing to spend. There are tons of great brands and campers out there for people on a budget, but also plenty for those who can afford to pay as much as a house.

If you are looking for a large truck camper that is more affordable, the Northstar 12 STC may be perfect for you. However, if you're looking to experience breathtaking beauty both inside and outside of the camper, the Eagle Cap 1200 is perfect.

Of course, we're not stopping there. If you don't mind purchasing a truck with the sole purpose of using it for truck camping then there is nothing more luxurious than the Overlander.

How Much Does A Slide-In Truck Camper Cost?

Again, this all depends on what you are willing to pay. The Northstar 12 STC is priced at just over $40,000. This price provides you with plenty of room, a reliable camper, and everything you need to camp in style in the bed of your truck.

You can find cheaper options out there. This is especially true if you are okay with buying a used camper. Unlike regular homes, a camper is a home that is a depreciating asset. This means if you buy a truck camper that is a few years old you will get a much better deal than buying it new. Going this route, you could definitely find one for under $10,000 if you look hard enough and are willing to compromise a bit.

If money is no object, be willing to pay a small fortune for your truck camper.  You can pay upwards of $65,000 or even $75,000 for a decked-out Eagle Cap 1200 truck camper. Others even get close to $100,000.

If buying the biggest and the best is more your style, you could always spend $250,000 on the Overlander. This price is based on the biggest model you can buy, which is the one discussed in this article. We understand this price is out of most people's budget, which is why there are plenty of other affordable truck campers to choose from.

What Trucks Can Carry A Camper?

This all depends on how big your camper is. Since there are thousands of options for truck campers, chances are you can find a camper that will fit almost any size truck. For the most part, truck campers are built for full-size pickups (1/2 ton trucks and larger). So avoid trying to fit a camper in small trucks.

If you're looking for a serious truck camper with a lot of capabilities, you are going to want to invest in a 3/4 or 1-ton truck. Ford and Ram are some of the most popular companies to make these kinds of trucks.

If you are looking for the biggest possible truck camper, you may need either the Ford F-450 or F-550.

In Closing

Truck campers are like the crossovers of the RV world. There is so much you can do with a relatively small amount of space in a truck camper, and some of the biggest ones really do a fantastic job. Whether you are buying a used truck camper for $10,000 or going big and splurging on the Overlander, you are making a great investment for years of fun and adventure on and off the road.

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