Buick Envision Auto Stop Not Working—What To Do?

Recent years have brought many innovations to your vehicle that make your ride safer, more entertaining, and efficient. The Buick Envision Auto Stop was designed to lower your fuel costs over time. You may be wondering what you can do if this feature stops working. We have thoroughly studied different scenarios and have found solutions.

The Buick Envision Auto Stop feature will stop your vehicle's engine when you have come to a stop. It is designed to start up again once your foot leaves the brake. If you have problems with your Auto Stop feature, check for the following common causes.

  • An incorrect or faulty battery
  • The temperature is too low
  • Auto Stop has been disabled

It can be frustrating when your vehicle's features don't perform as expected. We'll break down each of these reasons for your Auto Stop not engaging. Keep reading as we discuss how you can fix this issue. We'll also tell you how you may be able to disable the feature for your Buick.

A brown Buick Envision at a car show, Buick Envision Auto Stop Not Working—What To Do?

Why Is The Auto Stop Start Not Working On Buick Envision

The Engine Start Stop system or ESS works by detecting the conditions when you stop your car, and if the conditions are favorable, it will engage. Your engine will completely turn off. Once your foot leaves the brake pedal, your car should start up again. Several factors may affect your ESS and keep it from engaging.

An auto start system of a car

An Incorrect Or Faulty Battery

If your vehicle has an incorrect or faulty battery, it may not be getting enough charge. Most vehicles in recent years use an intelligent battery system or monitor. This system will shut down features like Auto Stop to preserve battery and also as a safety measure. This may be the most common reason your car engine is not stopping when it should.

Consult your owner's manual to ensure you have the correct battery for your vehicle. Vehicles that utilize ESS technology will need a battery designed to function this way. These batteries are often referred to as Stop Start batteries.

See an example of a battery for a 2021 Buick Stop Start system on Amazon.

Make sure the battery is not too old. Your battery should be replaced every three to five years for best performance. You may also check your battery's strength at your nearest auto parts store or with a store-bought device.

This scanner can check your vehicle system for potential issues and read your battery system to determine if it's time for a new battery.

Click here to see this diagnostic scanner on Amazon.

The Temperature Is Too Low

The outside and inside temperature of the car can also indirectly affect the Auto Stop function. Manufacturers have built comfort settings into their vehicles. If too much power is needed to keep the fans running to maintain these settings, the Auto Stop feature might be disabled.

This is also true if your engine becomes too hot. In any situation where extra power would need to be engaged, ESS will disable so that your engine system stays running to regulate the temperature.

Auto Stop Has Been Disabled

If you have purchased your vehicle from a private party, the feature may have been somehow disabled. Check the diagnostic port to ensure there is no device overriding the feature. You may also want to take your vehicle to an authorized dealer to assess your system to see if any modifications have been made.

Other factors that would disable the Auto Stop feature would be loose or open doors unfastened seat belts or driving in a gear other than Drive. Other features like Park Assist have been known to interfere as well.

What Years Of The Buick Envision Have Auto Stop?

A black Buick Envision at a car show

 The Buick Envision started featuring ESS on select engines beginning in 2016. For the 2021 models, on all trim levels, it now comes standard.   In 2020 models, Buick Envision began featuring an Auto Stop button. The button can be used to enable and disable the Auto Stop feature.

Does Auto Stop Save Fuel?

Though consumers feel that the amount of gas saved with this feature is not worth the complications of having the system, Auto Stop Start systems are reported to conserve fuel by anywhere from three to ten percent. Someone who commutes longer distances in stop-start traffic could translate into tangible savings. 

Can You Shut Off Auto Stop On Buick Envision?

Even though these systems can help save on gas, many consumers look for a way to disable it permanently. If you have a 2020 or newer Buick Envision, you can shut off the Auto Stop temporarily during your drive by pressing the button located on the center front console, as shown in this video.

What Is An Auto Stop Eliminator?

Auto Stop Eliminator is the name of a device sold by TRL Automotive that learns your preferences for the Auto Stop function so that you do not have to press the disable button on newer models. It does not completely stop it from working rather it should learn how you personally use this function.

In models older than 2020, some consumers have bypassed the Auto Stop function by installing other plug-and-play devices. This device plugs into your vehicle's diagnostic port to override the ESS system.

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This Auto Stop eliminator or override works by plugging into the system under the hood of your car. Users should find it relatively easy to install and remove. The manufacturer recommends the larger cable for older Buick models and the shorter cable for newer Buicks. Buick owners are encouraged to consult the retailer directly to get the right size.

Click here to see an example of an Auto Stop Eliminator on Amazon.

What Is The Warranty On A Buick Envision?

Before you install any after-market devices, you'll want to check your warranty information and consult the retailer to make sure the device does not make any permanent changes to the vehicle's information systems. Installing any aftermarket product runs the risk of voiding warranties or service plans.

Buick Envision currently comes with a three-year, 36,000-mile limited warranty. You can purchase a five-year, 60,000-mile limited powertrain warranty that includes roadside assistance and courtesy transportation.

For more information on your warranty, contact your dealer or sign up online in the Buick Owner Center for individual information on whether your vehicle is still under warranty and what it covers.

Buick Envision Won't Start After Auto Stop, What To Do?

A gray Buick Envision at a car show

If your Buick doesn't start when you remove your foot from the brake, there are a few things to try to get moving again. Sometimes simply shifting the gear will get it to start up. If you are in a traffic-heavy situation, place your foot on the brake and turn off, then turn on your vehicle.

If you have room in front of the vehicle and are not on a busy road, you can try shifting into neutral. Your Buick may start up automatically just by switching gears.

If you continue having problems with your Buick Envision not starting after the Auto Stop, there may be other factors affecting another system. To read more about reasons your Buick might not be starting, see our article on another Buick vehicle, "Buick Enclave Won't Start—What Could Be Wrong?"

In Conclusion

A brown Buick Envision at a car show, Buick Envision Auto Stop Not Working—What To Do?

Now that we've discussed the reasons why your Buick Envision Auto Stop might not be working and what you can do about it, you'll be able to pinpoint the issue and continue enjoying your ride. Make sure to study your owner's manual before making any changes and consider your fuel savings before disabling this feature.

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