Can A Car Be Stopped Remotely?

As a car owner, you may have had an unfortunate experience of losing your car to robbers and may be wondering if your car could be remotely halted. Fortunately, we have consulted experts in this field, and here is what they have to say.

A car can be stopped remotely with the help of remote disabling systems. With these systems,  authorized users can prevent a car's engine from starting or slow down the car's operations. This can be very helpful in the case of theft.

There are factors that should be considered when stopping cars from a distance. Keep reading to get detailed information about controlling a car remotely.

Woman locating her car on mobile phone and trying to remotely stop the car, Can A Car Be Stopped Remotely?

Can A Car Be Stopped Remotely?

Many dealerships include kill switches in their vehicles so they can be remotely turned off when a customer fails to make a payment.

The device is linked to the vehicle's engine and can be operated remotely by the dealer. The power is usually turned off several days after a payment is missed. 

However, before the kill switch is engaged at the control center, several warning and flashing indicators signal the impending shut-off. In that instance, the driver should know something is off with the vehicle.

Some vehicles are equipped with several built-in tracking devices so the engine can be turned off when stolen. Companies like OnStar help authorities locate stolen vehicles thanks to a built-in global-tracking gadget.

Technique Used For Stopping A Car Remotely

There aren't many techniques used to disable a moving car. With power brakes and steering, anything that causes the engine to stop may cause the driver to lose control or come to a halt in an unsafe location. Most remotely controlled anti-theft devices disrupt a car's movement. 

Some expensive vehicles have a valet mode where a high percentage of horsepower is weakened. Stopping power to the gasoline pump when the automobile comes to a halt would work.

However, it isn't completely safe. You would have to collect statistics on vehicle speed. In a duty cycle, turning the fuel pump on and off would diminish fuel rail pressure, causing the engine to perform badly. To keep the vehicle from stalling, it would need to be fine-tuned.

You can disable the foot sensors from the computer in modern throttle-by-wire autos. When this is done, the engine would idle, allowing the thief to use the power brakes and steering, but cannot accelerate. There are a couple of ways this could result in an accident, but it's the best in-motion option.

The telecommunications unit (TCU) could receive permitted orders to disable the vehicle through the over-the-air cellular signal. When the car stops completely, send an ignition off instruction to the CAN bus.

Woman using her phone gps system while driving a car

This can be repeated until directions to cancel the condition every time the engine restart is received. There may be other ways to safely urge the motorist to stop the vehicle, such as progressively lowering the maximum controlled speed over time.

Can A Tracker Stop A Car?

GPS trackers are small electronic devices that allow owners of vehicles to track and monitor their vehicles. Real-time GPS trackers for cars can provide real-time speed and location data, while less expensive solutions save the data for later use. 

GPS and GPRS tracking module for bike and car

GPS trackers mainly serve as a deterrent to a car and may not be able to stop the car. When a vehicle is stolen, a GPS tracker can be used to locate it.

The GPS tracker is what sets the vibration alarm. You can use the remote power-off to prevent the car from being stolen when a message is received from the device.

Companies, governments, and black hat operatives can shut down any linked equipment in this digital age if it is connected to the Internet. It is a known danger, and you will have to decide whether the risk is worth the benefit.

Does A Car Come With A Tracker?

Most modern vehicles come with some type of location tracking technology. But owners are usually informed about this with lots of documents that have detailed information about the technology.

You can also decide not to link your smartphone with the entertainment system to prevent sharing your data or other information with your vehicle.

A car that has a navigation system usually has a GSP receiver that may not function as a tracker.

For some monitoring systems like the one Onstar installs, the vehicle may have a GPS receiver and modem that sends information to the monitoring organization. The data is sent only on request.

Does GPS Work When A Car Stops?

GPS is equipped with an electrical receiver circuit for receiving satellite signals. These circuits are usually battery-powered.

However, If a GPS tracker has its battery, it will continue to do its work as long as the battery can last. Some GPS trackers can run in reduced power mode for weeks and even months. Others that rely solely on automobile power, would abruptly halt after transmitting their current location.

While the device is small, it packs a punch when it comes to power and functionality. The devices have an internal memory for storing data, and a backup battery is a SIM card for connecting to the Internet.

Man holding a mobile phone while driving his car and looking at GPS map

The device collects data from GPS satellites and uses it to determine its location. It then uses the GSM cellular network to transfer the data to the server. The information received from the tracker is subsequently processed and securely stored by the server.

Where Are Tracking Devices Installed In Cars?

Private city Car Honda Jazz Hatchback

A tracking device can be fixed anywhere in a car especially if it is powered by a battery. But most old tracking systems get their power from the main battery of a car.

The tracking device should be well embedded so it cannot be easily removed. There is usually a SIM card that helps the device have wireless communication.

It is not advisable to remove this SIM card without consulting a professional technician or the car's manual.

What Is Starter Interrupter?

A starter interrupter is a device that allows a vehicle to be remotely disabled. This happens when the payment of auto loans isn't made.

The car remains disabled until payment is made. The repossession team uses a GPS component to locate the vehicle.

The starter interrupter has different models. Considering the different models, it can obstruct the spark plug or the engine sensors. The switch is usually in a closed position when the circuits are also closed, which allows the motor vehicle to operate normally. 

How Starter Interrupter Works

The starter interrupter is designed to process a code to be entered when the vehicle's engine is started for the first time in each payment period. For every new payment you make, a new code is provided.

If a payment is missed, the old code is disabled, and the vehicle will not be able to function until a new payment is made. 

A starter interrupt device is positioned when a vehicle is purchased using a dealership loan. The user receives a code that allows the car to be started the first time it's driven, and it's usually a long period.

The user receives a notification or reminder that a new payment should be made, and a new code must be obtained to enable continuity of operation. 

Access to the SID software through a website application and an updated file is received when payment is received. The system provides a unique code for the customer to use when starting the vehicle.

The device usually resets to the payment due date and leaves the vehicle ready for another pay period.

Can Tesla Remotely Shut Down Car?

Person sign in on the Tesla account with a car in background

Using the Tesla app, you can control your vehicle by starting its engine, unlocking it, as well as finding its location.

If a vehicle can be controlled with an app, there's no doubt that Tesla, with its ability to send software updates and with proper access to computer permission, can control a car at any time.

Tesla does this when inappropriate activities are noticed. This in turn reduces the risk of losing a vehicle.

To Wrap Up

Cars can be remotely stopped using the right devices, either a tracker or a kill switch. So there is a greater chance of keeping a vehicle from thieves and recovering it when stolen.

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