Can A Chevy Suburban Pull A Travel Trailer?

Traveling with a travel trailer in tow is a great way to see the country. If you are considering a Chevy Suburban for your towing needs and want to know if it's suited to pull one behind it, you'll want to read this post. We researched this popular SUV from multiple professional sources so that you will have a definitive answer.

The 2021 Chevy Suburban is capable of towing between 7,400 and 8,300 pounds behind it, depending upon the engine option. As there are many models of travel trailers that weigh less than these amounts, the Chevy Suburban is capable of pulling a small or medium size one safely behind it.

Now that we know that the Chevy Suburban can safely tow travel trailers of a certain weight behind it, we'll take a look at some of the best travel trailers to pair with this SUV. You might also be wondering if all Suburbans come equipped with a tow package or if Chevy makes a heavy-duty version of this vehicle. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

A Chevy Suburban moving down the road in Miami beach, Can A Chevy Suburban Pull A Travel Trailer?

How Much Can a Chevy Suburban pull?

The amount of weight the Chevy Suburban can safely pull behind it ranges from 7,400 pounds to 8,300 pounds. The reason for this range is due to there being multiple engine options, trim levels, and drivetrain configurations.  Whether or not you have the Max Trailering  Package equipped with your SUV will also make a difference in how much it can tow.

The following is a complete breakdown by engine option:

5.3L V8 Engine

  • 2WD can tow up to 7,800 pounds
  • 4WD can tow up to 7,600 pounds
  • 2WD equipped with Max Trailering package can tow up to 8,300 pounds
  • 4WD equipped with Max Trailering package can tow up to 8,100 pounds

6.2L V8 Engine

  • 2WD can tow up to 7,700 pounds
  • 4WD can tow up to 7,400 pounds
  • 2WD equipped with Max Trailering package can tow up to 8,200 pounds
  • 4WD equipped with Max Trailering package can tow up to 7,900 pounds

3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel Engine

  • 2WD can tow up to 8,000 pounds
  • 4WD can tow up to 7,800 pounds
  • 2WD equipped with Max Trailering package can tow up to 8,000 pounds
  • 4WD equipped with Max Trailering package can tow up to 7,800 pounds

Be diligent in knowing not only the towing capacity of your tow vehicle but also in the combined weight of what you are towing behind it. Exceeding the towing capacity will not only create a risky situation on the highway, but it will greatly damage your Chevy Suburban.

Too much weight in tow will damage the tires, suspension, frame, transmission, and other vital parts of your SUV.

Do All Suburbans have a Tow Package?

The Max Trailering Package will give the Chevy Suburban the ability to tow another 500 pounds. This package does not come standard with the Suburban. It has to be purchased as an add-on at the time your vehicle is ordered. 

Towing heavy amounts of weight puts a lot of strain on any vehicle. The stress will create an undue amount of heat that will damage the engine and transmission, should the vehicle be towing more than it's rated for. A towing package solves this problem by offering some alterations to the vehicle, allowing it to pull more weight behind it.

A larger radiator allows for the engine and transmission to work harder without the fear of overheating, solving that problem. This package will also equip the Suburban with a hitch view, a trailering brake, and an advanced in-vehicle trailering system.

Best Travel Trailers to Pull Behind your Chevy Suburban

While you might typically think of a heavy-duty pickup truck when it comes to towing a travel trailer, many models of SUVs are more than capable of towing some homes on wheels behind them. When it comes to the Chevy Suburban, we've selected some of the best model travel trailers that are not only great for the money but will be able to be safely towed behind this model SUV.

KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer

With seven floor plans to choose from, this travel trailer from KZ Sportsman is a great choice for cross-country adventures. The maximum unloaded weight is just over 2,800 pounds, making it far under the maximum towing capacity of the Chevy Suburban. This KZ Sportsman model sleeps between three and five adults, depending upon the floor plan selected.

There is an onboard air conditioner and a furnace for cold weather traveling. The retractable awnings make for great summer nights at your favorite camping locations. 

Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailer

The R-Pod travel trailer from Forest River is a compact unit that packs a lot on board. With a sleeping capacity of two to four adults, the R-Pod has an air conditioner with a whopping 13,500 BTUs. This RV also has a retractable awning and hardwood cabinet fronts.

Seven different floor plans will make the weight of this travel trailer vary, with a maximum weight coming in under 2,900 pounds. Even fully loaded, you'll be able to safely enjoy this model paired with your Chevy Suburban.

Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

Topping the scales in this post is the Passport travel trailer from Keystone. This pull-behind has more than 30 available floor plans, which make the gross vehicle weight range between 3,160 and 6,926 pounds. The Passport is the roomiest of all the travel trailers we've discussed for the Chevy Suburban, offering a total sleeping capacity that will vary between four and ten adults. 

An onboard heating and cooling system, interior LED lighting, and a multi-unit speaker system add some great creature comforts to this travel trailer. The larger bathroom and double-door refrigerator lend to camping with more guests. 

What SUV is best for towing a travel trailer?

Automakers produce a variety of SUVs each model year. While there are many similarities among SUVs in each class, some are made to be better than others at certain tasks. Towing is certainly one of them.

For a full-size SUV, the Ford Expedition has the largest towing capacity. According to Kelley Blue Book, if properly equipped with Ford's towing package, the Expedition will be able to tow 9,300 pounds behind it. This is more than the nearest in its class by 800 pounds, as the Nissan Armada is the runner-up with an 8,500-pound maximum towing capacity.

When looking for a prospective vehicle to tow a travel trailer, be sure to examine what the maximum towing capacity is both with and without a trailering package. Depending upon what you plan to tow, you might not need the upgrade. But being aware of just how much one can add to the maximum weight you can tow is valuable information to have.

Does Chevy Make a Heavy-Duty Suburban?

A heavy-duty option for an SUV would give the consumer a vehicle with more power and payload capacity, as well as more towing ability. A tougher and more durable vehicle would certainly give an SUV consumer more of an edge when it comes to long trips with a lot of people and gear aboard. 

According to Auto Trader, Chevy began producing the Suburban 3500 in 2016 and is still making them to date. However, this heavy-duty SUV is manufactured as a fleet vehicle and is not available in the new car market to consumers. 

You will be able to find a Chevy Suburban 3500 in the used vehicle market. But be aware that used fleet vehicles can have accumulated a lot of mileage. If you can locate one for a reasonable price, be certain it has undergone all required maintenance under the previous owner.

In Conclusion

A Chevy Suburban moving down the road in Miami beach

The Chevy Suburban is a great way to see the country with a travel trailer in tow behind it. There is a lot of travel trailers that are light enough to be pulled behind this popular SUV, with enough variety between them for you to find one that is best suited for your family's needs. Should you be looking for a new or used Suburban for towing, be sure to find out if it is equipped with the Max Trailering Package.

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