Can A Chrysler Voyager Pull A Trailer?

The Chrysler Voyager is a great van that gets good gas mileage while accommodating 7 to 8 passengers. However, does it have enough pep in its step to tow a trailer? If so, how big of a trailer or camper can it tow? We have researched to give you some examples of its towing capabilities.

The Chrysler Voyager is the perfect car for people who need to tow their small trailers. With 3,600 lbs towing capacity and 1,725 lbs of payload space, you can easily transport your trailer or small camper with this six-cylinder engine that generates 287 horsepower.

Well, would you look at that the Chrysler Voyager can do even more than we thought! Want to know what are good travel trailers to consider? Keep reading as we discuss our small camper recommendations for the Chrysler Voyager!

A Chrysler Voyager moving on the street, Can A Chrysler Voyager Pull A Trailer?

Campers the Chrysler Voyager Can Tow

To keep your Chrysler Voyager safe on the road, make sure you secure any heavy payload. Cargo should be safely secured in a way that doesn't allow weight shifting during acceleration, braking and cornering, so every bit of torque from these movements helps stabilize the vehicle instead of causing it to lose control or stability.

Now let's take a look at some campers that it can tow!

Campers Under 2,000 lbs

Here is a list of campers under 2,000 lbs. This is a good weight to ensure that your Chrysler Voyager won't have any issues when towing.

  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 207
  • Riverside RV Retro
  • Jayco Hummingbird
  • Cricket Camper
  • Scamp Travel Trailer
  • Roulotte ProLite
  • Aliner Ascape
  • Armadillo Trailers
  • InTech RV Luna

These are all great small campers that your Voyager can tow. However, you must read your owner's manual and make sure you properly hook up your trailer before towing.

Also, having a good towing package is essential when towing. So keep reading as we discuss the Chrysler Voyager's towing capabilities further!

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What is the towing capacity of Chrysler Voyager?

Chrysler Voyager is popular because of its multipurpose capability. In fact, it can handle much more than you expect! The Chrysler Voyager is a spacious vehicle with an impressive towing capacity of up to 3,600 lbs.

That makes it a great family car that is perfect for towing small trailers or campers. It comes with a 3.6 L V6 engine, which generates 287 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque to tow your heavy trailer and cargo.

Keep in mind that to tow with the Chrysler Voyage, you will need a towing package. Unfortunately, the towing package doesn't come standard in the Voyager and will need to be installed by the local dealer or a local mechanic.

How do I know if my vehicle has a tow package?

If your vehicle has a tow package, you will tell by how it looks under the vehicle. If there is no base for the hitch, then it does not have a tow package installed. You can go to the back of your vehicle and see if there is or isn't a towing package on the van. If you don't see a hitch, then there isn't a towing package.

If you do not have a tow package and are still interested in towing with your Chrysler Voyager, it could be possible if you install an aftermarket trailer hitch.

To find out if you have a towing package or not, check your owner's manual. If it does not state that your car has a towing package and you'd still like for it to tow, then an after-market trailer hitch might be the best option for you to go with. You can also contact your local dealer if you still can't figure whether you do or don't have a tow package.

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How much weight can a Chrysler Voyager carry?

The Chrysler Voyager offers more space than any other minivan on the market. This means that it can hold up to 1,725 lbs inside of it in cargo and passengers! That's also how much payload capacity this vehicle has too. So when you want to go camping with your family, this vehicle will not disappoint.

Keep in mind that this is your carrying capacity. To ensure that you are safe on the road, make sure you secure any heavy payload. Cargo should be safely secured in a way that doesn't allow weight shifting during acceleration, braking and cornering, so every bit of torque from these movements helps stabilize the vehicle instead of causing it to lose control or stability.

How does a Chrysler Voyager's towing capacity compare to other minivans?

The Chrysler Voyager has one of the highest towing capacities on the market, which is clear evidence that it was designed for people who need a strong vehicle. But, unfortunately, vans are not necessarily known for their super strength or amazing tow capacity.

What's the difference between Chrysler Voyager and Grand Caravan?

The 2020 Voyager has been redesigned from the ground up. The vehicle is a rebadged version of Pacifica’s lowest two trims but still, it debuted for the 2018 model year – nearly 10 years after Grand Caravan. While the platform and styling are fresher than its predecessor, this new design also changes what we know about minivans in general: they can be more stylish without compromising their versatility or functionality!

The Voyager car has a much more spacious interior design than the Grand Caravan. In addition, the 7-inch touchscreen is compatible with both Apple and Android, unlike the 6.5-inch screen that can’t be used for either one of these systems onboard as it stands now.

There are also major differences when looking at legroom in second-row seating – there is just so much extra room to move around. Plus, you get way more cargo space regardless of how many people are riding or what kind of configuration your vehicle comes equipped with (i.e., all seats up versus third seat down).

The Chrysler Voyager offers more horsepower and a smoother transmission than the Grand Caravan. However, while both vehicles share the same engine, it is clear that even with roughly equivalent power outputs, there are some significant differences between these two vans.

What is the Grand Caravan's Max Towing Capacity?

The grand caravan has a towing capacity of 3,600 lbs, the same rating as the Chrysler Voyager. The towing capacity for both vehicles is high enough that they will tow most of the smaller boats on the market and your RV with ease!

The only downside here is that there are no special features specifically made with this in mind, like a Trailer Backup Assist or anything of the sort.

Purchase a Chrysler Voyager Tow Package

Chrysler does offer an optional tow package for the Chrysler Voyager, but you do not have to get it if you will be pulling an RV or large trailer with this vehicle. However, depending on your needs and the towing you plan to do, we recommend going for a tow package.

It is extra peace of mind on the road, making your towing experience safer and smoother.

The addition of these features could make all the difference while you are out camping with friends or family, too! In addition, it will help to ensure that your Voyager tows smoothly and safely for years to come.

Chrysler Voyager Tow Options

With the addition of a tow package for your vehicle, you will be able to assist your driving as needed. The Chrysler tow packages come with a backup camera, trailer brake controller, and some other features that could come in handy while you are on the road.

These options make it easier to hook up and unhook your trailer and assist you with backing up. In addition, the trailer brake controls will help you slow down the vehicle without worrying about hitting something, and the backup camera is a great feature if you need it.

When towing, you are limited by the speed capabilities of your trailer. The speed limit is usually posted on the dashboard of your car. If it isn't, there should be information in your owner's manual or hitch manual.

Speed limits are different depending on which engine you have in your vehicle. Speed limits will also differ depending on what kind of trailer you have hooked up to your car when towing. For example, a trailer with a weight rating of 3,000 lbs will follow the same rules as a heavier 4,000 lb trailer so long as they both have the same level of function and capability.

In Closing

If you are looking for a minivan that can tow campers under 3,000 lbs, the Chrysler Voyager is an excellent choice. This vehicle has more horsepower and cargo space than its predecessor while still offering ample room in second-row seating and legroom. In addition, the 2020 Voyager offers some of the best safety features for towing with trailer brake controls and backup camera options.

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