Can A Ford Ecosport Tow A Travel Trailer?

If you are looking for a smaller vehicle to tow a travel trailer, you might have been made aware of crossover SUVs. Smaller than their mid-sized counterparts but still bigger than a sedan, these model vehicles can tow a good amount of weight behind them. Should you be considering the Ford EcoSport for towing a travel trailer, we can help. We researched the EcoSport from multiple professional sources, so you'll know exactly what it can haul behind it.

The Ford Ecosport is capable of towing a small travel trailer behind it. The towing capacity of this vehicle ranges between 1,400 pounds and 2,000 pounds, depending on whether or not you choose the two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive configuration.

This range of towing capacity will allow for you to tow the following popular travel trailer models:

  • TAXA Outdoor Tigermoth Travel Trailer
  • Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer
  • Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer
  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Travel Trailer
  • Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer

Now that we know that the Ford EcoSport can pull smaller model travel trailers behind it, we'll look into more detail about some of the best models that it can tow. You might also be wondering if the Ford EcoSport is reliable or which model of this car is the best. How long will the EcoSport last? How much weight can it pull? For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered. 

Ford EcoSport on a parking. This model is the smallest sport utility vehicle from Ford on the European market, Can A Ford Ecosport Tow A Travel Trailer?

How much weight can a Ford EcoSport pull? 

As noted earlier in this post, the Ford EcoSport is capable of towing up to 2,000 pounds. Each of the four trim levels of the EcoSport has the option of the four-wheel-drive configuration. Should you select this option, you will be able to tow 2,000 pounds behind you safely. But if you opt for the standard two-wheel drive, your towing capacity will be reduced to only 1,400 pounds. 

Let's look into more detail at each of the model travel trailers we listed above.

TAXA Outdoor Tigermoth Travel Trailer

This popular travel trailer from TAXA has two floor plans available. The lightest one has an unloaded weight of only 900 pounds. It is the most lightweight weight travel trailer listed in this post. It will sleep two adults comfortably and has a small kitchenette on board.

On the outside of this model, you'll find an attached bike rack and cooking grill. There is also a solar-powered shower tent. 

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer

The seven-floor plan options for the Forest River model have a weight range of 1,133 pounds to 3,161 pounds. Depending upon the layout you select, it will sleep between two and four adults. 

A 20,000 BTU furnace and combination stove/grill compliment this model travel trailer.

Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

The Jayco Hummingbird has eight-floor plans to choose from. The weight of this travel trailer ranges between 1,545 pounds and 2,990 pounds. To tow this safely behind your Ford EcoSport, you'll need to have the four-wheel-drive configuration. In addition, you'll need to make sure that a suitable floor plan is selected so that you are under the 2,000-pound towing capacity.

External power sources, a tv bracket, and power awnings make this a comfortable home in rugged territory. Inside, you'll find LED lighting, a comfortable bed, and plenty of counter and cabinet space. 

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Travel Trailer

With a weight range of 1,133 to 3,161 pounds, you can find a floor plan that would make this Forest River model safe to tow behind your Ford EcoSport. The 11-foot model will sleep two adults and is a compact but comfortable way to travel.

Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer

Finally, we have the Ascape from Aliner. This travel trailer has five available floor plans, ranging in weight between 1,170 and 1,630 pounds. The lightest weight model can be safely towed behind a front-wheel-drive Ford EcoSport, but you'll need one with a four-wheel-drive to tow the other four options. 

On board, you'll find a television, refrigerator, and a comfortable bed that will sleep, two adults. A blue tooth soundbar is a nice touch that adds a great audio experience. 

What can I tow with a Ford EcoSport? 

The Ford EcoSport has a maximum towing capacity that will range between 1,400 and 2,000 pounds. In addition to lightweight travel trailers, there are many other items that you can safely attach to this vehicle. These would include:

  • Flatbed trailer 
  • Jet ski
  • Motorcycle
  • Small boats

No matter what you are towing with your Ford EcoSport, you'll want to make sure that the combined weight of the trailer and everything on board is under the towing capacity of your vehicle. Exceeding the towing capacity can pose a severe safety hazard to you and those you share the road with.

If you haul more weight than your EcoSport is capable of, it can make braking more difficult, as well as make your vehicle harder to control. 

Towing too much weight will also put undue strain on your engine, radiator, and transmission. This can cause these vital parts to wear out prematurely or fail altogether. You'll also put more stress on your suspension system, tires, and brakes. So be sure of the weight you are considering towing before you ever attach anything to your EcoSport's trailer hitch.

An truck tows a nice boat down a desert highway

Is the Ford EcoSport reliable?

J.D. Power and Associates rates the 2020 Ford EcoSport with an overall reliability of 83/100. This places this model above average among other small SUVs. The ratings for the 2021 models have yet to be determined. 

Despite the reliability, U.S. News rates this small SUV poorly in other areas. The 2021 model was ranked at #19 in its class, which is near the very bottom. This low ranking was due to the weak engine, less than comfortable interior, and a lack of onboard features compared to other compact SUVs. 

Ford All new EcoSport car running on the mud road i

How long will a Ford EcoSport last?

Determining just how long a Ford EcoSport will last on the road hasn't led to any definitive answers. As this model SUV made its U.S. debut in 2018, the long-term outlook on how many miles you can expect from the EcoSport is a bit murky.

Consumers have reported that some pretty severe mechanical issues begin to arise after it reaches the 100,000-mile mark. But so far, there haven't been any widespread recalls by Ford for any problems that would impact the length of time it will be on the road.

Remember that you'll need to take certain steps to ensure that your Ford EcoSport reaches any high mileage milestone. Any vehicle will need to have certain maintenance items performed on a routine basis so that you can keep it driving smoothly.

Your Ford EcoSport owner's manual will detail each of the maintenance items and provide what intervals each item should be performed at. These will include:

  • Regular oil and oil filter changes
  • Tire rotation
  • Air filter change
  • Fuel filter change
  • Suspension system inspection
  • Timing belt/change inspection
  • Brake and brake line inspections

A young mechanic is smiling to camera as he works on a car in a garage repair shop. He is wearing blue overalls. He is fixing the brake discs on the front driver's side of the vehicle.

Which model of EcoSport is best?

The 2021 model Ford EcoSport has some of the best on board features when compared to past models. This is especially true with the SES trim level. 

On board, you'll find a heated steering wheel, heated seats, and an eight-inch touch-screen infotainment system. The addition of a powered moonroof compliments the interior of the EcoSport.

Outside, you'll find sturdy roof racks, LED headlamps, and heated exterior mirrors. The black belt-line molding and upper grill help to give the EcoSport a sharp appearance. 

Modern crossover Ford EcoSport stopped on a road. This model is the smallest sport utility vehicle from Ford on the European market.

In closing

While small in size, the Ford EcoSport can tow a surprising amount of weight behind it. Smaller travel trailers can be towed safely by this compact SUV, so long as they weigh less than 1,400 pounds if being towed by a front-wheel-drive model, or less than 2,000 pounds if your vehicle is built as a four-wheel-drive.

Take proper care of the EcoSport by performing routine maintenance, and it should last at least 100,000 miles. Drive safe!

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