Can A Hyundai Accent Tow A Trailer?

Are you planning to go camping, and you’re wondering if your Hyundai Accent can haul a camper for you? Or perhaps you’re headed to the beach, and you’re wondering how many jet skis you can take with you? Well, wonder no more because we have the best answer right here for you.

The short and simple answer is, yes, it can. Depending on the year and model, the Accent has a towing capacity between 1,500 to 2,000 lbs. If the Hyundai Accent is properly equipped, it can tow lightweight campers and trailers. 

However, there are factors that you need to consider before planning to have your Hyundai Accent tow something for you to ensure that your adventure does not end up in a disaster. We have all the information you need to know in the succeeding sections. Read on!

Hyundai Accent. One of the best-selling models of Hyundai Motor Company, economy class, Can A Hyundai Accent Tow A Trailer?

Can a Hyundai Accent tow a trailer?

A Hyundai Accent can tow a trailer, of course. However, a vehicle’s ability to tow anything is dependent on its towing capacity. The towing capacity is how much weight your Hyundai Accent could pull safely and legally.

Safety reminder

Never make your Hyundai accent pull more than its maximum towing capacity. Doing so could cause the trailer to swing or swerve and pull at your Accent and cause it to lose control. Swinging and swerving could lead to an accident.

A reminder on towing laws

It is also important to know the towing laws of your state and your destination—in case the two aren’t the same. Some of these towing laws have different guidelines on the different aspects of towing a trailer—or whether a passenger car is allowed to tow one or not.

Your Hyundai Accent may be able to tow a trailer, but if the law in your state or destination prohibits cars from towing trailers, then you wouldn’t be able to.

What is the towing capacity of Hyundai Accent?

Hyundai Solaris car (Accent) in a shopping center parking on a cloudy day

Now that we've talked about safety and state towing laws, it's time to talk about the towing capacity of a Hyundai Accent.

Hyundai Accents from year model 2000 to year model 2006 have a braked towing capacity of 1,543 lbs. This value improved to 1,763 lbs for model years 2007 to 2010. The 2011 model year and onwards had an improved braked towing capacity of 2,204 lbs.

What is braked towing capacity?

Car and Driver defines braked towing capacity as the maximum weight that a vehicle can pull if the trailer being towed has its own braking system. Most camping trailers are equipped with their own braking system.

What is unbraked towing capacity?

This value represents the maximum weight that the vehicle can tow if the trailer does not have its own braking system. This is normally lower than the braked towing capacity.

What does your Hyundai Accent need to tow a camper?

travel on car with caravan trailer by highway

Knowing that your Hyundai Accent can tow a camper and the maximum weight it can pull doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. Your Hyundai Accent doesn’t come pre-equipped with any towing equipment out of the factory.

Tow hitch

The first thing you’d need is a tow hitch—also known as a trailer hitch. It is a structural component that is bolted to your Hyundai Accent’s chassis. It provides a coupling point to connect the trailer to your Hyundai Accent.

The tow hitch costs anywhere between $100 to $200 to be installed professionally.

Check out the Curt 11250 Class 1 Trailer Hitch, compatible with Hyundai Accent. See it on Amazon with his link.

Brake controller

A brake controller connects a trailer’s electronic braking system to your Hyundai Accent. Campers normally have their own braking systems. And the brake controller allows the braking system of the camper to synchronize with your Hyundai Accent’s own braking system.

Without a brake controller, your Hyundai Accent’s own braking system might not be enough to decelerate both your car and the camper fast enough to avoid accidents.

Brake controllers can cost approximately $250, including installation.

The Tekonsha, 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control could work for you. See it on Amazon, here.

Tow Bar

A tow bar connects to the base plate of the trailer on one end and to your Hyundai Accent through the tow hitch on the other end.

There are many types of tow bars. Select the tow bar that is most compatible with your Hyundai Accent and with your camper.

Suspension augmentation

When towing a trailer, the trailer's weight has a large impact on the rear wheel and suspension of your Hyundai Accent. Too much weight on the rear can cause your Accent to sag at the back.

You can prepare your Hyundai Accent by installing a suspension enhancement kit to reduce sagging at the back. Additionally, your improved suspension will give you a smooth ride on the way to your campsite.

Safety chain

A safety chain maintains the connection between your Hyundai Accent and your camper in case the primary connection is damaged or disconnected. The pins, screws, or bolts can come loose while in transit, and your trailer can get disconnected from your Accent unless you have a safety chain in place.

Moreover, some state towing laws require your trailer to have a safety chain between your Accent and the trailer.

What campers can a Hyundai Accent pull?

After the list of all the equipment you need to tow your own trailer, the next thing you need would be a list of campers that your Hyundai Accent can pull.

The campers below are by no means exhaustive. We focused on campers that are lightweight and have something unique to offer you.

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SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer

The SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer is a gear hauler and camper with its own equipment rack. The SylvanSport Go has a dry weight of only 840 lbs or just over 380 kg.

The equipment rack can carry boats or bikes on top. The gear deck at the bottom can carry gear and has an unexpanded height of 17 inches. The gear deck can be expanded to a height of 48 inches. At this height, it can carry additional bikes, equipment, or even a quad bike.

It has a tent pod that expands and converts the entire trailer into a tent. Up to four people can sleep inside the tent.


Polydrop is a small camping trailer that can keep its occupants comfortable regardless of the season. The P17 Essential variant has a dry weight of 820 lbs or just under 373 kg.

It is solar-powered with its own 1.2 kWh solar batteries. This gives its occupants access to electricity even in the middle of nowhere.

It has built-in Bluetooth speakers and a control panel that controls the air conditioner, heater, and LED lighting. The back of the Polydrop opens into a kitchen. There is a pull-out induction stove, storage drawers, fridge, and sink. It also has a large cooking counter with four LED lights for illumination. It also features a water pump and a shower.


The MyPod is molded from 100% fiberglass over a sturdy frame. This makes it light at just 760 lbs or 345 kg. This weight makes it a perfect match for small cars or an EV.

It has an entertainment system, air conditioner, window shades, and it can supply 110 volts. It can easily be connected to a tent to extend the living area. You can carry a bike or a surfboard on the roof.

Happier Camper HC1

The HC1 is another camper trailer that is made from 100% fiberglass. It is molded over a handcrafted hull. Its floor is made of a fiberglass honeycomb grid for extra structural strength. It has a dry weight of 1,100 lbs or 500 kg.

The unique feature of the HC1 is modularity. The interior of the HC1 can be customized to suit your various needs at various times.

It can be customized to become a camper or hauling equipment. It can even be configured to become a guest room, a mobile office, a retail space, a farmers’ market booth, a mobile espresso bar, or all of the above! Reconfiguration of the interior is very simple, and it takes only minutes to complete.

The modular components of the HC1 can also be used as outdoor furniture. It is made of rugged materials that can survive any weather.

The HC1 comes in three different packages. The packages have different modular components that you can use to customize the interior. Think of these modular components as large Lego blocks.

Aliner Ranger 10

The Ranger 10 looks like a small house with wheels that are reminiscent of the spade in a deck of cards. It comes in three different sizes. The equipment is standard in all the different sizes.

The Ranger 10 has a weight of 1,225 lbs or 556 kg. It is designed for remote camping and with plenty of natural lighting. It has two different floor plan options. The Ranger is configured once upon purchase instead of on the go like the HC1.

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Hyundai Accent. One of the best-selling models of Hyundai Motor Company, economy class, Can A Hyundai Accent Tow A Trailer?

The Hyundai Accent can tow trailers. However, its maximum towing capacity is dependent on the year model, with newer models having a higher towing capacity.

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