Can I Add 8th Seat To Toyota Sienna?

You might want to add an eighth seat to your Toyota Sienna, but you're wondering if it is possible. Fortunately, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Yes, it is possible to add an eighth seat to Toyota Sienna. All you have to do is install an infant or booster seat in the second row so the car can accommodate up to eight passengers. Alternatively, order a jump seat and install it in the second row. But this is not an option for all models.

Installing an eighth seat to Toyota Sienna is not as difficult as it seems. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to add another seat to your car.

Can I Add 8th Seat To Toyota Sienna? 

 Toyota RAV-4, rear passenger seats in modern car, side view

You can convert a seven-seater Sienna van to an eight-seater by adding one more seat. This can be done without the help of a professional. It is possible to make room for an eighth passenger in your Toyota Sienna by installing a child seat or a booster seat in the second row. 

A third-row seat can be added to the vehicle in addition to an infant or booster seat located in the second row. This is optional and a better choice for those that want more comfort.

The Toyota Sienna comes with latch anchors, which can be found on the outboard seats. This latch anchor gives users the freedom to add two seats simultaneously. It also helps in getting a good number of people safely to their destination.

Furthermore, installing a jump seat might also be a good idea for converting a seven-seater Sienna to an eight-seater. But this is not possible for all models because of the different floor plans.

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How To Add An Infant's Seat To Toyota Sienna

Photo of the newly redesigned all wheel drive Toyota Sienna Hybrid minivan, Can I Add 8th Seat To Toyota Sienna?


Here are step-by-step procedures for adding an infant seat to your Toyota Sienna:

Step 1: Fix The Additional Seat In The Backseat

Put the car child seat into the vehicle's backseat. It is important to avoid getting the tether strap caught behind the car seat. After that, adjust the seat back so that it is at the same angle as the child's seat.

Step 2: Put The Seat Belt

Put your child's seat belt through the path that is provided for it on the car seat. Place the car's buckle into the slot on the seat belt and check to see that the belt is not bent in any way.

Extend the shoulder belt to its full length and then, let it retract to activate the lock mode. After this, you should hear a clicking sound. In this mode, the seat belt cannot be stretched, which maintains the car seat's position.

Step 3: Make Sure The Seat Is Firmly Fastened

Allow the seat belt to retract even farther by pushing the child safety seat further down into the seat. To ensure that it is firmly fastened in position, give the shoulder belt a good pull. 

It may be necessary to repeat this step several times before it can be locked and secured. Move the child's car seat from side to side and give it a wiggle to ensure it can't move more than an inch in each direction.

Step 4: Attach The Tether

Hook the tether strap that comes with the child's car seat onto the hook that is located on the rear of the car seat in the vehicle. 

Tethers that are straight should be threaded through the headrest, whereas tethers that are V-shaped can be placed on either side of the head restraint.

Empty modern child safety seat in car

Is The Middle Seat Removable On Toyota Sienna?

Owners of older models of the Toyota Sienna are the only ones that can remove the middle row of seats. In older Sienna models, the three individual seats that make up the middle seat are detachable from one another, allowing you to remove as many or as few of the seats from the center row as you see fit.

However, you cannot remove the middle-row seats of the fourth-generation Sienna. There are SRS airbags installed inside the middle seat of the latest version of Sienna. This is one reason why the middle seat is irremovable. If you have an older model of Toyota Sienna, follow these procedures to remove the middle seat:

  • Find the release strap on the upper right side of the middle seat on the driver's side, and pull it.
  • Reduce the height of the seat until it is level.
  • Pull the release strap underneath the front of the seat to remove the latch on the seat. At this stage, the seat should be able to come out.
  • Bring the retractable leg to its closed position by folding it inwards.
  • Place the seat in the location designated for storage of seats in the trunk, with the cushion side facing outward. Check that the stow latch that was provided is used to keep it safely locked away.

How Comfortable Are The Seats In 2022 Toyota Sienna?

Most vehicle seats are uncomfortable since the majority of automobile manufacturers sacrifice comfort for the goal of reducing the cost of production and increasing safety.

The seats in the 2022 Toyota Sienna are roomy and comfortable. Also, the vehicle's second- and third-row seats, as well as the front passenger seat offer good legroom.

The front seats have sufficient headroom and back support to accommodate passengers. Adults will have plenty of room to sit comfortably in the back seats thanks to the generous amount of headroom and legroom available it has.

The third row of seating in the 2022 Toyota Sienna can be folded flat, making it possible to transport bulky items while still providing ample space for passengers.

Are Toyota Sienna Seats Stow And Go?

Toyota Highlander concept car - interior inside

The second-row seats of some models of minivans come equipped with a stow-and-go seating arrangement. This allows for good cargo space in the minivan.

These seating features are added to a minivan and allow the second-row seats to be completely removed from the cabin floor or stowed away within the cabin floor. But the Toyota Sienna does not come with an available complete stow-and-go seating configuration. 

The third row of Sienna seats can be manually folded and stowed practically flat into the floor. The second-row seats can be slid forward. However, one significant drawback is that the second-row seats cannot be removed as they can in some other minivans. As a result, the maximum load capacity is significantly reduced.

Is Toyota Sienna A Good Family Vehicle?

 White minivan Toyota Sienna in the city street.

The Toyota Sienna has more than enough space, technology, and capability to serve as a family car. It is one of the vehicles that offer the greatest return on investment. The modern Sienna raises the bar for all of the other family automobiles because of its sophisticated appearance, great driving characteristics, and efficiency.

The interior of the Toyota Sienna is widely regarded as one of the model's strongest selling points. You won't have any trouble fitting all of your passengers and their belongings inside the car, thanks to the ample cabin space it provides.

Sienna can also accommodate up to eight passengers by adding an additional seat, but if you are interested in giving the interior a more upscale vibe, you may opt to have captain's chairs installed in the second row instead of standard seats.

Modern Siennas come standard with extra-long sliding seats that include built-in ottomans. These seats can be slid backward to provide passengers with maximum comfort, or they can be slid closer to the front of the vehicle to provide additional space for third-row passengers or cargo.

In addition, modern siennas come standard with dual-power sliding doors that are activated by a kick sensor, making it incredibly easy to enter and exit the vehicle.

To Wrap Up

If you want to add an eighth seat to your Toyota Sienna, it is possible to do so. You just have to install an infant or booster seat in the second row. Another option is to install a jump seat if your model can accommodate it.

To install an infant seat, fix the additional seat in the backseat, put on the seat belt, ensure the seat is firmly fastened, then attach the tether. Don't hesitate to seek help from a professional if you cannot install the seat alone.

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