Can A Rivian Battery Be Replaced? [Answered]

The battery propels any all-electric vehicle, including the Rivian. When these batteries exhaust their lifespan, the vehicles cease to operate, necessitating a replacement. Is a Rivian battery replaceable? We get into the specifics to answer that question.

Rivian's warranty caters to battery replacement if the battery's usable capacity descends below 70% within a span of 8 years or 175,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached first​​. This warranty underscores the longevity and reliability that Rivian bestows upon its battery.

Post-delivery, altering the battery size isn't an option. However, if a replacement beckons, Rivian avails options of brand-new, refurbished, or used batteries​. This flexibility ensures that your Rivian remains operational even when a battery replacement is imperative.

Now that we know Rivian batteries can be replaced, let's talk about how they work. You might also wonder how long the batteries last and what it costs to replace them. Keep reading this post to find the answers to these questions and more. We did lots of research to get this information.

Inside The Rivian Car Battery

If you've ever popped open the hood of a typical car or truck, you'll have to hunt for a moment to find its battery. The batteries in these vehicles are an important component, but they are not what powers them. With an all-electric vehicle, the battery IS the driving force. And it's a lot bigger.

Gray Rivian R1T at a car show

The Rivian is powered by a lithium-ion battery, comprised of nine double-stack modules that contain a combined total of 2,170 cylindrical cells. To give the vehicle the power it needs to accelerate, the double-stacking design stores all the energy it can.

The battery inside the Rivian powers four separate motors, one for each wheel. This design makes the Rivian configured as an all-wheel drive vehicle.

What Kind Of Battery Does Rivian Use?

The Rivian vehicles use a lithium-ion battery to give them the massive amount of power they need to operate. While the battery technology is the same across all options for a Rivian, there are some options worth considering.

Whether you are getting the R1T or the R1S, you will be able to choose between the Standard Battery Pack or the Large Pack. The difference between the two is how much charge they will keep. The more charge, the farther you will be able to drive. 

The Standard Battery Pack will let you drive an estimated 260 miles between charges. But if you opt for the Large Pack, you can drive as many as 314 in the R1T or 316 in the R1S. Additionally, the R1T comes with the Max Pack option. This will get your Rivian an estimated 400 miles per full charge.

How Long Will The Rivian Battery Last?

The sticker price of a new Rivian can be enough to give some consumers a bit of pause. But when you factor in how long one of these vehicles can last, it might lead you to believe that the cost between this all-electric vehicle and a comparable gas-powered one balances out.

As Rivian is fairly new to the market, it is difficult to gauge just how long one of its batteries will last. But if the manufacturer's warranty is any indication, you'll find that these batteries will keep your Rivian on the road for years to come.

The Lifespan Of A Rivian Battery

White Rivian cruising down the road after camping, Can A Rivian Battery Be Replaced?

While a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty covers the majority of the Rivian, the battery is a separate deal altogether.

Rivian guarantees that their batteries will last at least eight years or 175,000 miles, whichever comes first. It's projected that these batteries if properly cared for, will last well beyond the manufacturer's guarantee.

To get the most out of your Rivian battery, don't keep it on the charger longer than needed. Overcharging a battery can damage the cells, lessening their useful life. Be aware of how much charge it needs as well as how long you've had it plugged in.

How Long The Rivian Battery Will Last Between Charges

Now that we know the approximate life expectancy of the Rivian battery, you might be wondering how long a battery charge will last. As we discussed earlier in this post, that will depend on which battery pack you select when you purchase your Rivian.

The base model battery, otherwise known as Standard, will yield 260 miles before it needs to be recharged. But if you opt for the Max Pack battery, you can travel as far as 400 miles on a single charge.

Ahead in this post, we'll discuss how long it takes to charge a Rivian battery. For now, know that it's critical that you only use Rivian-approved chargers and adapters for this task.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace The Rivian Battery?

The prospect of replacing the Rivian battery may not loom for a considerable duration, thanks to its robust design. However, acquainting oneself with the potential cost is prudent for future reference.

Like other electric vehicles, procuring a replacement battery for Rivian isn't typically economical. Some owners, engaging in discussions on various Rivian forums, have mentioned a figure of around $12,500 for a refurbished battery. This figure should be taken with a grain of caution as it's not an official quote from Rivian.

An awesome looking Rivian R1S displayed at a car show

For a precise cost estimate, it's advisable to contact Rivian directly. They can provide the most accurate pricing for both refurbished and new batteries.

It's worth noting that as advancements in battery technology burgeon, the cost is likely to taper. Moreover, as Rivian escalates its production and sales, economies of scale may further mitigate the battery replacement cost.

Although the initial expense may seem steep, the overarching trend hints at a more affordable cost horizon. This bodes well for those contemplating a battery replacement in the distant future, making the Rivian a viable long-term investment.

How Long Will It Take To Charge A Rivian Battery?

Recharging an electric vehicle like Rivian contrasts sharply with the swift fuel refill of gas-powered vehicles. The time it takes to recharge your Rivian's battery hinges on several factors, including the battery's initial state and the capacity of the battery pack you've selected.

Utilizing Rivian's superchargers, a near-empty battery (at 10%) can attain a full charge in a little over 70 minutes. However, home charging presents a different scenario.

The wall charger employed at home replenishes the battery at a leisurely pace, with Rivian stipulating an addition of roughly 25 miles of driving range per charging hour. For instance, a Rivian with a 400-mile range necessitates about 16 hours of charging to top up fully.

Brand new 2022 Rivian at a car show

Can I Charge My Rivian At A Tesla Station?

The proliferation of Tesla charging stations might entice Rivian owners. However, Rivian vehicles are incompatible with Tesla chargers without an adapter.

There's a workaround though - specialized charging adapters can bridge this incompatibility, enabling you to charge your Rivian at Tesla stations. Yet, tread carefully here. Ensure that the adapter you procure is of high quality to avoid any detrimental impact on your battery.

Moreover, using non-authorized charging equipment poses a risk of voiding your Rivian warranty. Therefore, it's paramount to uphold caution and adhere to Rivian's guidelines for charging to ensure the warranty remains intact and your vehicle operates optimally.

Brand new Rivian at a dealership

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Final Thoughts

White Rivian cruising down the road after camping

The Rivian battery is built to last a long time. Even though it might cost a lot to replace it now, it could get cheaper as technology gets better and more Rivians are made. By taking good care of your battery, you can make it last longer before you need a new one.

If you do need a new battery, Rivian has new, refurbished, or used batteries to choose from, so you can keep your Rivian running smoothly.

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