Can The Chevy Colorado Be Flat Towed?

Everyone wants to go camping or RV'ing and anytime is a great time. However, have you ever found while driving an RV around town to see the sites, it gets a bit complicated? It's certainly easier to be able to bring your smaller vehicle along with you as you can better explore the surrounding area. With talk of towing, you may be wondering, can the Chevy Colorado be flat towed? We have researched this topic to bring you the answer. 

Yes, a Chevy Colorado can be flat towed with the right equipment. Flat towing is the process of attaching a tow bar to the front of a car or SUV. This allows you to attach it to the back of an RV or truck for the purpose of pulling it. Flat towing is a common way to take a vehicle with you when you are RV'ing on long camping trips.

If you plan on towing a Chevy Colorado, this article will provide all the information you need to prepare it for flat towing. It is best to know the equipment needed and what nuances you need to be aware of before heading on your journey, so stick around and keep reading.

Chevrolet Colorado displayed at a car show, Can The Chevy Colorado Be Flat Towed?

What Is Flat Towing?

The types of towing that can be done to vehicles is almost impossible to accurately list, with every car on earth having a different way they can be towed. You may wonder what flat towing is and why so many people prefer to do it with their extra vehicles when they go on vacation in their RVs.

Flat towing is the most basic type of towing that people going on a vacation do. It involves all four tires of the vehicle you are towing being on the ground as you pull it behind your main vehicle. Setting it up usually requires nothing more than a low towing kit and setting the gear of the vehicle to the right setup.

Hooking up a car to be flat towed can take anything less than 10 minutes and can usually be done alone, with some practice. Most other types of towing require at least 2 people and special equipment to do everything properly.

How To Flat Tow The Chevy Colorado

2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 on display in a car show

Most Chevy Colorados comes with a 2-speed transfer case, which may allow you to do a transmission disconnect so you don't have to put the truck in neutral and affect the transmission or gearbox.

You also need to check for a steering wheel override option. This allows you to lock out the steering wheel, letting it move freely when towed. If this option isn't available, the towing vehicle will not turn properly, ultimately impacting the wheels and tires. This option also keeps the vehicle from drifting sideways, which is risky.

Check your owner's manual for a full breakdown of your vehicle's weight and what options are available to flat tow it. If the owner's manual does not have any information, look up your VIN online or call the manufacturer for more info.

The Details

Flat towing the Chevy Colorado is broken down into two different steps that you need to take to ensure nothing ever goes wrong. The first will be what you need to do with the vehicle's system, the gears, the cables, and everything else. The second point focuses on what equipment you will need to hook it onto your RV.

For your RV, you will need to get a base plate, tow bar (with wires), safety cables, supplemental braking system, and possibly a high-low adapter. These parts will ensure that your Chevy is towed without something unexpected happening. And if something does happen, the safety systems will ensure that nothing gets lost or broken entirely.

To prepare the Chevy Colorado to be towed behind your RV, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Position your Colorado behind the RV.
  2. Put the vehicle in park.
  3. Follow instructions to attach the tow bar, safety cables, and adapter if needed.

Before you head out, follow these three steps to prepare your Chevy Colorado for departure:

  1. Apply the parking brake.
  2. If your Colorado has the transmission disconnect, engage it now. Or shift the gearbox into neutral.
  3. Shut the car down.
  4. Take off the parking brake.
  5. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. (In older vehicles you may need to disconnect the battery; check your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website for more information.) This will ensure that the wheels stay straight or turn as you are driving along highways, around suburbs, or moving through campsites.

What Equipment Do You Need To Flat Tow A Chevy Colorado?

There is quite a bit of equipment required to safely and effectively flat tow your Chevy Colorado. Let's take a look.

Base Plate Kit

For non-adaptive cruise control

For the base plate kit, experts suggest using a Roadmaster EZ5 base plate kit model RM-523182. It works fantastic with the Roadmaster Nighthawk all-terrain no. RM-676. It will be a great combo because the Nighthawk all-terrain also contains a 6-way to 7-way wiring connector. It is also rated as 8,000 lbs and includes all the safety cables with the same weighing capacity.

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And all you need now is a wiring kit. For the wiring, we suggest using the Roadmaster RM-154.

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You are all set now and good to go. The most important thing to notice here is, the above-said process will only work for models without adaptive cruise control.

For adaptive cruise control

If your vehicle has adaptive cruise control, then you will need Blue Ox base plate kit model BX1721.

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For the Blue Ox kit, you will need a Blue Ox Alpha tow bar model BX7380 because the Nighthawk all-terrain will have different connectors, and it will end up being messy. 

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Also, the Alpha tow bar includes all the safety cables that you'll need, and the tow bar will have a rating of 6,500 lbs. For wiring, you'll need a Roadmaster RM-146-7 and RM-154 for a high power diode wiring kit.

Charging Line Kit

After making all the changes, we recommend installing a charging line kit to stop your battery from draining. For this, you can opt for Roadmaster RM-156-25. This will stop the draining problem.

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If your vehicle does not have a charge line, you will need a charge line kit RM-156-75.

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Automatic Battery Connector

If you don't want to disconnect and connect the battery all the time, then you'll need an automatic battery disconnect because it will automatically disconnect the battery and keeps your wiring and terminals in great condition.


For the supplemental braking system, we suggest the SMI Stay-In-Play DUO SM99251.

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If your vehicle has air brakes, then you will need an SMI Air Force One instead. 


Now a little about a high/low adapter. The high/low adapter's purpose is to make sure that the tow bar will stay reasonably level. You can choose an adapter depending on your own needs and necessities.

Other Accessories

Finally, if you want your tow bar to be in good shape, you can use a tow bar cover to keep your pickup safe from road debris and use a tow defender protective screening.

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This is all the equipment that you'll need for flat towing your Chevy Colorado! And be sure to check the manual for other safe towing practices. 

What Other Chevy Models Can You Flat Tow?

For a vehicle to be flat towed, it should have some features that make them eligible for flat towing. Look for vehicles equipped with rear-wheel drive and manual transfer case disconnect options (to put a vehicle in a neutral position). These key points will ensure that the vehicle can most likely be flat towed.

2020 Chevy Vehicles That Can Be Flat Towed

So, what are some 2020 Chevy vehicles that can be flat towed? Here are some of the most popular. Keep in mind that these are all the vehicles that will be able to serve dual purposes as they are either large enough for most of the family to fit in, or they are capable of going through terrain most RVs would stay away from.

There are currently three Chevy vehicles that can be flat towed with little to no effort: Colorado, Equinox, and Sonic. Since we've already covered the Colorado, let's take a look at these other two Chevy models:

Chevrolet Equinox

A smaller SUV than the Colorado, the Equinox has been perfect for flat towing for many years now. Many RV owners started their flat towing adventures with the Equinox because it is a slightly more affordable option.

Chevrolet Sonic

Sometimes you know that the deepest waters you are going to face will be those that appear on the road itself. When this comes, you may want something that does not affect the overall distance you can do in your RV. The Sonic is perfectly capable of being flat towed and will allow you to easily go see local tourist spots without spending an arm and a leg on fuel.

Why can you not flat tow some cars?

Years ago, even the most expensive automatic vehicles could be flat towed all over the world, however, this is no longer the case. Many people have found that their car manuals specifically state that they cannot be flat towed. 

The main issue with modern cars is a lubrication pump that is fitted to the gearbox systems. These pumps ensure that the right pressure is applied to the oil within the gearbox. With the car off, this pump is not active, meaning that there is no oil being supplied to moving parts. 

The chances are that the older your vehicle is, the more likely it can be flat towed; however, check with your vehicle manufacturer to be certain.

Does Towing Hurt Your Truck?

Towing does not hurt the truck or damage it, but improper and bad towing leads to serious damage. As long as you maintain your vehicle, towing does not hurt it.

Common Mistakes To Be Aware Of While Towing

 Automatic vs Manual Transmission

When towing anything, be mindful of your transmission. Manual transmissions often perform better than automatic transmissions in certain circumstances. However, most RVs or heavy-duty trucks come with automatic transmissions.

When you use an automatic transmission to tow, ensure that you're not using cruise control on steep inclines or declines. Pay attention to the acceleration. If your cruise control is accelerating fully and quickly, it will overheat the transmission while towing.

Tire Pressure

Many of us do not check the tire pressure before towing. But it always seems to be the most common mistake. However, a simple check of the tires is all it takes.

If the tire pressure is under-inflated or over-inflated, it will create friction and force the vehicle to work harder than the required force needed to keep the vehicle moving. It could also result in a tire explosion. It's a scary situation and can be avoided with some simple due diligence. 

Weight Ratings

Every vehicle consists of a maximum tow rating. If we overload RVs, trucks, or SUVs and exceed the maximum weight (GCWR) the tow vehicle can hold and pull, it may result in serious problems. These include engine failure, transmission failure, or axle failure.

Also, some other high-risk issues may include failing brake systems, broken suspensions, and over-heated transmissions. It is common practice to stay within the recommended guidelines outlined by your vehicle's manufacturer when towing anything.

In Closing

Start planning your adventure now that you know your Chevy Colorado can be flat towed! Make sure you have the necessary equipment and do a safety check before you head out on the road. Want to know what other vehicles you can flat tow? Check out these other posts:

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