Can The Nissan Frontier Be Flat Towed?

Many RV owners opt to tow smaller vehicles behind them when they travel. Doing so allows for more freedom once they reach a destination, as they don't have to worry about spending additional fuel or parking a cumbersome unit. However, to safely flat tow a smaller car or truck behind you, knowing if your alternate vehicle is compatible with flat towing is a must! For Nissan Frontierowners, we've researched whether you can tow this vehicle and how to safely.

The Nissan Frontier can be flat towed, but only certain configurations will allow it to be done safely. Any trim level from any year will meet the criteria, so long as it has a manual transmission. Any Nissan Frontier with an automatic transmission that is flat towed will suffer significant damage from this type of towing. Pursue the following steps to prepare the Nissan Frontier to be flat towed:

  • If not already equipped, install a hitch on the towing vehicle.
  • Install a base plate on the Frontier.
  • Using a wiring kit, wire the tail lights of the Frontier so that the brake and tail lights work.
  • Attach safety cables.
  • Add a supplemental braking system.

Now that you know which Nissan Frontiers can be flat towed safely, please read on to get the step by step details on preparing your vehicle. What equipment do you need to tow a Frontier? Can it be towed behind a motor home? Are there other towing methods to consider? We've answered these questions and more!

A Nissan Frontier moving on the highway, Can The Nissan Frontier Be Flat Towed?

Steps to Safely Flat Tow Your Nissan Frontier

If you have a suitable car or truck, flat towing is a great alternative to dolly towing, as having all four tires on the ground at once makes for even wear. To ensure the safety of both your Frontier and of the people you share the road with, follow this step by step guide for flat tow safely.

A gray Nissan Frontier parked near the side of a lake

Install or secure tow hitch on towing vehicle

Drive the Frontier to the rear of the vehicle that is towing it. If the towing vehicle has a tow hitch attached, make certain that the hitch is secure. If there isn't one, you should have one professionally installed before proceeding. Install the tow bar, connecting it to the tow hitch of the towing vehicle. You'll then be ready to attach an accessory to the towed vehicle that will connect the two.

Install base plate

Using the instructions provided with your base plate, install this to the front of your Frontier. Then attach the tow bar to the base plate. Now your Nissan Frontier should be firmly attached to the towing vehicle. 

Wire tail lights

Following the instruction guide inside the wiring kit, attach the wiring. This will allow your brake and tail lights to work during towing. Not having this accessory is extremely dangerous, especially at night. After it is attached, have a friend check with you to make certain that it functions properly.

Attach safety cables

Safety cables provide added safety in the event the towed vehicle becomes separated from the hitch. Attach the safety cables to the Nissan Frontier, and secure them to the rear of the vehicle that will be towing it.

Add a supplemental braking system

A supplemental braking system will brake the vehicle that's being towed for you while it is being pulled behind another vehicle. This is done electronically, and most models are easy to install. Consult the instruction manual for complete details.

Now that you're hooked up, you're almost ready to go. Nissan strongly recommends that if you're flat towing a four-wheel-drive truck, make sure that you have the transfer case in the 2HI position. And with any Nissan vehicle, be sure to stop every 500 miles so that you can start it and let it idle for two minutes while it sits in neutral.

What Equipment Do You Need To Flat Tow A Nissan Frontier?  

For you to be able to flat tow your Nissan Frontier safely, we recommend the following accessories:

Tow Bar

The Commander tow bar is attached to the towing vehicle's hitch and to the base plate that you'll attach to the Frontier.

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Base Plate 

A base plate must be attached to the front of the Frontier for the tow bar to be connected.

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Brake Light Wiring

You'll also need a wiring kit so that your Frontier's brake lights and tail lights will function.

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Supplemental Braking

The supplemental braking system comes in an easy to install kit.

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Can You Tow The Nissan Frontier Behind A Motorhome?

While it's technically possible to tow the Nissan Frontier behind a motor home, there are a few things you should be aware of before you decide to flat tow it. A Frontier is relatively heavy and will cause a lot of drag on your RV. You'll need to be certain that your model RV's tow capacity can handle this amount of weight. It's important to consult the owners' manual of your RV before towing anything to be certain that you won't damage your RV, Frontier, or endanger fellow drivers.

A van towing a Mercedes on the highway

What Other Nissan Models Can You Flat Tow?

The following Nissan model cars can be safely flat towed if they have a manual transmission:

  • 370Z Coupe
  • 370Z Nismo
  • Sentra
  • Sentra SR Turbo
  • Sentra Nismo
  • Versa Sedan

A white Nissan Sentra parked on a parking lot

The manufacturer recommends that you stop every 500 miles so that you can start and idle the engine of the towed vehicle for two minutes, with the transmission in neutral.

What Other Towing Methods Are There For The Nissan Frontier?

If flat towing does not appeal to you, or if the model Frontier you have isn't suited for this towing method, you're in luck. There are other ways to pull a Nissan Frontier behind you on the road safely

Dolly Towing

An alternative to flat towing is dolly towing. This still requires that the towing vehicle have a tow hitch, but you will be attaching a tow dolly to it instead of a tow bar. You would then drive the vehicle onto the tow dolly. While on the tow dolly, the towed vehicle only will have its front end mounted. Not all model cars or trucks can be safely towed using this method. You should first consult your owners' manual before attempting dolly towing.

A two truck towing a damaged car off the road

Trailer Towing

This method requires the most expensive accessories but is universal. It requires a pull-behind trailer, in which the entire towed vehicle is placed. As with dolly towing, consult your owners' manual prior to attempting, and be sure to account for both the weight of the trailer and the weight of the towed vehicle when you account for the towing vehicle's maximum towing capacity.


In this post, we've learned that the Nissan Frontier can be flat towed, but only if you are towing the four wheel drive model. Other Nissan model vehicles that can be safely flat towed are their smaller model cars, including the Versa and the Sentra. Thankfully, we were able to list alternative methods to towing your Frontier. 

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  1. You guys state that a new four wheel drive Frontier can be flat towed, what has to be done put the truck in neutral, in the transfer case or what else has to be done. I am looking to buy a new Pro-4 Frontier I konw about having base plate a brake system

  2. My request for information is for the automatic trans if the truck cant be flat towed can you use a dolly system?

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