Can You Add CarPlay To Infiniti Q50? [And How To]

Those interested in owning an Infiniti Q50 will find that these recent years have brought all the latest features to the Infiniti infotainment system to make your ride both connected and safe. You may be wondering how to get Apple Carplay on your Infiniti Q50. We have thoroughly researched this topic for you and have found some answers.

Apple Carplay was added to Infiniti's infotainment system app lineup in 2020. In 2022, Wireless Apple CarPlay will come standard on most models. If you are driving an older model, you have several options for adding Apple Carplay to your Infiniti Q50.

  • Connect via USB to use CarPlay in 2020 models
  • Upgrade to Wireless Apple Carplay for 2020 and 2021 Infiniti models
  • Install an aftermarket Apple CarPlay compatible system

If your Infiniti does not have Apple Carplay, you may still want to know how to get this popular feature. Keep reading as we discuss how you can add Apple Carplay to Infiniti Q50, depending on the year and what features Apple Carplay offers.

A details of Apps and icons on the the Apple CarPlay main screen in modern car dashboard, Can You Add CarPlay To Infiniti Q50? [And How To]

What Year Did Q50 Infiniti Have Carplay?

Since 2016, Apple Carplay has rolled out to many vehicle brands. Connectivity started with a USB-only option, but there will be a chance to connect wirelessly in newer models.

Infiniti Q50 debuted the option to get Apple CarPlay in 2020. By 2021 it came standard on the Pure, Luxe, Sensory, and Red Sport 400 trims.

Infiniti Q50 on the main road for test drive

Connect Via USB To Use CarPlay In 2020 Models

In a model of Infiniti  Q50 2020 and newer, connect via USB by using an Apple-approved USB to lightning cable. With your car on, connect to your device and then connect to your infotainment system's USB port. Apple CarPlay should launch upon connection. If there is a delay or it does not launch, click on the app's icon to access the CarPlay features.

Click here to see an Apple-approved USB cable on Amazon.

Upgrade To Wireless Apple Carplay For 2020 And 2021 Infiniti Models

In October 2021, Infiniti announced that car owners of 2020 and 2021 models could get Apple Carplay wirelessly via upgrade. To get your upgrade, take your car to an authorized dealership. This upgrade currently comes at no cost to the consumer.

Install An Aftermarket Apple CarPlay Compatible System

If your car is a 2019 Infiniti or older, you can still add Apple Carplay. In most Infiniti models, you'll need to remove both the cup holder console and dashboard to get to the needed wiring to install the car kit. The following video gives a summary of the steps involved in upgrading your dashboard to support Apple CarPlay.


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If you are not comfortable working with your car's wiring, we recommend purchasing the aftermarket kit and having a professional install it for you. Consult your owner's manual and warranty before installing an aftermarket device, as some types of work and upgrades can void your warranty or service plan.

Click here to see an example of a Carplay compatible kit on Amazon.

If your car was made in 2018 or earlier, it may be more difficult to find a car kit that is compatible with your Infiniti dashboard. This kit boasts simple installation. No need to remove the dashboard or find a system that fits as it adheres to the top.

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What Are Apple Carplay Features On The Q50 Infiniti?

Front view of a Infinit Q50 ready for test drive

Apple CarPlay is available on phones and tablets running IOS 7.1 or newer. It also can run on the Apple Watch 5 series or later. It allows the user to interact with their Apple device in commute. All your favorite apps are organized and accessible in an intuitive style that will enable you to keep your eyes on the road.

Once Apple Carplay is up and running, use your voice, the dashboard knobs, or the steering wheel buttons to navigate. The position of the apps can be customized via the settings menu on your Apple device.

Buttons on apps that run through this interface will be larger and simplified. Some features of the apps may not be available in CarPlay as the app is meant to be utilized in route.

Navigation On Apple Carplay

With Apple Carplay, you'll not only have access to the latest version of Apple maps, but you can run other favorites like Google Maps or Wazee as well. If you choose to use Apple maps, you can ask Siri to keep anyone on your contacts list updated with your expected arrival time.

If you like to run more than one mapping software to compare given routes, you can! Apple Carplay allows more than one map to run, although you may want to mute one or both to not have both voices giving instructions at the same time.

Messaging With Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay can also change the way you message! Dictate and send your messages to your contacts via Siri. She'll read the messages to you before sending them to avoid mistakes. Send a voice message in even less time.

Plan Your Day With Apple Carplay

A unique feature available with Apple CarPlay is the calendar. It integrates with other apps and allows you to get your schedule read to you as you are on the road to your next appointment. You can even dial into meetings by clicking on the event in your calendar.

Does Apple CarPlay Require A Subscription?

Apple CarPlay is a free integration. It does not require an app download or a subscription. You would need to subscribe to the different apps you want to utilize, and they might carry their costs. Most navigational software is free, and there is access to free entertainment apps, but often you will need to pay for premium ad-free streaming services.

What Features On the Infiniti Q50 Infotainment System

Infiniti Intouch, the infotainment system for the Infiniti line, offers many features for a hands-free, informed drive. Navigate with maps updated by wifi, and get access to your phone contacts via Inifiti's built-in voice recognition. Get data for a monthly fee and turn your car into your hotspot.

Be Informed

Access updates on weather, points of interest, and other local area information such as gas locations and movie showtimes. Get traffic updates as often as every two minutes so that you can avoid the unexpected during your commute.

Infiniti Intouch Safety Features

The Infiniti Q50's infotainment system now includes services like lane assist and collision reporting to make sure your drive is a safe one. To subscribe to these features, consult a local retailer or download the Infiniti Intouch App.

Sirius XM

Sirius is also available on the Infiniti Intouch. Get sports scores, fuel prices, and more. This service also can provide commercial-free radio services if you subscribe. Consult your owner's manual or a local retailer to get started with Sirius.

How Do I play Videos On My Infiniti Q50?

Infiniti does not mention any way to play video on the Infiniti Intouch screen for the Q50. For safety reasons, most vehicle manufacturers have video playback on the dashboard disabled while driving.

In some models, there may be a workaround available. Some consumers have been able to download video to a USB and then playback video while parked. There are other internet workarounds available, including a way to go to a screen on the Infiniti dash to disable factory settings and allow video to be shown on aftermarket devices.

Consult your owner's manual before changing any factory settings, as doing so can void a warranty or service plan. Exercise extreme caution and consult your local traffic laws before showing video on your front console. 

What Size Infotainment Screen On Q50 Infiniti?

The Infiniti Intouch infotainment system currently has two screens. An eight-inch screen that integrates with interfaces such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as the Infiniti navigation system. The second screen is a seven-inch screen that shows time, provides access to the radio and other cabin controls such as climate.

In Closing

Details of Apps and icons on the the Apple CarPlay main screen in modern car dashboard, Can You Add CarPlay To Infiniti Q50? [And How To]

Now that you know that you can add Apple Carplay capabilities to an older Infiniti Q50 and how to connect to it in newer models, explore your options! There are many features available with the Infiniti in touch system that will ensure that your ride is safer, more entertaining, and better connected than ever before.

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