Can You Charge A Tesla In Valet Mode?

Valet Mode has been a popular feature for the latest Tesla models. Working to limit the functions of your vehicle while someone else is driving might raise some questions about what the Tesla can still do. If you are wondering if you can still have the Tesla charged in Valet Mode, we can help you. We researched this popular all-electric car in depth so that you'll know for sure what it can do.

You will still be able to have your Tesla charged while it is in Valet Mode. Even with limited functionality, your Tesla can recharge its battery.

Now that we know that the Tesla can be charged when in Valet Mode, we'll take a look at what Valet Mode will limit. You might also be curious about how to activate Valet Mode in this vehicle or why you would use Valet Mode in the first place. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has discovered.

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What Does The Valet Mode Limit In A Tesla?

Valet Mode was made so that the owner of the vehicle could limit what someone else could do when operating it. Whether it's letting your kid move the car from the driveway to the street or allowing someone to professionally park your car, Valet Mode is a way to keep your Tesla a bit safer.

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A Tesla In Valet Mode Will Limit How The Vehicle Is Driven

Valet Mode will work to limit some of Tesla's functions. A rogue valet will not be able to go on a speedy joyride, as the top speed is limited to 70 miles per hour. Additionally, a Tesla in Valet Mode will reduce its acceleration by 50 percent.

Valet Mode Will Work To Protect Your Personal Information And Secure Your Belongings

The glove compartment and the trunk of the Tesla will also automatically lock. This will keep prying hands from being tempted to go through your things. And if you're worried about anyone accessing personal information from your Infotainment system, Tesla also locks much of what can be accessed while in Valet Mode.

Voice commands will not work in Valet Mode, either. The driver will not be able to add any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices to the vehicle, and mobile access will be disengaged.

There's not anything that can be added while in this mode, including any upgrades. Not that the valet would probably think to, but it's a nice feature to have, just in case.

How Do You Activate Valet Mode In A Tesla?

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If you want to try out Valet Mode in your Tesla, doing so is quick and easy. It can be activated by using the mobile app or by pushing a few buttons on the screen while you're on board the vehicle.

After studying the steps below, we suggest trying it out to see just how it works! It might give you a new perspective on how much Tesla works to safeguard your vehicle and your privacy.

Activating Valet Mode From Your Tesla

When you're inside your vehicle, look at the display screen. Find your name, then tap it. This will make a drop-down menu appear, from which you will select the last item on the list, "Valet Mode."

If this is the first time that you've turned Valet Mode on, you will be asked to enter your four-digit PIN. Once this has been entered and verified, your Tesla will begin operating in Valet Mode.

To deactivate Valet Mode and resume normal driving, reach the feature on the screen the same way that you found it. When you exit Valet Mode, you will be prompted to enter your four-digit PIN again. Once this is accepted, the mode will be set back to your normal settings.

Activating Valet Mode From Your Tesla App

It's also very easy to activate Valet Mode when you are away from your vehicle. The Tesla app has tons of useful features on it, Valet Mode being just one of them.

From the app, you will select Valet Mode with the touch of one button. Deactivating it is also quick and easy, as you will just need to click a button to exit Valet Mode.

Why Would You Want To Use Valet Mode?

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If you've never used Valet Mode before, you might be questioning why you'd want to use it in the first place. And you might never have the occasion to use it, as some folks never have anyone else behind the wheel of the cars they own.

But for those who might have a stranger behind the wheel to help park the car, Valet Mode is certainly worth considering.

The ability to limit how fast the Tesla will drive and how quickly it will accelerate is a great feature of Valet Mode. This keeps your valet from taking it out and driving it like a maniac at high speeds.

Valet Mode also protects your privacy and your valuables. Without it, a valet could get into your glove compartment and frunk. You have some pretty private information in your Infotainment system that can be accessed, like where you live and who else has keys to your Tesla. Valet Mode also protects this.

Are Car Valets Worth It?

You might also be asking yourself if having a valet park your car is worth it. To answer this question, you'll need to weigh the pros and cons. While using a valet can be a major convenience, it also has some potential pitfalls.

The valet is usually curbside, so you can leave your vehicle and keys with them to park your car. You will eliminate driving around to seek out a spot to park, you'll save yourself a bit of a hike, and you'll be out of the elements quickly.

But letting a stranger drive your car can be a little risky. Items have been known to get stolen from cars from time to time, and there are sometimes reports of valets wrecking or otherwise damaging a vehicle. And while dropping off a car with a valet is a snap, it can take a bit for them to retrieve one.

Weigh the pros and cons of using a valet carefully the next time you have the option to use one. You might find that, depending on the circumstances, the service is mostly beneficial.

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Do You Always Tip A Car Valet?

A valet is paid an hourly wage just like most others in the service industry. And like with most of these employees, they do rely on the generosity of your tips to make a good living. Opening your wallet to give them a bit of an extra incentive on the job can go a long way.

Tipping a valet when they first take your vehicle can be an important thing. They'll be more likely to remember you. And that might mean they will work harder and faster to retrieve your vehicle when you need it.

It's equally important to tip the valet when they return with the car. As long as nothing is missing and there's not a scratch on the car, why not reward them again for taking care of your ride?

Consider the weather they are doing their job in, how far they have to walk back, and how professional and courteous they are when determining the amount.

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Final Thoughts

The Valet Mode in a Tesla has a good number of restrictions that it places on the driver, but the vehicle can still be charged while in this setting.

Learn about how Valet Mode works by setting it while you drive it so that you can see firsthand how much more secure your Tesla is from a stranger with your keys. Valets serve an important purpose, and it's always good to reward their efforts with a tip. Drive safe!

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