Can You Drive With A Valet Key? [And How Fast Can You Go?]

If you have a valet key for your vehicle, you may be wondering what to do with it. Can you drive with it, or are there limitations to its use? Luckily, we've done plenty of research and have the answers for you.

Generally, you can use a valet key to drive a vehicle without speed limitations. The purpose of a valet key is to keep your belongings safe in storage compartments. Other drivers will not be able to open the glove box, trunk, or other compartments with the valet key.

A valet key isn't something you may use all of the time, but it does serve an important purpose. This article will discuss the benefit of having a valet key and how they work. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about a valet key, so read on!

Car owner handling car keys to the valet, Can You Drive With A Valet Key? [And How Fast Can You Go?]

Can You Drive With A Valet Key?

Valet keys are usually given to consumers when a new car is purchased. The key was made to use when you have your vehicle parked by valet service. This lets you put valuables in the glove compartment and lock them using your primary key.

This secondary set of keys works well if you use the valet often. If the valet service tries to use the valet key to open the compartment for some reason, it will not work.

Valet keys work like a spare key and have no speed limitations. So in the case you need an extra key to get to your destination, you can use the valet key without any worries.

Although having a valet key isn't always necessary, it can come in handy. That said, you can also try getting a valet key made if you don't want to pay for an additional set, so that's another idea to consider.

Car owner giving the car keys to the valet

Can You Start Your Car With A Valet Key?

Yes, you can start your car with a valet key. The key will have the same capabilities as your regular car key. However, it is important to remember that a valet key is not meant for everyday use. The key is meant to be used as a spare or when you're parking your car with valet service.

If you're not sure if your car has a valet key, you can always contact the dealership or the manufacturer. They will help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

What Can A Valet Key Not Do?

A valet key will not unlock the glove compartment or the trunk. The key is meant to be used as a spare or when you're parking your car with valet service.

Use this key if you need to keep your belongings in a secure place while you on vacation or out of town.

What Key Do You Give Valet?

Handling car keys to the valet

You will want to give the valet your valet key when parking it. If you have no choice but to leave your belongings in the car, you can leave them in the glove box or other lockable compartments.

The valet service will not open these compartments without your regular key.

What Is A Valet Key Insert?

If your vehicle has a valet key insert, it will be underneath the door handle of the driver's side. You can put the valet key into the small slot to unlock your car door.

This comes in handy when you have locked your only key in the car.

Do I Need A Valet Key?

It doesn't hurt to have a valet key due to their low cost. If you are a person who travels regularly and goes to places that have valet services, then it's worth having one.

In addition, a valet key makes for a good spare in case you ever lose your key or it gets damaged.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Valet Key?

A valet key is an inexpensive way to have a spare key. Depending on the brand of vehicle, you can get one made for $50 or less. Your local dealership will be able to make you one in a short amount of time.

What Is A Master Key?

Giving car keys to the valet

A master key is a key that can open any door or lock on your vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to keep this key in a safe place. If you lose your master key, you will have to contact the dealership to make a new one.

Having a new master key can get expensive; if it is a key fob, they usually cost around $100. If it is a regular key, the price is generally between $150-$600.

Why Isn't My Valet Key Working?

Valet keys are cut differently than the master key to keep thieves out of your vehicle compartments. However, if the valet key won't start the car, there is something wrong. The key was probably never programmed to the vehicle or became unprogrammed.

To get the valet key working again, you will have to take it to the dealership. The dealership can reprogram the key and make sure that it is in sync with your car.

How Does A Valet Key Work With A Push-Button Start?

Valet keys are equipped with an RFID chip programmed to your vehicle. When you hand the key to a valet service, they will only need to put their foot on the brake and push the start button.

There is no need to take the key out of their pocket.

How Is A Valet Key Made?

Valet keys are made through a process called duplication. The valet key is cut from the same metal as the original key. However, it will not have all of the functionality of the original key due to slight differences in the key cut.

Do All Vehicles Come With A Valet Key?

Yes, most late-model vehicles have a valet key. However, if your car is older or used, you may not have received a valet key.

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How Fast Can You Go Using A Valet Key?

Most valet keys don't have limitations on the speed you can drive or the acceleration. However, some vehicles like Tesla have an enhanced version of the valet key.

When using the valet key on a Tesla, the driver can only reach a top speed of 70 mph. In addition, the driver can only use 25% of the vehicle's acceleration power. The purpose of this is to keep valet drivers from going too fast or damaging the car.

What Does A Valet Key Look Like?

Valet keys come in all shapes and sizes. However, they will always be smaller than the original key.

In most cases, the valet key has a silver fob with the brand of the car on it. The key will also have a unique cut that identifies it as a valet key.

What Is The Extra Key In My Key Fob?

The key in your key fob isn't a valet key. You can use this key if your key fob battery dies and you need to get into the car. Once you are in the car, you can start it by pressing the start button with the key fob.

If that doesn't work, check your owner's manual to see if your vehicle has a key fob slot. For example, Nissan has a designated key fob slot on the left side of the steering. In addition, some Fords have a key fob slot in the center console.

The key fob slot should help the computer recognize the fob in the vehicle even if the key fob battery is low or dead.

Final Thoughts

Car owner handling car keys to the valet

A valet key is a great way to have a spare key or use it when your original key gets lost or damaged. They are very affordable, and most dealerships can program them quickly.

When using a valet key, be aware of the speed and acceleration restrictions that may be in place. If your valet key isn't working, take it to the dealership for a quick fix. Most likely, all that is needed is to reprogram the key.

Happy travels!

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