Can You Fit A Suitcase In A Smart Car?

The Smart Car has some great benefits. They are very fuel efficient and tend to have fewer maintenance issues than other vehicles. But their small size can have some drawbacks, including limited storage space. If you are wondering if you will be able to fit a suitcase inside of one of these cars, we can help. We researched smart cars from multiple professional sources so that you'll know what they are capable of.

The Smart Car is capable of fitting a small suitcase inside the trunk. But this small amount of storage space can be significantly impeded if you store the removable roof and roof rails in the storage compartment.

Now that we know that the Smart Car can fit a suitcase inside, we'll look at the best ways this can be accomplished. You might also be wondering what mileage a Smart Car can get or how long a Smart Car will last. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

A smart car on display during the Brussels motor show, Can You Fit A Suitcase In A Smart Car?

What to expect with the storage space in a Smart Car

As you can tell from its outward appearance, the Smart Car doesn't have a lot of extra room. These two-seater vehicles are not meant for family travel and would not be a great choice for a couple taking a long road trip. But just because these vehicles won't hold a bevy of luggage doesn't mean they won't hold a bag or two.

The trunk space in the Smart Car is small. You'll find that it only has 12.4 cubic feet of available storage space. While this is enough for a small suitcase or two, you must keep certain considerations in mind.

The storage space becomes more limited with the removable roof being stored

The roof and roof rails of the Smart Car can be easily removed. This is great for those who enjoy more open air while driving. What better way to enjoy a spring day than to cruise with the top off!

But if you remove and store the Smart Car's roof, you will be taking up vital trunk space. Though you will still have a bit of room left for luggage, it will be severely compromised. While the roof is small, remember that you only deal with a total storage space of barely more than 12 cubic feet.

With the roof stored, only the smallest of bags can be placed inside. If this is your route, we recommend packing your luggage into two backpacks, as these will fit better into the remaining storage space.

The passenger seat can be folded to accommodate more storage space

If you are traveling alone, getting more storage room out of your Smart Car is a little trick. The passenger seat can be reclined, increasing the baggage you can carry on board. 

Should you be planning a long trip alone, utilizing, this great feature of the Smart Car should be able to allow you enough room to safely and comfortably carry the luggage you need on your trip.

What mileage will a Smart Car get?

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Fuel economy has become more important in today's world. Because of increases in gasoline prices, many consumers are becoming more conscientious about how many miles per gallon their prospective new or used vehicles will get.

Those looking at a used Smart Car will find that these vehicles are great for fuel economy. This vehicle can get up to 40 miles per gallon, far above the typical passenger vehicle.

The 8.7-gallon fuel tank fits onto a vehicle that is 700 pounds lighter than the average car. Due to the lighter weight, the Smart Car can get excellent fuel economy.

How long will a Smart Car go on an electric charge?

Not all Smart Cars are built with gasoline-powered engines. Some are fully electric, therefore needing no fuel other than the juice from a charging station. Though you won't' be able to go as far on a fully charged battery as you would a full tank of gas, you'll find that the amount you can travel is more than adequate.

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This style of Smart Car will get up to 84 miles on a full charge. This is more than enough for several days' worth of driving for the typical driver. Even for the average commuter, the Smart Car's battery holds enough of a charge to get to and from work.

Be sure to keep your Smart Car regularly charged. Not doing so can result in being stranded and waiting for a tow service.

How long will a Smart Car last?

The Mercedes-Benz manufactured Smart Car has an average life span between 150,000 to 200,000 miles. If you drive an average of 15,000 miles annually, this vehicle will last between 10 and 13 years on the road.

You will have to take proper care of your Smart Car to reach these higher mileage milestones. While this might make you think of routine maintenance, it also means much more.


Regular maintenance is very important, and taking care of issues that arise as soon as possible is also critical. Small problems with your Smart Car can quickly grow into larger and more expensive ones. So, it's a great idea to use your senses and report any unusual sounds, smells, or vibrations to a trusted mechanic as soon as you notice them.

Are Smart Cars safe on the highway?

One might think that the Smart Car would not be a safe vehicle because of its small size. But the data from expert sources say otherwise. U. S. News and World Report give the 2017 Smart Car ForTwo a solid 9.1/10.0 safety rating.

The National Highway Safety and Transportation Administration rated the Smart Car a respectable four stars out of five. 

The solid frame design and safety features aboard the Smart Car continue to make it a safe choice for drivers wanting a used compact car. Those in Europe can get a safe and new model Smart Car available in many countries.

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Why did they stop making Smart Cars?

The last year the Mercedez-Benz-produced Smart Car was available in the United States was 2017. Over the last five years, you will not find this vehicle on new car lots in this country, though they can still be purchased in Europe.

The Smart Car has not been available in the United States since then because of severely dwindling sales. When this car was first introduced in this market in 2008, it was an easy sell. Due to skyrocketing fuel prices at the time, the compact car with excellent fuel economy made it quite popular. 

But sales dropped substantially after that first year. Though nearly 25,000 Smart Cars were sold in the United States in 2008, less than 1,500 were sold in its last year in this market. These diminished sales numbers weren't near high enough to make a continued effort in the United States worth the time or the investment.

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Final thoughts

Smart Cars are great for fuel economy and have a significant amount of longevity. But these vehicles have limited storage space, and they don't offer much room for luggage during long trips. These vehicles test high for safety and make great vehicles for those wanting a compact car. Drive safe!

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