Can You Flat Tow A Nissan Leaf?

It is undeniable that Nissan Leaf is one of the most reliable electric cars nowadays. However, sometimes unpleasant circumstances, like breaking down on the side of the road, can still happen. Do you ever wonder if you can flat tow your Nissan Leaf? We've researched this matter and gathered the best answers for you.

You cannot flat tow your Nissan Leaf because it might result in catastrophic and costly damage to your motor. You may opt to use a flatbed truck or a wheel lift instead.

There are a variety of circumstances in which we might need to have our car towed. We will discuss if your Nissan Leaf is allowed to be flat towed, how you can tow your Nissan Leaf, and if you can tow it with a wheel lift. Continue reading to discover the exciting answers to these queries.

electric-car-charging-point-nissan-leaf-glossy white 2022 model, Can You Flat Tow A Nissan Leaf?

Is It Allowed To Flat Tow A Nissan Leaf?

The Nissan Leaf provides a practical and cheap alternative for anyone looking to drive a zero-emission vehicle. The Nissan Leaf is an example of Nissan's Intelligent Mobility and symbolizes advancements in power delivery.

It has increased in power and range as technology advances. Nissan Leaf offers additional intelligent driving assistance functions that boost driver confidence and peace of mind. It also has a relatively low center of gravity, offering the advantages of stability and some agility.

As more individuals explore more environmentally friendly transportation options, electric automobiles are becoming more common. Issues like an empty battery, a flat tire, and running out of charge may likely happen.

You may always tow your vehicle whenever circumstances like these happen. However, flat towing your Nissan Leaf is impossible. Here are the reasons why:

1. Damage to the Motor

You cannot flat tow your Nissan Leaf due to how it is made and its motors function. It can sustain significant damage if you flat tow it. The cooling system is inactive when the vehicle is stopped for towing, which increases the risk of thermal damage to the motor.

2. Dead Battery

Flat towing is never an issue with manual cars because you can shift into neutral to separate the transmission and drive shaft. The motor of your electric vehicle is attached to the wheels and is powered by a battery bank. 

When the battery of your electric vehicle depletes, it will immediately halt. The vehicle's safety system will give you plenty of warnings, but once the battery's power is depleted, your electric car won't move unless you plug it in and charge it.

Therefore, even though it has a neutral mode, it still possesses the fundamental drawback of requiring the engine to be started.

Nissan Leaf users have various charging options, making charging simple and convenient. You may put the Nissan Leaf into standard 120-volt and 240-volt outlets,although the charging times for each are very different.

With the included universal charging cable and a dedicated wall socket at home, you may fully charge the Nissan Leaf in 18.5 hours.

3. Harm the vehicle's components

Since it does not use mechanical breaks and accelerators, you cannot separate the wheels from the engine. Also, electric vehicles lack the transmission that will let the car's four wheels spin while it is being towed. So when you roll it, its motor is also spinning.

The electric motor of your Nissan Leaf will produce current as the wheels rotate. The excess current could harm the vehicle's delicate and expensive components.

Over longer distances, flat towing can produce heat and static energy, which are very bad for the engine. You must correctly configure your car before leaving if you plan to tow.

How Do I Tow A Nissan Leaf?

broken-car-on-tow-truck-after accident

Even though electric vehicles are thought to be the way of the future, they occasionally break down. You can tow your Nissan Leaf using specific procedures because it is an all-electric vehicle.

Because of its electrical components, improper towing might easily result in engine damage. You should never flat tow your Nissan Leaf because injuries might happen.

Don't worry because there's an option that works just as well. To tow your Nissan Leaf safely:

1. Have a Flatbed Truck

brand new-car-transported to the buyer

It is advisable to tow your Nissan Leaf on a flatbed truck or a trailer to prevent damage to the car. Using a flatbed truck, none of the four wheels rotate while moving, so there will be minimal wear. Ensure that your flatbed has the proper dimensions and weight capacity in which to handle your Nissan Leaf.

2. Power Switch Must Be Off

Ensure the power switch is off when towing with the rear wheels on the ground.

3. Check Breaks

Check to ensure the electric parking brake is disengaged when towing with the rear wheels on the ground.

4. Place the Vehicle

Position the vehicle in the flatbed carefully. Make sure the front wheels are firmly in place.

Can I Use A Wheel Lift Tow on My Nissan Leaf?

blue tow truck towing a white sedan car

Utilizing a wheel lift is one method of pulling a Nissan Leaf. It is typically attached to the back of a tow truck. Wheel lift is best used to tow compact and lightweight vehicles over a short distance.

The wheel-lift towing technique also reduces any damage to the car, which is another advantage. This method is also affordable, and you can always feel confident knowing that your load is secure when transporting.

You may tow a Nissan Leaf using a wheel lift by ensuring it rolls on its rear wheels. You can use the rear wheels because there's no transmission connected to this set of wheels.


Tow hooks are simple devices you can fasten to your car to enable safe towing. Employing one or more tow hooks is preferable when towing a vehicle.

Make sure that you only fasten cables and straps to the Leaf's primary structural elements if you are towing with a flatbed. Be careful not to overstress the body frame when adding the straps because it might be sensitive to internal electrical components.

Once placed correctly, tow hooks will go a long way toward protecting both vehicles and helping to make sure you can get your automobile to safety.

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The front wheels should be elevated off the ground when towing a Nissan Leaf. There is a significant probability that the motor will sustain expensive damage if you tow with the front wheels down.

Transport the vehicle only after turning the power switch off. Another point to remember is to not set the parking brake. You should check it out before you start towing on a wheel lift.  

Since you know the need to position the Nissan Leaf correctly on the wheel lift you can start towing.

Is Nissan Leaf Capable Of Towing?

Every day, more people are buying electric cars. If you own a Nissan Leaf vehicle, you must adapt some of its guidelines for you and your car's safety. 

Nissan Leaf is a little vehicle. However, the car itself is capable of pulling a relatively light trailer. Nissan Leaf may tow any cargo whose weight, together with the trailer, must not exceed 1500 pounds. The new Leaf has matured with a more conventional appearance and a greater driving range.

Can You Charge A Nissan Leaf By Towing It?

The tow bar's regenerative braking speeds up the battery charge when towing the car. Remember that the battery needs to be completely charged in order to engage to drive.

Also, considering how hefty most battery-electric cars are, you'll probably need a strong tow truck. Lastly, someone must be in the driver's seat to control the brake pedal.

In Closing

electric-car-charging-point-nissan-leaf-glossy white 2022 model

A Nissan Leaf provides you with amazing comfort. If it malfunctions along the road, you may always have the option to tow it. The best option to tow your Nissan Leaf is by using a flatbed truck, but you may also opt to use a wheel lift.

Always adhere to the directions provided in the manuals. If you have no idea of what to do, contact the experts to give you some assistance. Kindly visit these other posts of ours to find some other interesting posts:

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