Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco?

Should you be considering traveling with an RV in the near future, you might be weighing the options regarding towing a smaller vehicle behind it. While there are several options for towing behind an RV, many prefer flat towing. But not all vehicles can be flat towed. If you have a Ford Bronco, you may be wondering if it can be flat towed behind an RV. We did the research to bring you a definitive answer. 

You can safely flat tow a Ford Bronco as long as your Bronco is a model year 2021 or newer. However, the Bronco Sport cannot be flat towed. Attempting to flat tow the Sport or an older model Ford Bronco will result in damage to the drivetrain. 

Now that you know that the Ford Bronco can be flat towed, we'll look into what you'll need to flat tow as well as the steps to take in safely flat towing one. You might also be curious if flat towing is really easier or if flat towing is safe. Does the new Ford Bronco have a towing package? How much can the newest Ford Bronco safely tow? For the answers to these questions and more, keep reading.

Ford Bronco display at a dealership. Broncos can be ordered in a base model or Ford has up to 200 accessories for street and off-road use, Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco?

What is needed for flat towing? 

To safely flat tow any vehicle, you'll need some equipment first. Let's look at what all you'll need so you can get an idea if flat towing is right for you.

  1. Vehicle that can be flat towed.
  2. Trailer hitch on the tow vehicle.
  3. Tow bar to connect the two vehicles.
  4. Base plate kit installed on the tow vehicle.
  5. A tow bar wiring kit. This is so the brake lights on the vehicle being towed work in conjunction with the lights on the RV.
  6. Safety cables for extra protection against the two vehicles detaching.
  7. Supplemental braking system.

How do you flat tow a New Bronco? 

Ford Bronco Wildtrak on a scenic road in the mountains

Flat towing any vehicle is a little more complicated than just attaching a tow bar between two vehicles. In order to avoid damage to either vehicle, certain steps and precautions need to be taken.

This is a step-by-step list of what you will need to do to safely flat tow a new Ford Bronco.

  1. Using the tow bar, connect to the Ford Bronco by attaching to the D-ring connections.
  2. Connect the tow bar to the RV by running it to the RV's receiver hitch. 
  3. Breakaway chains should then be connected between the RV and the Ford Bronco.
  4. Connect the breakaway brake wire from the Bronco to a solid point on the RV.
  5. Using the light harness, connect from the Ford Bronco to the seven-way trailer wiring connection point. 
  6. Start the Ford Bronco, and let it idle. It should idle at about 1,000 RPMs.
  7. If you are flat towing an automatic Ford Bronco, you should be certain that it is in the "Park" position.
  8. The 4x4 transfer switch should now be put into the neutral position.
  9. A light on the transfer case should indicate that the transfer case is locked in the neutral position. Wait until this happens before moving on to the next step. 
  10. Turn off the Bronco's engine.
  11. Turn the key one click to the position prior to "accessory." The steering wheel is now unlocked. This will allow for the Bronco to move while it is being flat towed.
  12. If your Ford Bronco is a manual transmission, you will now need to put it into third gear. This step needs to be taken with the engine of the Bronco off. Step on the clutch and shift.  
  13. Install the brake controller between the brake pedal and the driver's seat.
  14. Connect the brake controller to the 12VDC power source (where a cigarette lighter would normally go).
  15. Pull the breakaway wire to test the brake controller. This should make the brakes apply fully if everything is in working order. If it brakes fully, reattach the breakaway wire. Remember to NEVER tow any vehicle if the brake controller is not functioning properly.  
  16. Turn the RV lights on. Walk around the Ford Bronco fully, making sure that the turn signals, brake lights, and running lights are all on and working. 
  17. The Ford Bronco can now be safely towed behind your RV.

A side view of the new 2021 Ford Bronco vehicle begins to arrive at dealerships. A Shadow Black and a dark brown color four doors shown.

Is flat towing easier?

Flat towing a vehicle can be easier depending on what you are towing. Some vehicles are set to be flat towed without any additional steps being taken, while others will need to have some modifications done before they can even be hooked up to be flat towed.

Trucks and most SUVs can have the hitch plate easily attached to them, while smaller cars and unibody framed vehicles will likely need to undergo a modification to allow for it. 

Some vehicles will need to have their drive shafts detached before they can be safely flat towed. This will add some extra steps as well as an added expense if you have a professional complete this step.

Is flat towing safe?

Flat towing is a safe and legal method for towing provided that several important criteria are met. If not, it can lead to damage to one or both vehicles involved as well as serious injury. So before you tow, be certain that you understand and comply with the following:

Vehicle being towed is well maintained

Remember that when you flat tow, all four wheels will be on the ground. Make sure that the tires are properly inflated and have a safe amount of tread on them.

Have the suspension system checked to ensure that it can be safely towed. And don't tow a vehicle long distances if there are structural issues with the body.

Old car or small van has a flat tire

Tow vehicle is towing under its tow capacity

Before you hook anything up to your tow hitch, you want to know and comply with your vehicle's maximum towing capacity. This information will vary from vehicle to vehicle. The towing capacity will be listed in your owner's manual.

Exceeding this amount will cause damage to your vehicle's engine, transmission, suspension system, brakes, and other vital components. It will make stopping and turning more difficult and unpredictable.

Jackknifing and detachment are also possible when you tow more weight than allowed.

The vehicle being towed is able to be flat towed

If the vehicle you are flat towing isn't made for it, it will damage the transmission. This is a costly part to replace. So before you tow, consult your owner's manual to make absolutely certain that it is able to be towed in this manner. 

Does the new Bronco have a towing package?

The front of the new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport vehicles begin to arrive at dealerships. A Shadow Black and a dark brown color four doors are shown.

Each trim level of the new Ford Bronco has a towing package available except for the base model. For an additional $595, you can equip your compact SUV with the necessary features to take advantage of the maximum towing capacity.

The Ford Bronco towing package is also known as a Class II Trailering Package. It will give your Bronco a trailer hitch assembly, a 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness prewire, and a two-inch hitch receiver. It also adds trailer sway control.

How much will the new Bronco tow?

The towing capacity of the new Ford Bronco is 3,500 pounds. This amount can be safely towed with each of the seven trim levels.

A towing package is available on all trim levels except for the base model. In order to tow this amount, the trailering package must be purchased and installed. 

In closing

Ford Bronco display at a dealership. Broncos can be ordered in a base model or Ford has up to 200 accessories for street and off-road use, Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco?

RV enthusiasts in growing numbers are using the new Ford Bronco as their secondary vehicle when traveling. The ability to flat tow the Ford Bronco makes it a popular option, as does the durability and comfort of this popular compact SUV.

If you choose to flat tow the Bronco or any other vehicle, make certain that it is road-worthy and that you follow all applicable laws and safety guidelines.

And should you choose to use your Ford Bronco to tow anything behind it, equipping it with the available towing package will make it capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds. Drive safe!

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